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May 2023 Social Media Content Calendar

Updated: Apr 25, 2023


Photo by MicroStockHub via Canva



A social media content calendar is a valuable tool for small businesses to plan, create and publish content on social media platforms. Having a content calendar in place helps businesses to maintain a consistent presence on social media, increase engagement with followers, and attract new customers.

Here's a social media content calendar for the month of May 2023, along with relevant hashtags for small businesses to use. Pick up any or many of these to your content calendar.

May 1: May Day #MayDay

May Day is a festivity that observes the arrival of spring, and customary activities involve creating floral wreaths and baskets, planting flowers, embellishing homes with vivid hues, or savoring the outdoors. You can encourage your audience to tag you in posts featuring their flower crowns or recently cultivated gardens.

May 2023 Social Media Content Calendar - Labor Day