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  1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Regularly Share Engaging Content
  3. Leverage LinkedIn Groups
  4. Utilize LinkedIn Ads
  5. Connect With Your Audience
  6. Showcase Customer Testimonials
  7. Host Webinars and Events
  8. Monitor Analytics and Adjust Strategy

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With 1 billion users across 200 countries, LinkedIn is the largest platform of its kind, making it a prime space for small businesses to grow. In this article, we'll be dishing out eight practical LinkedIn tips tailored for entrepreneurs and small business owners, each with real-world examples to inspire your LinkedIn content creation.


We've chosen tips that are easy to integrate into your social media content strategy without breaking a sweat. Plus, we'll show you how Hookle, the #1 AI-powered social media marketing app, can make your life a whole lot easier.

Let's tap into the immense potential of LinkedIn and supercharge your small business growth.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


Photo by Katherine (Kat) Ramirez on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is often the first impression potential clients or partners have of your small business. Ensure it conveys a compelling story about who you are and what you do, like this example from Katherine (Kat) Ramirez above.

Be clear, add a dash of personality, include a call to action, and let your accomplishments do the talking

Ramirez’s headline packs a punch, clearly stating she's a 100% Done-For-You LinkedIn Lead Generation Sales Expert and a Professional Business Broker. The emojis in her intro add personality and catch the eye. Plus, she's got awards to prove her influence and credibility. The “Hit follow” call to action encourages engagement and connection, helping to grow her network.

Your takeaway: Be clear, add a dash of personality, include a call to action, and let your accomplishments do the talking.


2. Regularly Share Engaging Content


Post by George Chasiotis on LinkedIn

Consistent and valuable content is vital to maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn. Share industry insights, success stories, and helpful tips to captivate your audience. The example above reads like a story, introducing the user’s experience and background in an engaging way.

It also includes a call to action that’s subtle yet effective: “If you ever need to talk content marketing, consider my DMs open.” Anyone who reads to the end of this post is likely to reach out or at least connect with him - wouldn’t you?

Your takeaway: For effortless social media posts that require minimal planning, diversify your storytelling. Utilize tools like ChatGPT or Hookle's smart content suggestion feature to quickly generate a foundation for your posts with AI assistance. Engage your audience by sharing insights into your background, and always leave room for connections - you never know who might reach out.


3. Leverage LinkedIn Groups


Post by Stephanie Broecker on LinkedIn

Participating in relevant LinkedIn groups can expand your network and establish your small business as an industry authority. In the example below, posted in the Social Media Marketing Group by Connect365.io, the author publishes a short copywriting tip with a humorous photo. With over 1,000 reactions and engagements and a well-placed hashtag, the post illustrates the power of brevity.


Your takeaway: Join industry groups relevant to your small business. Post helpful content that’s non-promotional and offers value to readers.

4. Utilize LinkedIn Ads


Ad by Braze on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ads enable laser-focused reach, and Braze nails it with an intelligent strategy. Offering a free download in exchange for contact information is a win-win: Users get valuable content, and Braze expands its contact list with potential leads.


Your takeaway: Think beyond the click with your LinkedIn marketing. Offer something valuable in your ads, like a free download or exclusive content, to entice users to share their info. Use LinkedIn's targeting features to identify your audience based on job roles, industries, or interests to ensure your ads land where they matter most.

5. Connect With Your Audience


Building meaningful connections is fundamental to LinkedIn success. Forget the generic invites - they rarely grab attention. Take a cue from successful LinkedIn users, like one who sent a personalized message with a podcast invitation above. Sure, not everyone responds, but you'll never know unless you try. Who knows what kind of professional relationship you could kickstart?

Be authentic with your connection requests and add a personal touch

Your takeaway: Be authentic with your connection requests. Add a personal touch by mentioning something specific from the person's profile. It might take a bit more time, but the authenticity pays off in building lasting connections.

6. Showcase Customer Testimonials


Post by Lisa Jowett on LinkedIn

Trust and credibility - that's the golden ticket on LinkedIn. How do you grab it? Let satisfied customers do the talking. Check out this example with a real client's review and photo, neatly wrapped in a slick graphic.

Put your happy customers in the spotlight

Your takeaway: Put your happy customers in the spotlight. Share their experiences, reviews, and a photo if possible. It's authentic and speaks volumes. And remember, design matters. Create visually appealing, yet simple testimonial posts that match your brand's vibe.

7. Host Webinars and Events


Webinar by Bob Low on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a platform for hosting webinars and events, allowing you to showcase expertise and connect with your audience in real time. In the example above, the host includes a graphic with event details underneath, such as the date, description, an event link, and a registration button.


Your takeaway: Webinars and events are your chance to shine. Share insights, tips, and valuable content to establish yourself as an authority in your field. Post your events on LinkedIn's events section, your profile, and your company page for maximum visibility. Lastly, if you want the right people in the room, send personalized invites to individuals you'd love to attend.

8. Monitor Analytics and Adjust Strategy


Analytics on LinkedIn

Track your page’s LinkedIn analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts. Adapt your strategy based on insights to improve your small business's performance continuously.


In the screenshot below, you see visitor metrics - a sneak peek into who's checking out your page. Other metrics include demographics, page views, unique visitors, and custom button clicks.


Your takeaway: Dive into visitor metrics, engagement rates, and post performance for actionable insights. Adjust your strategy if a post isn't hitting the mark or a particular type of content is gaining traction.

Automate Your LinkedIn Marketing With Hookle

Automate Your LinkedIn Marketing With Hookle

Photo by Hookle

Incorporating these eight LinkedIn tips can significantly enhance your small business's growth potential. Remember, the goal is to keep your strategy simple and manageable. Fortunately, tools like Hookle are designed to streamline and automate your social media marketing across all platforms, including LinkedIn.

Hookle enables to effortlessly integrate these LinkedIn strategies into your daily routine

Hookle offers an AI-powered, all-in-one solution that enables small business owners to effortlessly integrate these LinkedIn strategies into their daily routines. With Hookle, you can unlock the full potential of LinkedIn and elevate your small business in the digital landscape.

Ready to simplify your social media marketing and see your business thrive? Download Hookle now and take the first step towards effortless digital marketing success.

<![CDATA[Why Negative Reviews on Social Media Can Help Your Business Improve]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/why-negative-reviews-on-social-media-can-help-your-business-improve65ce482724191392a07fa235Thu, 15 Feb 2024 19:03:57 GMTHookleWhy Negative Reviews on Social Media Can Help Your Business Improve

Photo by HAKINMHAN via Canva


  1. Navigating the Waters of Social Media Feedback
  2. The Unseen Value of Negative Reviews
  3. Transforming Critiques into Strategic Insights
  4. Embracing a Balanced Review Ecosystem
  5. Turn Reviews into Great Social Media Post

In the current digital era, social media platforms stand as critical arenas where brand reputations are won or lost, with negative reviews often viewed as harmful missiles capable of striking at the very heart of a business. This reality holds particular weight for entrepreneurs and small business owners, for whom strategic, minor adjustments can significantly enhance their online standing.

Negative reviews harbor a hidden potential for positive transformation and advancement

However, these criticisms, particularly those voiced on social media, harbor a hidden potential for positive transformation and advancement. This piece explores the unexpected advantages of negative feedback on social media and demonstrates how it can serve as a catalyst for refining and elevating your business operations.

Navigating the Waters of Social Media Feedback

Navigating the Waters of Social Media Feedback

Photo by LOOK via Canva

Social media amplifies customer voices, making every complaint and critique more visible and impactful. While this can seem daunting, it also offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with your audience, turning potential pitfalls into platforms for enhancement and trust-building.

The Unseen Value of Negative Reviews


Photo by anyaberkut via Canva

Let's explore the paradoxical benefits that critical feedback can offer. Discover how negative reviews, especially on social media, are not just challenges but valuable opportunities for direct engagement, public trust building, and actionable insights for improvement.

1. Direct Engagement with Customers

Negative reviews on social media provide an immediate channel for dialogue with your customers. Engaging directly with dissatisfied customers shows your commitment to resolving issues, which can transform a negative perception into a positive customer service showcase.

2. Public Display of Customer Care: Addressing concerns publicly on social media can demonstrate your business's dedication to customer satisfaction to a wider audience. This not only can repair relationships with individuals but also improve your public image, showing potential customers your proactive approach to feedback.

3. Real-Time Feedback for Swift Action: Social media feedback is immediate, allowing your business to quickly identify and address emerging issues before they escalate. This real-time insight can be invaluable in preventing widespread dissatisfaction and improving your offerings at a pace traditional feedback channels might not allow.

4. Enhanced Trust Through Transparency: When businesses openly address complaints on social media, they exhibit transparency and accountability. This openness can enhance customer trust, as it showcases a willingness to listen, adapt, and improve based on customer feedback.

Transforming Critiques into Strategic Insights


Photo by numbeos via Canva

Let's delve into the art of converting social media criticisms into powerful tools for business enhancement. Learn how personalized responses and strategic analysis of feedback can guide product development, improve customer service, and foster a loyal brand community.

1. Personalize Your Response: Tailor your responses to individual complaints on social media, showing that you value each customer's experience. Personalized engagement can turn negative reviewers into vocal advocates of your responsiveness and customer-centric approach.

2. Leverage Feedback for Improvement: Utilize the specifics of social media critiques to refine your products or services. This direct line to customer sentiment can guide your business strategies, ensuring they're aligned with your audience's needs and expectations.

3. Boost Your Brand’s SEO and Visibility: Active social media engagement, including responding to negative reviews, signals to search engines that your brand is relevant and engaged with its community. This can improve your online visibility, attracting more traffic and potential customers.

4. Foster a Community of Brand Advocates: By addressing and rectifying the concerns of dissatisfied customers on social media, you can foster a community of supporters. Customers who see their feedback valued and acted upon are more likely to become loyal advocates for your brand.

Embracing a Balanced Review Ecosystem


Photo by stuartmiles99 via Canva

A pristine social media presence, unblemished by any negative feedback, can appear inauthentic to savvy consumers.

A balanced mix of positive and negative reviews can lend credibility to your brand

A balanced mix of positive and negative reviews can lend credibility to your brand, portraying a more honest and realistic customer experience. This authenticity can help set accurate expectations for new customers, contributing to longer-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Turn Reviews into Great Social Media Post

Turn Reviews into Great Social Media Post

Photo by Hookle

Leveraging negative reviews on social media can significantly enhance your brand's perception, turning potential negatives into positives. These critiques offer a golden opportunity to showcase your responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction.

By turning these reviews into engaging social media content, you demonstrate your brand's dedication to improvement and transparency. To efficiently manage and amplify this content across various platforms, consider utilizing AI-powered social media marketing apps, such as Hookle app. This tool simplifies publishing across multiple social media channels, enabling you to turn every review into a powerful narrative that resonates with your audience.

Download Hookle today and transform critiques into a compelling story of your brand's commitment to excellence!

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  1. March 1: National Employee Appreciation Day
  2. March 1: Share a Smile Day
  3. March 2: National Read Across America Day
  4. March 3: World Wildlife Day
  5. March 4: National Grammar Day
  6. March 6: National Dentist's Day
  7. March 7: National Cereal Day
  8. March 8: International Women's Day
  9. March 10: National Pack Your Lunch Day
  10. March 14: Potato Chip Day
  11. March 17: St. Patrick's Day
  12. March 21: World Poetry Day
  13. March 23: National Puppy Day
  14. March 30: National Take a Walk in the Park Day
  15. March 31: Transgender Day of Visibility

Bonus Tip : Schedule all March Posts in Advance

Crafting a social media content calendar for March is an essential strategy for boosting your online engagement and presence. In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying ahead of the curve with creative and timely content is crucial - especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

March offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience

March, with its diverse array of holidays and observances, offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience in unique and meaningful ways. From celebrating the joys of spring to highlighting important social causes, each day presents a chance to engage with different segments of your audience.

Let’s dive into these holidays throughout March, exploring each with a concise description and identifying the most effective hashtags to maximize your social media impact.

March 1: National Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Celebrate your team's hard work and dedication. Share their stories, achievements, or simply a thank you post. It's a great way to humanize your brand and appreciate your team publicly.

Hashtags: #EmployeeAppreciationDay.

March 1: Share a Smile Day

Share a Smile Day

Photo by Susan G. Komen 3-Day on Unsplash

A joyful occasion to spread happiness. Share photos of smiling faces in your team or with customers, celebrating the power of a simple smile. Encourage followers to share their smiles, creating a ripple of positivity online.

Hashtags: #ShareASmileDay.

March 2: National Read Across America Day

National Read Across America Day

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash

Foster a love for reading. Share book recommendations, host a reading event, or highlight your favorite literary works. Engage with followers by asking about their favorite books or authors.

Hashtags: #ReadAcrossAmerica, #DrSeuss.

March 3: World Wildlife Day


Photo by Flickr via Canva

Showcase your commitment to wildlife conservation. Share images or stories of wildlife, promote eco-friendly practices, or partner with environmental organizations for special posts.

Hashtags: #WorldWildlifeDay.

March 4: National Grammar Day


Photo by pixelshot via Canva

Engage your audience with witty, grammar-related content. Share common grammatical errors, tips, or fun language facts to educate and entertain your followers.

Hashtags: #NationalGrammarDay.

March 6: National Dentist's Day


Photo by mahiruysal via Canva

Highlight the importance of dental health. Share tips on oral hygiene, appreciate dentists worldwide, or collaborate with dental practices for special promotions.

Hashtags: #DentistsDay.

March 7: National Cereal Day


Photo by FotografiaBasika via Canva

A fun day for foodies. Share your favorite cereals, fun facts about cereal, or run a poll on the best cereal flavors. It's a light-hearted way to engage with your audience.

Hashtags: #NationalCerealDay.

March 8: International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Celebrate the achievements and contributions of women worldwide. Share stories of inspiring women, promote gender equality, and engage with topics relevant to women today.

Hashtags: #BeBoldForChange, #InternationalWomensDay.

March 10: National Pack Your Lunch Day

National Pack Your Lunch Day

Photo by Mary Skrynnikova  on Unsplash

Encourage healthy eating habits by sharing creative and nutritious packed lunch ideas. Run a contest for the best lunchbox picture or share tips on meal prepping.

Hashtags: #NationalPackYourLunchDay.

March 14: Potato Chip Day


Photo by bravo1954 via Canva

Celebrate this snack favorite. Feature various potato chip flavors, local snack businesses, or create a potato chip-themed contest or poll.

Hashtags: #NationalPotatoChipDay.

March 17: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

Embrace the festive spirit with green-themed posts, local event highlights, or St. Patrick’s Day specials and promotions.

Hashtags: #StPatricksDay.

March 21: World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Share your favorite poems, create a poem for your business, or encourage followers to write their own. It's a day to appreciate the beauty of words.

Hashtags: #WorldPoetryDay.

March 23: National Puppy Day


Photo by gyro via Canva

Delight your audience with adorable puppy photos or stories. Encourage followers to share pictures of their puppies, fostering a sense of community and joy.

Hashtags: #NationalPuppyDay.

March 30: National Take a Walk in the Park Day


Photo by FatCamera via Canva

Encourage outdoor activities and appreciation for nature. Share scenic park photos, organize a community walk, or highlight local parks' beauty.

Hashtags: #NationalWalkInTheParkDay.

March 31: Transgender Day of Visibility


Photo by Lindsay Ryklief via Canva

Support and celebrate the transgender community. Share educational resources, stories of transgender individuals, or ways to support LGBTQ+ rights.

Hashtags: #TDOV.

Schedule all March Posts in Advance

Schedule all March Posts in Advance

Photo by Hookle

Each of these days offers a unique opportunity for businesses to engage with their audience and showcase different facets of their brand identity. Crafting content tailored to these special occasions can enhance engagement and strengthen your online presence.

Looking to increase efficiency? Consider using AI-powered social media marketing tools like Hookle. With Hookle, you can not only auto-generate your posts but also publish them across all your channels simultaneously.

Don’t just take our word for it – try it out for yourself and download Hookle today!

<![CDATA[8 Tips for How to Choose Your Small Business Brand’s Instagram Handle]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/8-tips-for-how-to-choose-your-small-business-brand-s-instagram-handle65ba1314a640ab6641625f86Wed, 31 Jan 2024 21:37:26 GMTHookleHow-to-Choose-Your-Instagram-Handle

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels


  1. Reflect Your Brand Identity
  2. Keep It Simple and Memorable
  3. Consider SEO and Keywords
  4. Check Availability and Consistency Across Platforms
  5. Be Creative and Stand Out
  6. Plan for the Future
  7. Avoid Copying or Infringing on Other Brands
  8. Seek Feedback and Test It Out

Bonus Tip : Handle Ready? Automate Posting With a Scheduling App

In the digital age, a brand's identity on social media can make or break its success. Instagram, with over 2 billion active users, stands as a colossal platform for brands aiming to reach a wide audience.

Brand's identity on social media can make or break its success

However, before you start crafting those eye-catching posts and engaging stories, there's a fundamental step you need to nail: choosing the perfect Instagram handle for your small business brand.

This article will guide you through the essential considerations and creative strategies to select a handle that not only represents your brand effectively but also enhances its visibility and accessibility on the platform.

Why Your Social Handle Matters

Photo by pepifoto via Canva

In the realm of social media, your brand's essence is paramount. A robust brand identity forms the cornerstone of your audience's perception and recognition across digital landscapes. This journey of brand recognition starts with your name, demanding a thoughtful and strategic approach to naming.

A robust brand identity forms the cornerstone of your audience's perception and recognition

As a business, your social handle isn't just a tag - it's a mission statement. It should:

  • Introduce clearly your identity and area of expertise to the public.
  • Distinguish your brand's unique value in a competitive space.
  • Engage and expand your audience, tapping into both loyal followers and new market segments.
  • Build and strengthen a compelling brand story that engages and remains memorable.

Once established and embraced by a growing community, your username becomes synonymous with your brand's story. Consequently, selecting the right handle is not a trivial task - it's a strategic endeavor. It requires foresight, creativity, and a keen understanding of your brand's core values to secure a name that truly embodies your digital identity.

Instagram Handle Essentials

Instagram Handle Essentials

Photo by imagesrouges via Canva

Consider these essential tips and guidelines when crafting your Instagram username.

Username Essentials:

  • Keep it short: Limit your username to 30 characters, using only letters, numbers, periods, or underscores. While usernames are restricted in this way, your Instagram profile name can include special characters, emojis, and various fonts.
  • Case-sensitivity: Remember, usernames are not case-sensitive. For instance, @HOOKLEINC and @hookleinc point to the same profile.
  • Enrichment: If your brand name is widespread or unique, enhance it by adding an actionable or descriptive word before or after, like @Eat[Brand] or @Visit[Brand].
  • Mindful Usage: Avoid using multiple, consecutive underscores or numbers, unless they are integral to your brand (e.g., @7eleven or @23andme).
  • Consistency: Prioritize a username that's available across all your desired social platforms, maintaining consistent spelling and formatting across all channels.
  • Simplicity: Aim for brevity and easy recall. While @YourNumber1BestSocialMarketingApp is descriptive, something succinct like @HookleInc is far easier to remember and tag.
  • Relevance: When choosing a username, let your industry, niche, or expertise guide you towards a memorable and relevant handle.

Some extra spark of inspiration:

  • Travel: @[Brand]Travel, @Visit[Brand], @Book[Travel], @Stay[Brand]
  • Beauty/Wellness: @[Brand]Beauty, @Live[Brand], @[Brand]Salon
  • Apparel: @Shop[Brand], @[Brand]Style, @Wear[Brand]
  • Food/Beverage: @Eat[Brand], @DineAt[Brand], @Drink[Brand]
  • General: @[Brand]Official, @Real[Brand], @Just[Brand]
  • Art/Entertainment: @ListenTo[Brand], @By[Brand], @Play[Brand]
  • News/Media: @[Brand]Live, @[Brand]Media, @Watch[Brand]

By integrating these practices, you're set to create an Instagram username that encapsulates your brand's essence, ensures ease of access, and fosters brand consistency across the digital landscape.

1. Reflect Your Brand Identity


Photo by everydayplus via Canva

Your Instagram handle is more than just a username; it's a direct reflection of your brand's identity. It should resonate with your brand's ethos, products, or services.

Your Instagram handle is more than just a username

For example, if you're a bakery specializing in organic ingredients, a handle like @OrganicDelightBakery not only tells your audience what you do but also emphasizes your unique selling point. Ensure that your handle is aligned with your brand's name, mission, and values to create a consistent brand image across all platforms.

2. Keep It Simple and Memorable


Photo by Thinglass via Canva

Complexity is the enemy of memorability. An Instagram handle should be easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. Avoid using numbers, underscores, or special characters, as they can complicate your handle and make it less memorable.

For instance, instead of @Bakery_123, opt for @BakersBite. A straightforward, catchy handle is more likely to stick in your audience's minds, making it easier for them to find and recommend you.

3. Consider SEO and Keywords


Photo by olm26250 via Canva

While Instagram is a visual platform, text still plays a crucial role, especially in discoverability. Including relevant keywords in your handle can improve your visibility in search results.

If you're a florist in New York, a handle like @BloomsOfNY can make your profile more discoverable to those searching for florists in New York. However, balance is key. Ensure that your handle is still catchy and reflective of your brand without being overly stuffed with keywords.

4. Check Availability and Consistency Across Platforms


Photo by Ralf Geite via Canva

Before you settle on a handle, check its availability not only on Instagram but also across other social media platforms and domains. Consistency in your handle across platforms enhances your brand's recognizability and makes it easier for your audience to find you everywhere.

Use online tools to check the availability of your desired handle on various platforms and consider securing it across the board to maintain a cohesive online presence.

5. Be Creative and Stand Out

Be Creative

Photo by Franck-Boston via Canva

With millions of users, standing out on Instagram can be challenging. Your handle offers an opportunity to be creative and make a lasting impression. Don't shy away from playing with words, using puns, or incorporating elements that make your brand unique.

For example, a plant shop might use @PlantasticVibes, instantly conveying their niche and personality. A memorable, unique handle can be a conversation starter and help in word-of-mouth marketing.

6. Plan for the Future


Photo by Oliver Le Moal via Canva

While it's important to be specific and relevant, also consider the long-term vision of your brand. Avoid overly narrow or niche handles that might not represent your brand adequately as it evolves.

For instance, if you're a photographer named John specializing in weddings, instead of @JohnWeddingPhotos, you might choose @JohnsCameraWorks, leaving room to encompass other photography genres in the future.

7. Avoid Copying or Infringing on Other Brands

Avoid Copying

Photo by fult5000 via Canva

Ensure that your chosen handle is not only original but also does not infringe on any trademarks or copyrights. Imitating another brand's handle is not just unethical; it can lead to legal issues and damage your brand's reputation.

Conduct thorough research to ensure your handle is unique

Conduct thorough research to ensure your handle is unique and not misleadingly similar to established brands.

8. Seek Feedback and Test It Out

Seek Feedback

Photo by Canan turan via Canva

Before finalizing your handle, seek feedback from friends, family, or your target audience. They might offer perspectives you hadn't considered. Additionally, test your handle for ease of pronunciation, memorability, and overall appeal.

A handle that looks good on paper might not resonate as well when spoken or shared.

Handle Ready? Automate Posting With a Scheduling App

Automate posting with a scheduling tool

Photo by Hookle

Your Instagram handle is more than a username; it's the essence of your brand's identity in the digital world. Reflecting your story, values, and uniqueness, the right handle becomes a vital component of your social media strategy. Invest time, unleash creativity, and select with care!

To streamline your publishing and enhance efficiency, consider apps such as Hookle

After perfecting your handle and setting up your profile, step up your Instagram game by posting captivating content. To streamline this process and enhance efficiency, consider scheduler apps such as Hookle. This AI-powered tool doesn't just schedule posts; it provides personalized, ready-made post ideas and enables auto-creation and auto-publishing across various platforms, all from a single app.

But don't just take our word for it. Experience the revolution in social media marketing. Download Hookle now and infuse your social media presence with the power of AI!

<![CDATA[10 Risks of Inactivity and How to Fix Them in Social Media Marketing [Infographic]]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/10-sins-of-inactive-social-media-for-entrepreneurs-and-how-to-overcome-them-cheat-sheet659b9b539605766f04dc8ae0Mon, 08 Jan 2024 20:44:42 GMTHookleSins-of-Inactive-Social-Media-for-Entrepreneurs

Photo by Prostock-studio via Canva


  1. Loss of Customer Engagement
  2. Reduced Brand Visibility
  3. Missed Sales Opportunities
  4. Negative Client Perception
  5. Falling Behind Competitors
  6. Ineffective Communication
  7. Lower Search Engine Rankings
  8. Missing Valuable Feedback
  9. Stagnant Brand Development
  10. Weakened Crisis Management

Bonus tip : Use Social Media Marketing Tool to Stay Active

In today's digital landscape, social media stands as an indispensable element of marketing for small businesses. Its dynamic nature offers unparalleled opportunities for growth, engagement, and brand visibility.

Inactive social media accounts can significantly hinder a business's potential

Nonetheless, the pitfalls of inactive social media accounts can significantly hinder a business's potential. Recognizing this, we have carefully curated a list of ten critical disadvantages that come with dormant social media profiles.

This guide is tailored specifically from a small business perspective, providing practical strategies to not only avoid these setbacks but also to effectively resolve them.



Infographic by Hookle

This infographic succinctly captures the "10 Risk of Inactivity in Social Media" faced by small businesses, paired with straightforward fixes. It's a quick-reference guide designed to help business owners identify common pitfalls in their social media strategy and implement effective solutions. A handy tool for enhancing online presence and engagement.

1. Loss of Customer Engagement


Photo by pixelshot via Canva

Inactive social media accounts mean less interaction with your audience. This leads to a decline in customer engagement.

Resolution: Schedule regular posts and engage actively with your followers to maintain a strong connection.

2. Reduced Brand Visibility

Reduced Brand Visibility

Photo by Bigandt_Photography via Canva

An inactive account decreases your visibility in social media algorithms, reducing your brand's reach.

Resolution: Post regularly and engage with trends to increase visibility. Collaborate with influencers to expand reach.

3. Missed Sales Opportunities


Photo by Lerbank-bbk22 via Canva

Inactivity means missing out on potential sales leads that often originate from social media interactions.

Resolution: Use your social media platforms for promotions, and actively engage with users who show interest in your products or services.

4. Negative Client Perception


Photo by Kiattisak via Canva

Inactivity can create a perception of a business being outdated or uninterested in customer engagement.

Resolution: Maintain an active presence and use social media to showcase customer testimonials and positive reviews.

5. Falling Behind Competitors

Falling Behind Competitors

Photo by 1001Love via Canva

Inactive profiles can cause a business to fall behind competitors who utilize social media effectively.

Resolution: Regularly analyze competitors’ social media strategies and adapt your approach to stay competitive.

6. Ineffective Communication

Ineffective Communication

Photo by Siphotography via Canva

Inactive accounts become ineffective for communicating with customers, especially for updates or announcements.

Resolution: Utilize social media for timely communication and customer service inquiries, ensuring a quick response time.

7. Lower Search Engine Rankings


Photo by Mojito_mak via Canva

Social media activity can impact your website’s search engine ranking, and inactivity may lead to a lower ranking.

Resolution: Integrate keywords into your social media content and link back to your website to improve SEO.

8. Missing Valuable Feedback


Photo by Tero Vesalainen via Canva

Inactive social media means missing out on valuable customer feedback that is often shared on these platforms.

Resolution: Actively encourage customer feedback on social media and engage with customers who leave comments or reviews.

9. Stagnant Brand Development


Photo by Povozniuk via Canva

Without active social media engagement, a brand may fail to evolve with its audience and market trends.

Resolution: Use social media to test new ideas and gather customer insights to inform business decisions and brand development.

10. Weakened Crisis Management


Photo by marrio31 via Canva

In times of crisis, an inactive social media presence can hinder effective communication and damage control.

Resolution: Develop a crisis management plan that includes active social media monitoring and engagement.

Use Social Media Marketing Tool to Stay Active

Use Social Media Marketing Tool to Stay Active

Photo by Hookle

In conclusion, while the disadvantages of inactive social media accounts are significant, they are not insurmountable. By adopting a proactive approach to social media management, small businesses can not only avoid these pitfalls but also leverage social media as a powerful tool for growth and customer engagement.

One of the simple way to ease the burden of managing all your social media is to utilizing effective Social Media Marketing Tools. These tools empower businesses to stay active, engaged, and responsive in the digital realm. With the right strategies and tools at your disposal, you can transform potential disadvantages into opportunities for growth and deeper customer connections.

Remember, consistent and vibrant social media presence is more than just an option; it's a crucial component of your business's success in the digital age!

<![CDATA[The Key Dos and Don’ts for Small Businesses in Social Media Marketing with Cheat Sheet]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/the-key-dos-and-don-ts-for-small-businesses-in-social-media-marketing-in-20246596cc2b51fcfa16766b855cFri, 05 Jan 2024 19:52:49 GMTHookleThe Key Dos and Don’ts with Cheat Sheet


  1. When Creating Content
  2. When Interacting and Engaging
  3. When Using Hashtags
  4. When Updating Profiles
  5. When Using AI Tools

Social media marketing has become an indispensable tool for small businesses aiming to expand their reach and connect with customers.

As we enter 2024, the social media landscape continues to evolve, making it crucial for businesses to stay abreast of the best practices, particularly in terms of content creation as the role of AI (Artificial Intelligent) becomes increasingly prominent.

In this blog post, we will explore the most essential dos and don'ts of social media marketing from the perspective of small businesses. Here are some key dos and don’ts across various aspects of social media marketing.

Dos and Don’ts Cheat Sheet


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Here, we provide a concise and practical guide to help you quickly understand the essential best practices and common pitfalls. This cheat sheet is designed to offer you quick references and easy-to-follow guidelines for immediate use.

When Creating Content


Photo by juststock via Canva


  1. Focus on Quality Over Quantity: Create high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your audience. A few well-crafted posts are more effective than numerous low-quality posts.
  2. Be Authentic and Relatable: Share content that reflects your brand’s values and voice. Authenticity builds trust and encourages more engagement from your audience.


  1. Don’t Over-Promote: Constantly promoting products can deter your audience. Balance promotional content with informative, entertaining, or educational posts.
  2. Avoid Ignoring Trends: Staying oblivious to current trends can make your content feel outdated. Incorporate relevant trends to keep your content fresh and engaging.

When Interacting and Engaging


Photo by pixelshot via Canva


  1. Promptly Respond to Comments and Messages: Timely responses to customer inquiries and feedback can significantly enhance customer relations and brand reputation.
  2. Actively Participate in Conversations: Join relevant discussions and groups to increase visibility and establish your brand as an active community member.


  1. Don’t Ignore Negative Feedback: Address negative comments professionally and constructively. Ignoring them can harm your brand’s credibility.
  2. Avoid Being Overly Formal: Overly formal communication can seem distant. Use a conversational tone to make your brand more approachable.

When Using Hashtags


Photo by Urupong via Canva


  1. Use Relevant and Specific Hashtags: Choose hashtags that are relevant to your content and audience to increase the visibility of your posts.
  2. Research Trending Hashtags: Regularly research trending hashtags in your industry to stay current and relevant.


  1. Don’t Overuse Hashtags: Using too many hashtags can appear spammy and reduce engagement. Stick to a few relevant hashtags per post.
  2. Avoid Irrelevant Hashtags: Using popular but irrelevant hashtags can mislead your audience and damage your brand's integrity.

When Updating Profiles


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  1. Keep Information Current: Regularly update your profile information, including contact details, to ensure it’s current and accurate.
  2. Refresh Visuals: Update profile and cover photos periodically to keep your page looking fresh and aligned with any branding updates.


  1. Don’t Neglect Your Bio: An outdated or incomplete bio can leave a poor impression. Ensure your bio accurately represents your business.
  2. Avoid Inconsistent Branding: Inconsistent visuals and messaging across platforms can confuse your audience. Maintain a consistent brand identity.

When Using AI Tools


Photo by richiesd via Canva


  1. Leverage AI for Effortless Marketing: Utilize AI tools like ChatGPT to effortlessly generate post ideas, or use Hookle to automatically create posts for all your social channels with just a click.
  2. Automate Repetitive Tasks: Use AI for automating tasks like scheduling posts, which can save time and increase efficiency.


  1. Don’t Over-rely on Automation: While automation is helpful, overly automated responses can seem impersonal. Balance automation with human interaction.
  2. Avoid Ignoring AI Ethics: Be mindful of ethical considerations, like data privacy, when using AI tools. Transparency with your audience about AI usage is crucial.



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In conclusion, navigating social media marketing in 2024 requires a balance of staying current with trends, using technology wisely, and maintaining authentic and engaging communication with your audience.

By following these dos and don’ts, small businesses can effectively harness the power of social media marketing.

<![CDATA[February 2024 Social Media Content Calendar]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/february-social-media-content-calendar659511852d65fb5811023720Wed, 03 Jan 2024 19:26:42 GMTHookleFebruary-Social-Media-Content-Calendar

Photo by akaratwimages via Canva


  1. February 2: Groundhog Day
  2. February 4: World Cancer Day
  3. February 5: National Weatherperson’s Day
  4. February 9: National Pizza Day
  5. February 10: Chinese New Year
  6. February 14: Valentine's Day
  7. February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day
  8. February 18: National Drink Wine Day
  9. February 19: Presidents' Day
  10. February 20: National Love Your Pet Day
  11. February 20: World Day of Social Justice
  12. February 21: International Mother Language Day
  13. February 22: National Margarita Day
  14. February 26: National Tell a Fairy Tale Day
  15. February 28: National Floral Design Day
  16. February 29: Rare Disease Day

Bonus Tip : Schedule Your February Posts in Advance

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, a well-planned social media content calendar is vital for small businesses looking to engage with their audience effectively.

February, rich with diverse holidays and observances, offers a unique opportunity to create content that resonates with a wide array of audiences. This calendar for February 2024 is designed to help businesses leverage these occasions, enhancing their social media strategy with creative and relevant posts.

February 2: Groundhog Day #GroundhogDay

Groundhog Day

Photo by Ralph Katieb on Unsplash

Celebrate Groundhog Day by creating light-hearted content based on the famous groundhog's weather prediction.

Engage your audience with fun polls about spring's arrival

Engage your audience with fun polls about spring's arrival or share humorous graphics and memes related to this quirky tradition.

February 4: World Cancer Day - #WorldCancerDay

World Cancer Day

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

On World Cancer Day, share supportive messages and educational content to spread awareness. Highlight survivor stories or collaborate with local health organizations to share valuable information about cancer prevention and treatment.

February 5: National Weatherperson’s Day - #NationalWeatherpersonsDay

National Weatherperson’s Day

Photo by Josep Castells on Unsplash

Recognize the contributions of weather forecasters by sharing local weather trivia, funny forecasts, or appreciation posts for their hard work in keeping us informed about weather conditions.

February 9: National Pizza Day - #NationalPizzaDay

National Pizza Day

Photo by grafvision via Canva

Indulge your audience with delectable pizza images, favorite recipes, or shoutouts to local pizzerias. Host a pizza photo contest or share unique pizza topping ideas to engage with your followers.

February 10: Chinese New Year - #ChineseNewYear


Photo by Kameleon007 via Canva

Embrace the joy and color of Chinese New Year! Highlight the festival's traditions, like red lanterns and dragon dances.

Share interesting facts about the zodiac animal of the year and invite followers to share their celebrations

Share interesting facts about the zodiac animal of the year and invite followers to share their celebrations. A fantastic opportunity to appreciate cultural richness and new beginnings.

February 14: Valentine's Day - #ValentinesDay


Photo by IvanMikhaylon via Canva

Valentine’s Day is perfect for romantic and heartwarming content. Share gift guides, special promotions, or creative posts that resonate with the spirit of love and affection.

February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day - #RandomActsOfKindnessDay

Kindness Day

Photo by Dee @ Copper and Wild on Unsplash

Encourage your followers to engage in acts of kindness. Share ideas or stories of kindness within your community, fostering a positive and supportive online environment.

February 18: National Drink Wine Day - #NationalDrinkWineDay


Photo by Goyaines--6151010 via Canva

Celebrate with posts about wine selections, local wine events, or fun wine-tasting experiences. Share tips on pairing wine with food or highlight your favorite local wineries.

February 19: Presidents' Day - #PresidentsDay


Photo by John Bakator on Unsplash

This day offers a chance to share historical insights, quotes, or anecdotes about past presidents. It's also an opportune time to offer special promotions or sales.

February 20: National Love Your Pet Day - #LoveYourPetDay

National Love Your Pet Day

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

A day for pet lovers to shine! Encourage followers to share adorable photos of their pets. Feature pets of your staff or share tips on pet care.

February 20: World Day of Social Justice - #SocialJusticeDay


Photo by YuriArcus via Canva

Highlight social justice issues, share educational content, or spotlight community events focused on creating a more equitable world.

February 21: International Mother Language Day - #MotherLanguageDay


Photo by fizkes via Canva

Celebrate linguistic diversity by sharing content in different languages. Encourage followers to share phrases in their mother tongue or stories of their cultural heritage.

February 22: National Margarita Day - #NationalMargaritaDay


Photo by happylark via Canva

Get creative with margarita recipes or feature local bars’ special offers. Organize an online happy hour and share different ways to enjoy this beloved cocktail.

February 26: National Tell a Fairy Tale Day - #FairyTaleDay


Photo by purple_queue via Canva

Invite your audience to share their favorite fairy tales or create brand-related stories. This day is perfect for showcasing the storytelling aspect of your brand.

February 28: National Floral Design Day - #FloralDesignDay


Photo by VEX Collective via Canva

Share beautiful floral arrangements, promote local florists, or provide tips on creating floral designs at home. Engage your audience with a flower arrangement contest or showcase seasonal flowers.

February 29: Rare Disease Day - #RareDiseaseDay


Photo by SuprV via Canva

Raise awareness about rare diseases by sharing information and stories. Collaborate with relevant organizations to spotlight their work and the impact of these conditions.

Schedule Your February Posts in Advance

Schedule Your February Posts in Advance

Photo by Hookle

A successful social media strategy requires careful planning and a touch of creativity. This calendar serves as a starting point, adaptable to the specific needs of your industry and audience.

Maximize your social media impact in February with proactive planning

Maximize your social media impact in February with proactive planning and Hookle app's scheduling features. Effective social media management is more than just posting; it's about engaging actively with your audience. Use Hookle to schedule your posts, ensuring your content is consistently fresh, relevant, and interactive.

Download Hookle and begin scheduling your February content today for seamless, impactful engagement!

<![CDATA[35 Essential Daily Hashtags to Boost Engagement for Entrepreneurs [Cheat Sheet]]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/35-essential-daily-hashtags-to-boost-engagement-for-entrepreneurs-cheat-sheet659433aeeab9afc8d74aac3aWed, 03 Jan 2024 06:56:56 GMTHookleDaily-Hashtags-for-Better-Engagement-for-Entrepreneurs

Photo by Africa images via Canva


  1. Monday Hashtags
  2. Tuesday Hashtags
  3. Wednesday Hashtags
  4. Thursday Hashtags
  5. Friday Hashtags
  6. Saturday Hashtags
  7. Sunday Hashtags

Bonus tip : Schedule Your Daily Post with Hashtags Today

Daily hashtags are specific to each day of the week and have gained popularity on social media. Not only do they offer a wealth of content inspiration, but they can also significantly enhance your reach and engagement when utilized effectively.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs juggling busy schedules, these daily hashtags present a straightforward opportunity to increase exposure. However, the challenge lies in knowing which ones to use and when.

To make the most of this, it's essential to understand and utilize hashtags effectively. This article provides a set of daily hashtags and a handy 'Daily Hashtags Cheat Sheet' to enhance your social media presence throughout the week.

Daily Hashtags Cheat Sheet


Photo by Hookle

This convenient chart serves as a week-at-a-glance guide for your content ideas. Use these daily hashtags across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or your preferred platforms to effortlessly engage your followers.

1. Monday Hashtags


#MusicMonday by bricksofarnhem on Instagram

  1. #MondayMotivation: Kickstart the week with inspirational quotes or stories.
  2. #MondayBlues: Relate to your audience with content that reflects the struggle of starting a new week.
  3. #MusicMonday: Share your favorite tunes or new music discoveries.
  4. #ManicMonday: Show the hectic side of life or work.
  5. #MarketingMonday: Ideal for businesses and marketers to share insights and tips.

2. Tuesday Hashtags


#TipTuesday by artlovecollectivelfk on Instagram

  1. #TuesdayThoughts: Share thoughtful quotes or personal reflections.
  2. #TravelTuesday: Ideal for travel-related posts, from dream destinations to travel tips.
  3. #TechTuesday: Share the latest tech gadgets, news, or reviews.
  4. #TipTuesday: Offer helpful tips related to your niche.
  5. #TransformationTuesday: Show before-and-after photos, be it personal fitness journeys or project completions.

3. Wednesday Hashtags


#WednesdayWisdom by preachergirl313 on Instagram

  1. #WednesdayWisdom: Share wisdom, advice, or learning experiences.
  2. #WellnessWednesday: Focus on health, wellness, and self-care tips.
  3. #WorkoutWednesday: Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and trainers to share exercise routines.
  4. #WineWednesday: For wine lovers to post about their favorite wines.
  5. #HumpDay: Relate to the mid-week struggle and anticipation for the weekend.

4. Thursday Hashtags


#ThrowbackThursday by by_the_sea_crochet on Instagram

  1. #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT: Share nostalgic content, from old photos to past experiences.
  2. #ThankfulThursday: Express gratitude or share what you’re thankful for.
  3. #ThursdayThoughts: Similar to Tuesday, share insightful thoughts or quotes.
  4. #ThirstyThursday: Popular among bars and restaurants, share beverage-related content.
  5. #ThursdayNight: Post about events, gatherings, or how you spend your Thursday nights.

5. Friday Hashtags


#FoodieFriday by grumpynorthernfoodie on Instagram

  1. #FridayFeeling: Express the excitement for the weekend.
  2. #FridayReads: Share what you’re currently reading or book recommendations.
  3. #FoodieFriday: Ideal for food bloggers, restaurants, and chefs to showcase their culinary creations.
  4. #FridayFunday: Share fun, humorous, or light-hearted content.
  5. #FridayNight: Share your night-out experiences or weekend plans.

6. Saturday Hashtags


#SaturdaySpecial by abbysparksjewelry on Instagram

  1. #SaturdayStyle: Showcase fashion, style tips, or outfit-of-the-day posts.
  2. #SatFun. This concise hashtag is perfect for sharing engaging and enjoyable activities during the weekend.
  3. #SocialSaturday: Encourage engagement by interacting with followers or hosting Q&A sessions.
  4. #SaturdaySpecial: Share weekend-only offers or special content.
  5. #SaturdaySweat: Ideal for fitness posts, from gym workouts to outdoor activities.

7. Sunday Hashtags


#SelfcareSunday by positivelypresent on Instagram

  1. #SundayFunday: Share enjoyable and relaxing weekend activities.
  2. #SundayRead: Ideal for book lovers and authors to share their reading material.
  3. #SundaySelfie: Encourage your followers to share their selfies.
  4. #SundayDinner: Share your dinner recipes, dining experiences, or family gatherings.
  5. #SelfcareSunday: Focus on relaxation, self-care routines, and wellness activities.

Schedule Your Daily Post with Hashtags Today


Photo by Hookle

In conclusion, using daily hashtags in your posts effectively boosts your social media engagement. For maximum impact, combine these daily hashtags with others specific to your content or niche.

True engagement extends beyond merely using hashtags; it involves active participation in the communities they create. Engage by responding to comments, liking posts, and being active within these hashtag groups. Such interaction increases your visibility and helps build a loyal, interactive following.

You can generate relevant hashtags automatically with Hookle's AI-powered features

Enhance your strategy by scheduling posts with daily hashtags using social media marketing apps like Hookle. With Hookle, you can not only schedule posts across all your social accounts at once but also generate relevant hashtags automatically with its AI-powered features.

Experience the difference yourself. Download Hookle now and elevate your social media strategy.

<![CDATA[7 Easy, Low-Effort Social Media Post Ideas for Entrepreneurs]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/7-easy-low-effort-social-media-post-ideas-for-entrepreneurs659134654196a6da65ecccd0Mon, 01 Jan 2024 18:54:53 GMTHookleLow-Effort-Social-Media-Post-Ideas

Photo by D3Damon via Canva


  1. Promote Blog Articles
  2. #ThrowbackThursday
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. Inspirational Quotes
  5. User-Generated Content
  6. Fun Facts or Trivia
  7. Behind-the-Scenes

Bonus Tip : Schedule Your Posts to Save Time

In today's digital age, social media has become essential for entrepreneurs to promote their small businesses and connect with their target audience. However, regularly creating fresh and engaging content can be challenging, especially when time is limited.

That's why we've compiled a list of seven low-effort social media post ideas that are easy to implement and can help entrepreneurs effectively engage their audience.

So, let's dive in and explore these simple yet effective social media post ideas!

1. Promote Blog Articles


Photo by Hookle on X (Twitter)

Sharing your blog articles on social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase engagement. After publishing a new blog post, create a captivating social media post highlighting the key points or offering a sneak peek into the content.

Remember to breathe new life into older yet relevant blog posts by repurposing and resharing them. Include a persuasive call to action that encourages your audience to click through and delve into the full article on your website.

This approach enhances your online presence and entices followers to explore your valuable content.

2. #ThrowbackThursday


Photo by bobbysanders22 on Instagram

#ThrowbackThursday has become a beloved social media trend, offering businesses a delightful opportunity to delve into their archives and resurrect cherished memories.

Unearth old photos, videos, or anecdotes that showcase pivotal moments in your business journey - perhaps the humble beginnings of your first office, the infancy of product development, or a noteworthy event.

As you share these nostalgic gems with your audience, craft a catchy caption that sparks a sense of nostalgia and invites engagement.

By embracing #ThrowbackThursday, you celebrate your history and establish a deeper connection with your audience, fostering a shared appreciation for your journey together.

3. Tips and Tricks


Photo by Hookle on X (Twitter)

Imparting valuable tips and tricks through your social media channels is a potent strategy to position your business as an industry expert. These bite-sized, informative posts cover various topics - from productivity hacks to the latest industry trends or handy DIY tutorials.

Tips can be from productivity hacks to the latest industry trends or handy DIY tutorials

To maximize their impact, ensure your tips are relevant to your target audience and provide practical advice they can readily implement. When sharing these insights, prioritize clear and concise language to enhance accessibility.

Consider supplementing your text with visuals or infographics, amplifying the engagement factor and making complex information more digestible. Elevate your social media game by becoming a go-to source for actionable knowledge that resonates with your audience.

4. Inspirational Quotes


Photo by Scented Company on X (Twitter)

Harness the power of inspiration by incorporating uplifting quotes into your social media strategy. Motivational quotes have an unparalleled ability to resonate with people, eliciting positive emotions and fostering a connection.

Share quotes that align seamlessly with your brand values, providing a source of encouragement for your target audience. Elevate the visual appeal of your posts by creating graphics adorned with quote overlays, or opt for the simplicity of text-based quotes.

Always credit the original author to honor their wisdom, and add your commentary to infuse a personal touch. By integrating inspirational quotes, you contribute to a positive online atmosphere and position your brand as a beacon of motivation in the digital landscape.

5. User-Generated Content


Photo by 20belowcoffee on Instagram

Tap into the dynamic realm of user-generated content (UGC) to magnify your brand's impact on social media. Prompt your audience to share their photos, testimonials, or reviews, and then strategically repost this content on your channels.

UGC is a potent tool for building trust and delivering social proof for your products or services

UGC is a potent tool for building trust, fostering community, and delivering compelling social proof for your products or services.

However, it's crucial to prioritize ethical practices - always seek permission from the creators before sharing their content and give due credit to honor their contribution.

By harnessing the authenticity embedded in UGC, you amplify your brand narrative and create a collaborative space where your customers play a pivotal role in shaping the story.

6. Fun Facts or Trivia


Photo by scentsoilswarmers on Pinterest

Engage your audience with fun facts or industry-related trivia. Share interesting statistics, historical facts, or lesser-known information your followers might find intriguing. Add a creative twist by turning the content into a quiz or a fill-in-the-blank format to encourage interaction and comments.

7. Behind-the-Scenes


Photo by prosperdigitaltv on Instagram

Give your audience a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business. Share photos or videos of your workspace, team members, product development process, or events.

This humanizes your brand and allows your audience to connect with the people behind your business. Authentic behind-the-scenes content fosters trust and builds a stronger relationship with your audience.

Schedule Your Posts to Save Time

Schedule Your Posts to Save Time

Photo by Hookle

Entrepreneurs can boost audience engagement effortlessly with seven simple social media post ideas. Tailor them to your business and audience, infusing creativity and consistency for a compelling online presence.

For easy social media marketing, explore Hookle - the #1 AI-powered app designed for busy entrepreneurs. Plan, publish, and schedule posts across multiple platforms with ease and therefore save massive time.

But don't just take our word for it - try it yourself and download Hookle today!

<![CDATA[10 Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Spend Less Time Managing Social Content]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/10-tips-for-entrepreneurs-on-how-to-spend-less-time-managing-social-content658ee973a2acdae839a5fc9dSat, 30 Dec 2023 18:10:07 GMTHookleSpend-Less-Time-Managing-Social-Content

Photo by via olm26250 Canva


  1. Use AI Tools for Efficiency
  2. Automate Your Posting Schedule
  3. Optimize Hashtags
  4. Automate Routine Tasks
  5. Plan Your Content Calendar in Advance
  6. Use Analytics to Streamline Efforts
  7. Curate User-Generated Content
  8. Focus on Quality Over Quantity
  9. Collaborate with Team Members
  10. Allocate Time for Planning, Avoid Over-Management

Bonus tip : Maximizing Efficiency in Social Media Management

Social media marketing can be highly time-consuming for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can find millions of brand-new customers with the right social media strategy. There were 5.3 billion social media users worldwide as of October 2023; that’s a vast possible market for your business.


However, with various responsibilities - including content creation, community engagement, and audience research - becoming more efficient is essential for your business growth.

The Challenge of Time Management in Social Media

In today's digital age, social media management is a crucial aspect of creator's and small business marketing. However, navigating this constantly evolving landscape can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to balance the demands of social media with other responsibilities

The challenge lies in creating engaging content, connecting with audiences, and staying relevant - all while managing time efficiently. Many entrepreneurs struggle to balance the demands of social media with other responsibilities. This blog post aims to provide practical advice for maximizing social media efficiency.

From leveraging automation tools to strategic planning, we'll explore ways to streamline your social media processes, freeing up valuable time for other important tasks. At Hookle, we have all the tools you need to save time and effort on social media marketing.

Here are ten ways to reduce the time spent on social media.

1. Use AI Tools for Efficiency

Use AI Tools for Efficiency

Hookle AI smart content suggestion

Chatbots like ChatGPT showed the power of AI-driven content suggestions in 2023. Previously, small business owners spent hours discovering new ideas for valuable content; with the help of AI, this can take mere seconds.

Hookle's content suggestion offers a quick and effortless way to generate content in a click

There are multiple tools, such as AI-powered Hookle, that make managing your social media marketing easier than ever. Hookle's content suggestion feature (in the picture above) offers a quick and effortless way to generate content specifically meant for social media, all without requiring any prior understanding of AI technology. This can save you hours, ultimately providing a significant time-saving advantage in the long run.

Hookle also offers AI-generated image suggestions, saving massive time on extensive searches and providing visually appealing content crucial for impactful posts. In the fast-paced world of social media, especially on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, aesthetic visuals are key to successful marketing campaigns.

2. Automate Your Posting Schedule

Automate Your Posting Schedule

Photo by Hookle

Time management is fundamental for social media marketing. Failure to stick to a schedule can prevent you from using the algorithm to your advantage and posting content at the correct times. For instance, the best time to post on social media is Sunday, and the worst is Monday.


You can use Hookle to plan your content and dedicate a precise time to schedule posts every week or day. As a result, this ensures a consistent online presence without needing constant manual updates.

3. Optimize Hashtags

Optimize HashtagsOptimize Hashtags

Photo by ALES MUNT via Canva

Hashtags can significantly boost visibility on most social media platforms. Statistics show that posts with at least one hashtag get 29% more interactions on profiles with fewer than 1000 followers. However, aimlessly using hashtags won’t work: You need to know the correct hashtags that boost engagement.


Therefore, research and find the right hashtags for your niche. You can use hashtag analytics to identify the best options, ensuring your posts reach the correct audience and maximize their impact.

Many social media marketing tools, including Hookle, offer a Hashtag Manager to help you create and manage hashtags. Not only does Hookle allow you to manage hashtags, but it also generates relevant hashtags automatically for your posts using AI.

4. Automate Routine Tasks


Photo by Hookle

Let's face it: who enjoys mundane, routine tasks? If there's an option to automate, it's usually a smart choice. Many routine tasks, especially in social media marketing, can be automated. For instance, by scheduling posts, you can plan your publishing just once a week or a few times a month, freeing up time for other activities.

If there’s an option to automate, it’s usually a smart choice

Hookle's features enable you to automate routine social media tasks, like publishing simultaneously to multiple platforms or scheduling recurring posts months in advance. This efficiency saves you hours, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business growth.

5. Plan Your Content Calendar in Advance

Plan Your Content Calendar in Advance

Hookle Planner

Organization is essential to efficiency in social media; therefore, you should plan everything meticulously to achieve the best results. Most companies use a content schedule to ensure consistency and solid data.


Thankfully, Hookle's Planner module lets you organize and visualize your content schedule. This feature ensures a well-balanced and consistent social media presence that drives continual results for your business.

6. Use Analytics to Streamline Efforts


Photo by Hookle

Data is king in the social media world. Not only does data allow you to notice your mistakes, but it also allows you to save time and effort and make improvements.

Analytics allow you to notice mistakes, save time, and make improvements

Hookle's analytics offer insights into various aspects, including your connected accounts and top-performing posts. This assists in tailoring your content strategy to focus on what delivers the best results.

Looking for a more high-level overview and "simpler to understand statistics"? The platform provides a consolidated score (Social Score) to help you assess the overall health of all your accounts directly from the dashboard.

7. Curate User-Generated Content


Photo by romainjorgephotos via Canva

You should always harness the power of user-generated content; it’s authentic, offers more comprehensive reach, has better engagement levels, and is often cost-effective. In addition, user-generated content is brilliant for feedback and insights.

8. Focus on Quality Over Quantity


Photo by focusphotoart via Canva

Invest time in creating fewer, yet more impactful, social media posts. This approach not only enhances your brand's appeal but also streamlines your content management process. Typically, the more relatable the content, the better it performs.

Typically, the more relatable the content, the better it performs

We discuss how prioritizing high-quality content leads to deeper engagement with your audience, greater brand loyalty, and ultimately, a more efficient use of your time in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

9. Collaborate with Team Members


Photo by fauxels on Pexels

Teamwork is key in social media marketing. If you're not working solo, many marketing apps, including Hookle, enable seamless collaboration with team members.


For instance, you can delegate tasks, involve colleagues, share insights, and collaboratively manage your social media presence for a more efficient strategy. Additionally, connecting multiple individuals to your company's social media channels can create greater flexibility and enhance collaboration.

10. Allocate Time for Planning, Avoid Over-Management


Photo by brebcaphotos via Canva

By setting aside specific times for content planning, entrepreneurs can prevent excessive time spent on micromanagement. This strategy not only streamlines the process but also ensures that time is dedicated to other crucial business activities.

Learn how effective time management leads to a more balanced and productive approach to managing your social media presence.

Maximizing Efficiency in Social Media Management

Maximizing Efficiency in Social Media Management

Photo by Hookle

Time is money in the fast-paced world of small business ownership. However, by implementing these ten tips alongside Hookle's innovative features, you can significantly reduce the time spent on social media management while enhancing your online presence.


Start integrating these strategies by downloading Hookle today and witness a remarkable boost in your social media efficiency. After all - your business deserves easy social media marketing!

<![CDATA[10 Viral Small Business Videos and What We Can Learn From Them]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/10-viral-small-business-videos-and-what-we-can-learn-from-them658c30789ace9283b49a4103Thu, 28 Dec 2023 17:32:09 GMTHookleViral-Small-Business-Videos

Photo by Weedesign via Canva


  1. Creative Product Showcases (Popflex)
  2. Simplicity Sells (Bobbie Goods)
  3. Creative Process Showcases (Brand Pierre)
  4. Behind-the-Scenes Peek (Lala Hijabs)
  5. Engaging Product Stories (Cafe Emporos)
  6. Authenticity and Experimentation (PerfectDD)
  7. The Snackable How-Tos (Ya Boy Chamoy)
  8. End-to-End Production Overview (Noble Leather Co)
  9. The Unique Food Art (Peachy BBs)
  10. Captivating Backstage Marketing (Enchanted Scrunch)

Bonus tip : Save Time by Scheduling Your Videos

In the fast-paced world of social media, small business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for strategies to elevate their online presence affordably. Video Marketing is one of the most effective ways to do that and viral videos are a powerful tool in achieving this goal, capturing attention and sparking engagement.

This article will explore ten viral small business videos and reels and extract actionable insights entrepreneurs can quickly integrate into their social media game plan. Let's dive into the dynamic world of social media video marketing, focusing on simplicity and effectiveness.

So What Is a Viral Video?

A viral video is a videoclip, often shared across social media platforms, that rapidly gains popularity and widespread attention. These videos captivate audiences through their unique, engaging, or humorous content, encouraging viewers to share them with their networks.

A viral video is a videoclip, that rapidly gains popularity and widespread attention

From inspiring stories to ingenious marketing, viral videos create a buzz, reaching a vast audience in a short time, often leading to significant online and offline impact. Understanding what makes a video go viral is crucial for businesses seeking to leverage this phenomenon for brand exposure and engagement.

1. Creative Product Showcases (Popflex)


Video by Popflex on TikTok

Cassey Ho, the founder of Popflex, utilized TikTok to skyrocket her fitness apparel brand. By aligning with trends, creatively presenting products through dance and music, and maintaining consistency, Popflex gained 207.3k followers and 5.3 million likes. Interaction with the audience, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and showcasing the team contributed to Popflex's success.

2. Simplicity Sells (Bobbie Goods)


Video by Bobbie Goods on TikTok

Bobbie Goods transformed from a drawing account to a successful business on TikTok. The brand's strategy revolves around simplicity. Bobbie Goods captivated viewers through calm and visually pleasing drawing videos paired with music.

Maintaining a straightforward approach proved that simplicity can be a powerful tool

Responding to comments and maintaining a straightforward approach proved that simplicity when expressed effectively, can be a powerful tool for success.

3. Creative Process Showcase (Brand Pierre)


Video by Brand Pierre on TikTok

Pierce Woodward, the creator of Brand Pierre, turned a quarantine hobby into a thriving business by making rings from old spoons.

Leveraging TikTok's trends, he showcased his creative process, engaged with the audience through challenges, and ensured responsiveness to comments. With 35.6k followers and 1.1 million likes, Brand Pierre's success demonstrates the impact of dynamic content and practical engagement.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Peek (Lala Hijabs)


Video by Lala Hijabs on TikTok

Amid the pandemic, Sana and Will Saleh launched Lala Hijabs on TikTok after their tie-dyed hijab designs gained immense popularity. With a viral video, they amassed 50k followers and one million views, prompting them to use their life savings to launch the business officially.

With over 146.7K followers and 4.3 million likes, Lala Hijabs attributes 60% of its sales to TikTok. The family business prioritizes behind-the-scenes content, tutorials, and product launches, leveraging TikTok as a primary marketing tool for continuous growth.

5. Engaging Product Stories (Cafe Emporos)


Video by Cafe Emporos on TikTok

Cafe Emporos, a hand-drip coffee business, went viral on TikTok by adhering to simplicity and consistency. Founder Ruben focused on engaging content, responding to comments, and sharing stories behind special orders.

Cafe Emporos demonstrated that TikTok success stories extend beyond clothing and jewelry brands by building consumer connections and prioritizing engagement.

6. Authenticity and Experimentation (PerfectDD)


Video by PerfectDD on TikTok

Alice Kim, the Gen X founder of PerfectDD, shares valuable insights. Initially skeptical, she debunked misconceptions and leveraged TikTok to generate $25,000 in sales from one viral video.

Her lessons include strategic trend engagement, embracing authenticity, and experimenting fearlessly. She emphasizes the importance of community interaction, utilizing customer stories, and staying informed on platform changes.

Kim advocates consistency in messaging over frequent posting and encourages entrepreneurs to join TikTok for free self-promotion, brand discovery, and cultivating a lasting connection with a younger audience. Her journey highlights the power of authenticity and experimentation.

7. The Snackable How-Tos (Ya Boy Chamoy)


Video by Ya Boy Chamoy on TikTok

Discovering fame on TikTok, California-based candy business Ya Boy Chamoy, founded by Matthew Crostwaite, went from a hobby to a million followers. Utilizing the platform, they showcase their unique Mexican chamoy sauce-soaked candies, a secret recipe from Crostwaite's grandmother.

TikTok proves instrumental in introducing users to diverse foods and cultures, exemplifying the app's power to propel small businesses to viral success.

8. End-to-End Production Overview (Noble Leather Co)


Video by Noble Leather Co on TikTok

CEO Kyle Hinds, boasting 1.5 million followers on TikTok, transformed his Ontario-based studio, Noble Leather Co., into a thriving brand. Starting in 2018, Hinds handcrafts leather wallets and belts, leveraging TikTok to showcase his creations.

Embracing trends like ASMR and #OddlySatisfying, his viral videos, including the iconic belt-making clip with nearly 30 million views, demonstrate the power of craftsmanship and strategic trend alignment in small business success on TikTok.

9. The Unique Food Art (Peachy BBs)


Video by Peachy BBs on TikTok

Attracting 6.2 million followers and 197.7M likes on their account, Peachy BBs has mastered the TikTok slime scene. Regularly sharing videos of the slime-making process, engaging with followers, and experimenting with scents and textures, the small team led by Andrea has turned their slime drops into highly sought-after commodities, often selling out within minutes.

Notably, even Kim and North Kardashian's endorsement on Instagram propelled Peachy BBs into a realm of publicity most small businesses aspire to achieve.

10. Captivating Backstage Marketing (Enchanted Scrunch)


Video by Enchanted Scrunch on TikTok

Founded in 2021 by Dasha Derkach, Enchanted Scrunch found explosive growth on TikTok, with 90% of sales driven by the platform. Initially garnering attention after a video hit 15k views, the brand now boasts a six-figure valuation and over 490.8k followers.

TikTok, serving as the primary marketing tool, transformed the business from two orders a week to almost 500, with daily TikTok Lives contributing to the remarkable success story of this oversized scrunchie brand.

Save Time by Scheduling Your Videos

Save Time by Scheduling Your Videos

Photo by Hookle

In today's ever-evolving landscape of social media and video marketing, small businesses have much to gain by embracing strategies from viral videos. Key to success are authenticity and connection, achieved through methods like revealing behind-the-scenes processes, encouraging user-generated content, or tapping into current trends.

Tools like Hookle, an AI-powered social media marketing app, streamline publishing process

An essential step in this journey is planning your content publishing. One of the most efficient methods is to schedule your posts in advance for automatic publication. Tools like Hookle, an AI-powered social media marketing app, streamline this process. Hookle enables effortless post creation and simultaneous publishing of videos and other content across multiple social channels with just a click.

The best way to understand its benefits is through direct experience. Download Hookle and discover its capabilities for yourself!

<![CDATA[A Quick Guide to Hookle's Free Plan]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/a-quick-guide-to-hookle-s-free-plan65844f6363cf461f91bb3d6fSat, 23 Dec 2023 10:26:17 GMTHookleQuick-Guide-to-Hookle-Free-Plan

Photo by Hookle


  1. Introduction to Hookle
  2. The Free Plan: What You Get
  3. How to Get Started with Hookle's Free Plan
  4. Trying Premium Features for Free
  5. Picking the Plan That’s Best for You
  6. Helpful Resources

In the ever-evolving era of social media, managing multiple platforms efficiently is crucial for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. Hookle, a social media marketing app, offers simplified plans to meet diverse needs.

In this guide, we'll take a close look at Hookle's Free Plan, exploring its features and benefits for users looking to enhance their social media presence without breaking the bank.

Introduction to Hookle


Photo by Hookle

Before delving into the Free Plan, let's understand what Hookle is all about. Hookle is an AI-powered all-in-one social media marketing app designed to streamline the process of managing various platforms from a single dashboard. From scheduling posts to analyzing engagement, Hookle makes social media marketing easy and effective.

Hookle is an AI-powered all-in-one social media marketing app for small businesses

Hookle is as a mobile-exclusive app, streamlining social media marketing for small businesses. With a dedicated focus on mobile optimization, it delivers an exceptional user experience, surpassing many competitors in mobile performance. Its unique post aggregation feature enables unified scheduling across all social accounts, ensuring seamless planning and publishing.

The platform's simple yet comprehensive dashboard simplifies social media progress monitoring, offering a distinct advantage. Hookle generates a single score (social score), providing an easy assessment of the health of all accounts directly from the dashboard.

The Free Plan: What You Get


Photo by Hookle

Hookle's Free Plan is a great starting point for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to dip their toes into social media marketing without committing to a premium plan. To access the up-to-date information on plans and their features, please visit Hookle's website.

Here's a breakdown of what the Free Plan includes:

  1. Multi-platform management: With the Free Plan, users can connect and manage multiple social media accounts (currently up to three) from any of the platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This means you can streamline your posting schedule and content across various networks, saving you time and effort.
  2. Easy post scheduling: The Free Plan lets you schedule posts across various platforms, with a maximum of five posts in the scheduling queue, ensuring consistent engagement at peak times even when you are not online.
  3. Simple yet powerful analytics: Understanding how your content performs is vital for refining your social media strategy. Hookle's Free Plan provides basic analytics, giving users insights into their post reach and engagement.
  4. Try out AI features: You get a chance to try out all of Hookle's AI features few times to get a feel for how great they are.
  5. Outstanding mobile experience: Hookle's standout feature is its exclusive mobile-only platform, available on both Android and iOS. This ensures all features are mobile-optimized, allowing Free Plan users to easily manage their social media on the go.

How to Get Started with Hookle's Free Plan


Download the Hookle App

Signing up for Hookle's Free Plan is a straightforward process - no credit cards required. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Hookle app on app store and get started for free
  2. Log in to all your social media channels through Hookle
  3. Hookle shows all your social posts on one dashboard, and guides what to do next
  4. Create posts in seconds with the power of AI and schedule posts to all channels in one go
  5. Monitor your social performance through simple analytics and see where to improve

Trying Premium Features for Free

Trying Premium Features for Free

Get more with Hookle Premium

To determine if Hookle suits your needs, try out the 14-day free trial today! This period enables an in-depth exploration of features, allowing you to identify your priorities. The free trial provides access to the EVERYTHING of Hookle's Premium offerings.

The free trial provides access to the EVERYTHING of Hookle's Premium offerings

During this trial, connect more social accounts, schedule an unlimited number of posts, experiment with all AI features, recurring posts, and save unlimited content ideas. This extensive opportunity grants you a firsthand experience of Hookle's capabilities without incurring any costs.

Remember that you have the flexibility to cancel the Premium subscription at any time during the trial with no associated costs. This ensures a risk-free exploration of Hookle's premium features tailored to your specific needs.

Picking the Plan That’s Best for You


Hookle features and Pricing

Our goal is to help you discover the ideal fit for your needs. Similar to our streamlined platform, our pricing is designed with a laser focus on simplicity. Select from two plans - the free option or the affordable Premium plan, available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

We highly recommend our annual plan for a cost-effective and long-term investment in social media marketing. For a limited time, it offers a substantial 50% discount compared to the monthly plan.

Pinpointing essential features upfront can be challenging, making the free trial an excellent starting point. Visit here for a detailed overview of our plans and features.

Helpful Resources


Photo by Hookle

In conclusion, The Hookle Free Plan is ideal for social media marketing beginners or those on a budget, offering essential features for a good start. As your needs grow, you can consider Hookle's premium plans for more functions and features.

Helpful resources to guide you through the onboarding process:

Start your social media journey with the Free Plan by downloading Hookle today!

<![CDATA[Social Media Marketing Made Easy: A Quick Guide to Hookle AI Features]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/social-media-marketing-made-easy-a-guide-to-hookle-ai-features657ff0a4f3c91b0bccec70f1Thu, 21 Dec 2023 06:13:05 GMTHookleGuide-to-Hookle-AI-Features

Photo by Hookle


  1. What's Hookle and AI?
  2. AI-Powered Smart Content Suggestion
  3. AI-Powered Image Suggestions
  4. AI-Powered Daily Post Inspirations
  5. Level up Social Presence with Hookle

In the fast-paced world of social media, staying ahead of the curve is essential for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), tools like Hookle are becoming essential for effective small business social media marketing.

With the rise of AI, tools like Hookle are essential for effective social media marketing

In this article, we'll delve into what Hookle is, demystify the concept of AI, explore the benefits it brings to the table, and provide a hands-on guide on leveraging Hookle's AI features.

1. What's Hookle and AI?

Hookle and AI

Photo by Hookle

What is Hookle?

Hookle is an AI-powered social media marketing app that simplifies the management of multiple social media accounts in one place.

Hookle is an AI-powered social media marketing app

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a small business owner, Hookle empowers you to automate social media marketing through features like auto-generated posts, scheduled postings, audience engagement, and simple yet powerful performance metric analysis.

What is AI?

Before we delve into the benefits of AI, let's briefly understand what AI is. Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans.

In the context of Hookle, AI is utilized to streamline and simplify social media marketing by offering intelligent suggestions, generating ready-made posts based on your business interests or industry, and facilitating content creation and curation, and much more.

What's the Benefits of AI?

While there are numerous benefits of using AI, we'll highlight the key ones that we believe are most advantageous for small businesses.

  1. Endless ideas: You no longer need to think about what to post next; simply let AI generate ideas for your next post.
  2. Speed: With AI, you can generate entire posts at record speed since you don't write the content yourself. All that's left for you is to review the post and make adjustments if needed.
  3. Time Efficiency: AI automates tasks, saving you valuable time. In the world of social media, where consistency is key, time efficiency is a game-changer.
  4. Content Optimization: AI can analyze data to predict what type of content will perform well. This ensures that your social media posts are more likely to resonate with your audience.
  5. Personalization: AI tools, like those in Hookle, can personalize content suggestions based on your preferences and past performance. This enables you to create content that aligns with your unique brand voice.

What's Hookle AI


Photo by Hookle

Hookle offers several AI-powered features designed to streamline your social media planning and marketing efforts significantly. Powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT technology and utilizing the latest language models, Hookle simplifies AI for small businesses. 

The core idea is to provide users with AI features that are exceptionally simple and user-friendly

The core idea is to provide users with AI features that are exceptionally simple and user-friendly. This approach eliminates the need for users to have any prior knowledge of AI, ensuring that AI-powered features are easily accessible and straightforward for users of all levels.

As AI technology continues to evolve rapidly, we are dedicated to advancing existing features and introducing new ones. Anticipate an even more user-friendly, powerful, and compelling social media marketing experience in the near future.

Now, let's explore the AI features provided by Hookle.

2. AI-Powered Smart Content Suggestion

Hookle AI Feature: Smart Content Suggestion

Photo by Hookle

Hookle's AI-powered Smart Content Suggestions feature revolutionizes content creation for small businesses, enabling lightning-fast post generation. While the AI performance is absolutely impressive, it's not flawless. Therefore, the responsibility rests with you to review and ensure the suggestions align perfectly with your post.

Here's how the feature works: after logging into Hookle and navigating to the new post view, simply start typing at least one word in the prompt. Click the "Get content suggestion" button, and voilà - AI generates an entire post for you. The more specific your input, the more accurate and higher quality your social post will be. To make the most of this feature, consider the following tips.

  1. Write preferably a few words: Usually AI completes your post better when you write more than one word in the prompt.
  2. Languages: Write in any language, and the AI will suggest the post accordingly. You can also instruct the AI to write in different languages. If the desired language isn't generated, you can specifically instruct the AI to compose the post in that language.
  3. Hashtags: Typically Hookle's AI suggests popular and relevant hashtags to boost your post's visibility. However, you can always instruct AI to give more, less, or none in the prompt.
  4. Emojis Speak Louder Than Words: Normally, Hookle's AI suggests emojis that can enhance the visual appeal of your posts. These emojis complement your content, making it more engaging.
  5. Holidays and observances: Write any holiday and AI creates a nice post out of it. For example, write "Happy Easter" and you'll get a similar post like in the image above.
  6. Post length: This is the beauty of AI - it suggests slightly different lengths each time. However, for Twitter, shorter lengths are typically more suitable. Nevertheless, you have the ability to instruct the AI to generate longer or shorter posts based on your preference. You can specify for example word counts, such as 'Donut offer 25% off this weekend with 50 words.'
  7. Links: Just drop a link to the new post view or share a URL with Hookle, and you'll receive an entire post based on the content of that URL. This is an awesome feature, especially for e-commerce businesses.

You might find our other related blog article interesting for your small business: 10 Tips to Create Social Media Posts in Seconds with Hookle AI.

3. AI-Powered Image Suggestions


Photo by Hookle

Creating visually appealing content is crucial for social media success. While your unique and authentic images often work best, there are times when you need high-quality stock images quickly. Hookle's AI-powered Image Suggestions feature simplifies this process by offering relevant high-quality, free stock images for your post with just a click.

Hookle's Image Suggestions feature offers high-quality images for your post with just a click

Here's how the feature works: Navigate to the new post view, start typing at least one word in the prompt, and click the 'Get image suggestion' button. The AI analyzes your content and provides relevant image suggestions. The more (specific) content you have, the more accurate the image suggestion will be. Easily refresh suggestions by clicking the regenerate icon on top of the image.

4. AI-Powered Daily Post Inspirations


Photo by Hookle

Creating new content can be challenging and time-consuming, but not anymore. With Hookle, a fresh, ready-to-use post, customized to your business and language preferences, awaits you daily on your dashboard.

Simply connect a social account to Hookle, and our AI will craft a post specifically for your business - no user prompts needed!

This feature streamlines your social media management by automating content creation. Simply connect a social account to Hookle, and our AI will craft a post specifically for your business - your daily post inspiration. Hookle eliminates the need for manual input and user prompts altogether, offering you ready-to-use posts. You can use these posts as a creative springboard or publish them directly each day.

The feature automatically updates your Business Description in your Hookle profile. For even more tailored inspirations, you're free to refine this description at any time.

5. Level up Social Presence with Hookle

Level up Social Presence with Hookle

Photo by Hookle

In the dynamic landscape of social media, harnessing the power of AI is a strategic move for anyone aiming to boost their online presence. Hookle's AI features provide a user-friendly gateway to the world of AI-driven social media marketing.

By leveraging these features, you can streamline your content creation process, engage your audience more effectively, and ultimately achieve better results in the crowded social media arena. Embrace the future of social media management with Hookle and let AI elevate your online presence to new heights.

Don't just take our word for it - experience it yourself by downloading Hookle today!

<![CDATA[How to Use Instagram for Your Small Business: A Step-by-Step Guide]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/how-to-use-instagram-for-business-a-step-by-step-guide650c08d30d86660925381cbeTue, 19 Dec 2023 08:14:10 GMTHookleHow-to-Use-Instagram-for-Business-Step-by-Step-Guide

Photo by Snappy Cactus via Canva


  1. Create a Professional Profile
  2. Optimize Your Profile
  3. Develop a Content Strategy
  4. Utilize Hashtags Effectively
  5. Engage with Your Audience
  6. Leverage Instagram Stories and Reels
  7. Collaborate with Influencers
  8. Run Targeted Ad Campaigns
  9. Monitor Performance and Adapt
  10. Stay Updated and Evolve

Bonus tip : Utilise AI and Plan Your Content in Advance

In the world of digital marketing, leveraging social media platforms is essential, and Instagram stands out as a powerhouse for businesses aiming to connect with their target audience effectively.

With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram provides a platform to showcase your brand, products, and services. In this step-by-step guide, we'll explore how to make the most of Instagram for your business.

1. Create a Professional Profile


Photo by Hookle

The first step in utilizing Instagram for your business is creating a dedicated professional profile, which can be a business or a creator profile. This allows you to access Instagram's professional features, including analytics, advertising options, and the ability to add contact information.

To set up a business profile, go to your settings, select "Account," and then choose "Switch to Professional Account". Meta requires your professional Instagram account to be linked to your Facebook page. Therefore, remember to complete this step when prompted in the switching process.

2. Optimize Your Profile


Photo by Hookle

A well-optimized profile is crucial for attracting followers and potential customers. Ensure that your profile picture is your company logo, and craft a compelling bio that succinctly describes your business, what you offer, and your unique value proposition.

A well-optimized profile is crucial for attracting followers and potential customers

Include a link or links to direct traffic to your website or a designated landing page. Given that you can't insert links directly into feed posts, guide users to this location (like adding "Link in bio") in your post if you wish to encourage action. You have the option to include up to five links in your Instagram profile.

3. Develop a Content Strategy


Photo by 1001Love via Canva

Consistent and engaging content is the heartbeat of Instagram. Develop a content strategy that aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. This may include product showcases, behind-the-scenes glimpses, user-generated content, informative posts, and more. Maintain a cohesive theme and visual style to make your profile visually appealing.

4. Utilize Hashtags and Topics Effectively


Photo by Ales Munt via Canva

Hashtags are instrumental in expanding your reach and visibility on Instagram. Research relevant hashtags within your industry and incorporate them into your posts. Mix popular and niche-specific hashtags to attract a broader audience while ensuring relevance to your content. Monitor the performance of hashtags to refine your strategy.

Instagram Topics are tags you can apply to your Reels to categorize your content effectively. Utilizing Topics offers context, providing a clearer understanding of your Reel's content to both the Instagram algorithm and your audience.

5. Engage with Your Audience


Photo by tumsasedgars via Canva

Engagement is key to building a loyal community. Respond to comments on your posts, engage with user-generated content related to your brand, and actively participate in discussions within your niche. Show appreciation to your followers and make them feel heard and valued.

6. Leverage Instagram Stories and Reels


Photo by konstantin savusia via Canva

Instagram Stories and Reels are excellent tools for real-time engagement and showcasing your creativity. Use them to share limited-time offers, updates, events, or behind-the-scenes content. Incorporate interactive elements like polls, questions, or quizzes to boost engagement and get valuable insights from your audience.

Interested in tips for designing compelling stories? Check out our blog article 10 Instagram Stories Design Tips for Small Businesses for some valuable insights.

7. Collaborate with Influencers


Photo by Petko Ninov via Canva

Influencer partnerships can help amplify your brand's reach and credibility. Identify influencers relevant to your industry and target audience, and collaborate with them for sponsored posts or partnerships.

Influencer partnerships can help amplify your brand's reach and credibility

Small businesses often find influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers (a.k.a. micro-influencers) to be the best fit, being both effective and cost-friendly compared to those with millions of followers. Make sure the influencer aligns with your brand's values and can effectively convey your message.

8. Run Targeted Ad Campaigns


Photo by tumsasedgards via Canva

Instagram's advertising platform provides robust targeting options to reach your desired audience. Experiment with different ad formats like photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and story ads. Define your target audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more to maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns.

9. Monitor Performance and Adapt

Monitor Performance and Adapt

Photo by Hookle

Regularly track your Instagram performance using the platform's built-in analytics or third-party tools. Analyze metrics such as engagement rate, reach, follower growth, and post-performance.

Hookle provides a unified social score, allowing you to evaluate the overall health of all your accounts

Some third-party tools, like Hookle, simplify performance tracking and therefore save your time significantly. In addition to monitoring post and account-specific metrics, Hookle provides a unified social score, allowing you to evaluate the overall health of all your accounts, not limited to just Instagram, directly from the dashboard.

Use this data to refine your content strategy, optimize your advertising efforts, and adapt your approach to better resonate with your audience.

10. Stay Updated and Evolve


Photo by SideLarbi Hadj Amar via Canva

Instagram is continuously evolving with new features and updates. Stay informed about the latest trends, algorithm changes, and best practices in the platform. Adapt to these changes and incorporate them into your strategy to stay relevant and ahead of the game.

Utilise AI and Plan Your Content in Advance


Hookle AI Writer and Planner

In conclusion, Instagram offers immense potential for businesses to connect with their audience, drive engagement, and ultimately grow. By creating a well-optimized business profile, developing a compelling content strategy, and utilizing the platform's various features effectively, you can harness the power of Instagram to elevate your brand and achieve your business objectives.

Looking to save time and streamline your Instagram workflow? Harness the power of AI tools like Hookle to automatically create your social posts and schedule content in advance. This way, you can devote your attention to what truly matters in your business.

But don't just take our word for it - experience it yourself! Download Hookle today and revolutionize your Instagram marketing like never before!

<![CDATA[7 Tips on How to Craft Relatable Social Media Content for Your Small Business]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/7-tips-on-how-to-craft-relatable-content-for-your-small-business657ea55c68be9f38a50dac4aSun, 17 Dec 2023 14:21:18 GMTHookleHow-to-Craft-Relatable-Social-Media-Content-for-Your-Small-Business

Photo by iJeab via Canva


  1. Put Your Audience First
  2. Write the Way Your Audience Talks
  3. Speak Directly to Your Customers
  4. Share a Behind-The-Scenes Look
  5. Get Specific When Addressing Pain Points
  6. Share User Generated Content
  7. Include Heart and Humor

Bonus tip : Use AI

"Relatable content" is one of those buzzy phrases that has been used so much, that it’s almost lost all meaning. What makes something relatable and what are quick strategies entrepreneurs can use to relate better to their business’s followers?


That’s exactly what we’ll answer in this article with 7 practical tips on how to craft relatable content for your small business as well as real-life examples to inspire your next social media moves. Let’s dive in.


1. Put Your Audience First


Photo by madamematovu on Instagram

What makes something a piece of “relatable content” is entirely relative to the audience you’re targeting. For example, GoPro’s audience will relate to a very different type of content than Dior’s.

What makes something relatable is entirely relative to the audience you’re targeting

The advantage that small business entrepreneurs have is that their audiences tend to be quite niche and thus, easier to research and understand. The post above, from the NYC-based store Madame Matovu Vintage is a perfect example of this.


It’s a very simple post sharing a customer who came in and the way she styled a newly purchased piece. However, the likes and comments the post garnered prove just how much it resonated with the fashion-forward audience of this small business. Sometimes the simplest way to craft relatable content is by putting your audience’s interests and curiosities first.


2. Write the Way Your Audience Talks


Photo by thelocalbrach on Instagram

Here’s a fantastic example of this from The Local Branch, a small leather goods company. One of the fastest ways to make your content more relatable is by writing captions that sound the way your audience speaks.


To create conversational, easy-to-read captions like this, give yourself time to read them aloud before posting. That way you can hear whether it sounds natural or not and even play with using colloquialisms here and there for added effect.


If this sounds time-consuming, don’t worry. Our AI content tools at Hookle can be used to suggest content ideas and save you time on scheduling posts. Let's delve deeper into AI later in this article.


3. Speak Directly to Your Customers


Video by browntoybox on Instagram

A challenge for any online-based small business is cutting down the barriers of social media and connecting with customers on a human level. A simple way for entrepreneurs to do this and relate to audiences better is to simply speak directly to them.

Connect with your audience more effectively by speaking directly to them

In the example above, the CEO and founder of a small toy business gives a special shoutout to a supportive customer. She speaks directly to the camera, without any fluff, and in doing so, relates to her audience in a very personal and effective way.


4. Share a Behind-The-Scenes Look


Video by industryofallnations on Instagram


Great example above. Again, relatable content is all about showing the human or “real” side of things. An easy way for small businesses to put this into action is by sharing behind-the-scenes looks at how their products are made and the people who make it all possible.

Behind-the-scene can be as simple as a quick office tour, or an order being packaged up

We do want to note though that small business behind-the-scenes can be as simple as a quick office tour, or a video of an order being packaged up. Any glimpse behind the polish of a final product gives your audience the feeling that they’re getting a special look behind the curtains and as a result, allows them to relate to your business more.


5. Get Specific When Addressing Pain Points


Video by shop and kinnstudio on Instagram

Look at how this jewelry business connects to their audience through a problem that their community has specifically asked for help with.

Ask followers what their pain points are and give insight on how to solve them

A great way to leverage the niche audience that small businesses usually have is by asking followers what their pain points are and giving insight on how to solve them.

6. Share User Generated Content


Video by Levain Bakery on Instagram


Sometimes the fastest route to relating to your audience is by showing them back to themselves. Consider this post from Levain Bakery.


A formal video showing off their new product would have been one thing. But it’s so much more believable and relatable coming from a real live customer.


7. Include Heart and Humor


Photo by eat_surreal on Instagram

Memes, GIFs, and silly spoofs like the post below from Surreal, are all surefire ways to get a laugh from your audience and in doing so, come across as more relatable.


On the flip side, you can go all in on showing the heart of your brand. Check out this moving  video from DGK below.


Video by DGK on Instagram

Whether you tug on heartstrings or get your audience giggling, it helps show off your brand’s softer side. What’s more relatable than that?

Bonus Tip: Use AI


Hookle AI Smart content suggestion


To enhance the efficiency of your social media content creation and publishing, leverage AI tools like ChatGPT or Hookle. ChatGPT can generate any content or diverse ideas, while Hookle automates the creation and publishing of engaging social posts with a single click.

Hookle employs AI for content creation to scheduling, enabling small businesses to craft relatable content more efficiently with improved engagement.

Download Hookle today for free!

<![CDATA[January 2024 Social Media Content Calendar]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/january-social-media-content-calendar65685a254a542b383d799c1aFri, 08 Dec 2023 17:33:29 GMTHookleJanuary-2024-Social-Media-Content-Calendar

Photo by Hookle


  1. January 1st: New Year's Day
  2. January 3rd: International Mind-Body Wellness Day
  3. January 4th: National Trivia Day
  4. January 6th: Epiphany Day
  5. January 9th: Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
  6. January 10th: National Houseplant Appreciation Day
  7. January 15th: Civil Rights Day/Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  8. January 21st: National Hug Day
  9. January 23rd: National Pie Day
  10. January 24th: International Day of Education
  11. January 26th: National Spouses Day
  12. January 27th: International Holocaust Remembrance Day
  13. January 28th: Data Privacy Day
  14. January 31st: National Hot Chocolate Day

Bonus tip : Schedule Your January Content in Advance

As January unfolds, it emerges as a month characterized by the serene embrace of winter and the lingering spirit of post-holiday celebrations. Within this temporal canvas, a myriad of engaging content possibilities awaits on the vast expanse of social media platforms.

January presents post-holiday celebrations, offering various opportunities for engaging content

Spanning from the iconic commencement of the year with New Year's Day to the reflective remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. and the vibrant festivities of Spouses Day, this month offers a tapestry of diverse themes to explore and share.

Delve into the curated social media content calendar for January 2024, guiding you through a journey of creative expression and connection.

January 1st: New Year's Day


Photo by rimmabondarenko via Canva

Celebrate fresh beginnings on the iconic New Year's Day. Encourage resolutions, positive changes, and reflections on the year ahead. Share inspiring content to uplift and motivate your audience for a promising start. Hashtag tips: #NewYearNewVibes #FreshStart2024

January 3rd: International Mind-Body Wellness Day

International Mind-Body Wellness Day

Photo by Africa images via Canva

Ease into the new year by promoting self-care and wellness on this day. Encourage your audience to take a moment for themselves, emphasizing mental and physical well-being. Hashtag tips: #MindBodyBalance #WellnessWonders

January 4th: National Trivia Day


Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

Engage your audience with fun and intriguing trivia. Share unique facts related to your industry or niche, sparking curiosity and interaction among your followers. Hashtag tips: #TriviaFun #KnowledgeQuest

January 6th: Epiphany Day

Epiphany Day

Photo by John Price on Unsplash

Capture the joy and spirit of Epiphany by sharing content that reflects on new beginnings, giving, and the positive values associated with this special day. Hashtag tips: #EpiphanyMoments #DiscoverYourPath

January 9th: Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


Photo by serggn via Canva

Express gratitude for the dedication of law enforcement. Share stories of heroism, acknowledge their service, and foster a sense of community appreciation. Hashtag tips: #LEAD2024 #BlueLivesMatter

January 10th: National Houseplant Appreciation Day


Photo by Grumby Cow Studios via Canva

Cater to plant lovers by highlighting the benefits of houseplants. Offer care tips, showcase different varieties, and create content that resonates with those embracing the green thumb lifestyle. Hashtag tips: #PlantJoy #IndoorOasis

January 15th: Civil Rights Day/Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Civil Rights Day

Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash

Reflect on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Create content that emphasizes the importance of civil rights, equality, and community service on this meaningful day. Hashtag tips: #EqualityNow #MLKLegacy

January 21st: National Hug Day

National Hug Day

Photo by kate_sept2004 via Canva

Spread warmth on National Hug Day. Encourage your audience to share virtual hugs, highlight the emotional benefits of physical touch, and create content that fosters a sense of connection. Hashtag tips: #HugItOut #ShareTheLove

January 23rd: National Pie Day


Photo by DNY59 via Canva

Satisfy your audience's sweet tooth on National Pie Day. Showcase different pie varieties, share baking tips, and encourage your followers to indulge in this timeless treat. Hashtag tips: #PiePerfection #BakeAndShare

January 24th: International Day of Education

International Day of Education

Photo by Pixabay

Celebrate the power of education on this global day. Share content that highlights the importance of learning, diverse educational approaches, and interesting facts to inspire your audience. Hashtag tips: #LearnDreamAchieve #EducationMatters

January 26th: National Spouses Day


Photo by Konstantin Postumitenko via Canva

Celebrate love and partnership on National Spouses Day. Share heartwarming stories, relationship advice, or create content that captures the essence of marriage and companionship. Hashtag tips: #LoveInEveryHug #SpousalBliss

January 27th: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Commemorate the solemn occasion with content that remembers the victims of the Holocaust. Share educational resources, stories of resilience, and promote awareness to prevent future genocides. Hashtag tips: #NeverForget #HolocaustRemembrance

January 28th: Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Educate your audience on the importance of data privacy. Share tips for online security, discuss relevant facts, and create content that empowers your followers to protect their personal information. Hashtag tips: #PrivacyAware #DataProtection

January 31st: National Hot Chocolate Day


Photo by rfranca via Canva

End the month on a sweet note by celebrating National Hot Chocolate Day. Share indulgent hot chocolate recipes, cozy winter vibes, and content that evokes warmth and comfort. Hashtag tips: #CozyCup #HotChocHeaven

Schedule Your January Content in Advance

Schedule Your January Content in Advance

Photo by Hookle

Scheduling is a powerful strategy to optimize time and maintain content relevance. Leveraging a social media content calendar allows you to plan ahead, ensuring alignment with your business goals.

Several excellent social media scheduling tools, such as Hookle, streamline this process, especially for small business owners. These tools facilitate efficient planning by enabling simultaneous post scheduling across various social networks.

Download the Hookle App and start scheduling your January posts today!

<![CDATA[9 Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing As A Solopreneur]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/9-tips-for-successful-social-media-marketing-as-a-solopreneur656463c891bcc8c1c9b010c4Thu, 30 Nov 2023 08:21:59 GMTHookleSuccessful Social Media Marketing As A Solopreneur

Photo by Creativa Images via Canva


  1. Define Your Goals and Target Audience
  2. Create Quality Content
  3. Repurpose Content
  4. Use Hashtags Strategically
  5. Schedule your content in advance
  6. Interact With Your Audience
  7. Analyze Your Performance
  8. Stay Consistent
  9. Leverage AI Tools

Starting and running your own business is no easy feat. As a solopreneur, you take on all responsibilities - from operations to marketing - all by yourself. While extremely rewarding, going at it alone can be overwhelming at times.

It's especially true when it comes to social media marketing. Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram seem like powerful ways to spread brand awareness and drive sales. However, without a social media manager or marketing team behind you, it’s tough to leverage them to their maximum potential.

The key is focusing on quick, high-impact tactics - working smarter instead of harder

The good news? With the right social media marketing tips, you can crush it on your own. In this post, we’ll explore actionable ways to succeed while increasing efficiency with AI tools like Hookle. Let’s dive in!

The key is focusing on quick, high-impact tactics - working smarter instead of harder whenever you can. The following tips reveal easy methods to save time while boosting engagement and conversions.

1. Define Your Goals and Target Audience

Define Your Goals and Target Audience

Photo by Duolingo on Twitter

Duolingo’s comedic tone above reaches its target audience: Casual language learners. With limitless possibilities on social media, having clear goals is like having a compass when lost at sea. Start by outlining the specific objectives you’d like to achieve.

Are you focused on spreading brand awareness? Generating leads for your product or service? Building relationships with potential customers? Defining these focuses your efforts and informs your metrics for success.

Understanding exactly who you’re trying to reach is critical, too. Take time to research your target demographic. Uncover their interests, challenges, preferred networks, and communication styles. Creating tailored content that speaks directly to their needs is crucial for breaking through the noise.

2. Create Quality Content


Photo by peakdesign on Instagram

That brings us to our next point. Peak Design’s Instagram is full of high-quality visuals that are fit for Instagram. Posting irrelevant content can actually deter your audience over time. It's crucial to take your time and post high-quality, valuable messages instead.

It's crucial to take your time and post high-quality, valuable messages

Rather than churning out as much content as possible, put extra thought into each piece. Identify informational blog posts, eye-catching videos, or creative infographics that provide true value.

This thoughtful content grabs attention while positioning your brand as an industry authority. While more time-consuming upfront, pillars of quality content can be repurposed over time.

3. Repurpose Content


Video by kolagoodies on Instagram

What is repurposing, you ask? Well, creating original content every day might be unrealistic for time-crunched solopreneurs or freelancers. A useful shortcut is repurposing existing content into new social formats for an easy win.

For example, take that blog post you spent so much time writing and turn it into a series of tweets or LinkedIn updates. Extract key stats or quotes into quick social graphics. Or transform lengthy articles into snappy video explainers. Just like the Kola Goodies is repurposing a newsletter into an Instagram Reel above.

Finding multiple uses for your best content maximizes resources while keeping social channels filled with relevant messaging. This strategy saves tons of time while allowing you to continually provide value.

4. Use Hashtags Strategically


Photo by blackbarnvintage on Instagram

Hashtags are a free way to tap into conversations and get content found by your audience. Yet generic terms like #business or #marketing likely won’t cut it.

Research hashtags actively used by your target demographic to pinpoint relevant options. Monitor niche community hashtags in your industry for inspiration on content ideas.

Strategically weaving targeted hashtags into social captions allows your content to surface for those you want to reach. Just be sure not to go overboard - stick to a few quality hashtags per post as best practice, like Black Barn Vintage making use of the #Virtualshopping hashtag above.

5. Schedule your content in advance

Schedule your content in advance

Photo by Hookle

In today's digital landscape, scheduling posts directly through native social networks is possible. However, this approach requires managing posts separately for each network, which can be time-consuming and demands proficiency in using various native tools.

By utilizing tools like Hookle, you can streamline the scheduling process, making it more efficient

Fortunately, there's a simple solution - leveraging social media marketing apps. Take Hookle, an exceptional app tailored for solopreneurs, for instance. By utilizing tools like Hookle, you can streamline the scheduling process, making it more efficient.

With Hookle, you can effortlessly plan and schedule all your social media content across different networks using just one app. This not only ensures a consistent online presence but also frees up valuable time for other business priorities.

6. Interact With Your Audience


Photo by BurtsBees on Twitter

Posting content is just the start. To form meaningful connections that drive conversions, you must engage your followers. It's not hard to do either! Simply:

  • Reply to comments and messages promptly.
  • Ask thoughtful questions to spark dialogue.
  • Share user-generated content featuring your brand.
  • Comment genuine praise on followers’ achievements.

Building these relationships generates goodwill while humanizing your brand. This level of care and personality fosters customer loyalty over time. Just like Burt’s Bees did above by making sure to respond to a dissatisfied customer.

7. Analyze Your Performance


Hookle statistics and performance

It’s tough to gauge social media success without concrete analytics. To help, review key metrics like reach, engagement rate, and link clicks regularly. Monitor which posts resonate best with your audience. Identify underperforming areas needing improvement and use these insights to shape stronger content and outreach moving forward.

Tip Save time with AI tools like Hookle, which consolidate key analytics across networks into a simple, user-friendly view, as shown in the picture above. Better yet, Hookle generates a single Social Score, enabling you to assess the health of all your accounts right from the dashboard in a blink of an eye.

8. Stay Consistent

Stay Consistent with Hookle

Hookle automatic reminders

Jumping on social media once in a blue moon won’t cut it. Building a sustainable presence requires consistency. Commit to engaging daily, even if you’re outsourcing some content creation. Maintain momentum by scheduling social media posts in advance as we talked about above.

Building a sustainable presence requires consistency

Tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Hookle simplify content planning, allowing automatic publishing at the optimal time for your audience. This eliminates the need for daily manual sharing, resulting in significant efficiency gains.

Furthermore, Hookle's notification feature automatically reminds you, for instance, if you've been inactive for a while and offers tips on what to post next.

9. Leverage AI Tools


Hookle AI Smart content suggestion

As an entrepreneur, there are only so many hours in the day for you to complete your ever-growing to-do list. AI platforms enabling you to do more with less are game-changers.

AI platforms enabling you to do more with less are game-changers

AI tools like ChantGPT and Hookle can significantly simplify your social media marketing efforts. With ChatGPT, generating ideas and content becomes effortless, while Hookle creates engaging social posts - complete with emojis, hashtags, and images - with just a click of a button. It also automates publishing to all your social networks. Moreover, Hookle allows you to manage all your social media content in one place - from initial post inspiration to publishing across various networks.

Leveraging these AI tools not only saves you time but also ensures a consistent and effective social media presence.



Photo by Hookle

In the world of solopreneurship, managing every aspect of your business, including social media marketing, can be overwhelming. But solopreneurs and freelancers can gain an authentic social media presence despite limited resources by focusing on value-driven engagement.

To navigate this challenge, employ quick, high-impact tactics, working smarter, not harder. Focus on clear goals and a defined target audience. Craft quality, valuable content and repurpose it strategically. Leverage hashtags effectively, and, crucially, schedule your content in advance. With AI tools like Hookle, a solopreneur-focused app, you can simplify your social media management, ensuring consistency and freeing up valuable time for other priorities in your business.

Download Hookle today and start implementing these practical tips right away!

<![CDATA[How to Get More Views on TikTok: 10 Tactics to Try]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/how-to-get-more-views-on-tiktok-10-tactics-to-try654ab9b1b20c7893d294c5e4Sat, 11 Nov 2023 19:24:52 GMTHookleHow-to-get-more-views-on-TikTok

Photo by cottonbro studio via Canva


  1. Understand the TikTok Algorithm
  2. Create a Content Strategy
  3. Create Content That Resonates With Your Audience
  4. Be Authentic
  5. Do Hashtag Research
  6. Engage and Reply to Comments
  7. Explore Different Content Types
  8. Use Popular Music and Jump on Viral Trending Audio
  9. Leverage Automated Social Media Planners
  10. Create a Lot of Content and Use AI

>>> Ready to Get More Views on TikTok?

It’s no secret that TikTok has taken the world by storm. This short-form video platform has become a major marketing tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are using it to reach a wide variety of audiences, increase engagement, and build brand awareness.

So if you’re ready to get more views on TikTok, our team of experts at Hookle has got you covered. In this article, we’ll cover 10 key tips to success on TikTok to help you grow your small business presence online.

1. Understand the TikTok Algorithm


Photo by studioroman via Canva

Understanding the TikTok algorithm is key for businesses wanting to succeed on the platform.

The main factor in TikTok's algorithm is its ‘For You’ page, which is tailored to each user based on their preferences and viewing history.

Pay attention to what type of videos perform well and focus on creating similar

This means that if a user watches one type of video, they are likely to see more videos like it as part of their personalized feed. Businesses should therefore pay attention to what type of videos perform well for them and focus on creating similar content to maximize reach.

2. Create a Content Strategy


Photo by cacaroot via Canva

Creating a content strategy is essential for businesses to get the best out of their TikTok campaigns. The first and minimum step in this process should be creating a content plan that outlines what type of videos you want to create, when they will be posted, and how often.

Define at least what type of videos you want to create, when they will be posted, and how often

This helps ensure consistency across all posts and allows you to track progress as you scale your TikTok audience.

3. Create Content That Resonates With Your Audience


Video by @anna.digital.factor on TikTok

This creator is a great example, as she has a clear understanding of her target audience of women who want to leave their 9-5 jobs and start digital marketing. Her videos get thousands of views each time and often go viral, as she touches on their pain points and the solution to them in all of her content.

Creating content that resonates with your audience is essential for small business owners to succeed when it comes to TikTok marketing. Understanding who your target demographic is and what type of content they are interested in should be the first step when planning your campaign. Knowing your audience like the back of your hand will help increase your TikTok views when you create content that speaks to them directly.

4. Be Authentic

Be Authentic

Video by @luxehomedecorltd on TikTok

This small business owner shows up authentically on TikTok by creating a video that shows her most challenging order to date.

Being authentic is an essential element for businesses wanting to succeed on social media

Being authentic is an essential element for businesses wanting to succeed on social media — especially TikTok. When creating content, it’s important to stay true to your brand and showcase the values that make it unique. Authenticity should be reflected in both visual elements as well as narrative within videos. This will help you build a strong connection with viewers as they get a better understanding of what makes your business stand out from others in its industry.

5. Do Hashtag Research


Video by @cesocialco on TikTok

Utilizing the right hashtags to reach your target demographic helps ensure content reaches its intended viewers while also increasing visibility across the platform. This can be done by researching relevant trends within your industry, as well as what types of posts are currently trending on TikTok.

To maximize effectiveness, focus on hashtags that accurately describe your video

When it comes to hashtag usage, less is more. Using excessive amounts of unrelated tags will only make it difficult for users to find content related to their interests which can reduce your visibility. To maximize effectiveness, focus on creating concise hashtags that accurately describe videos posted. This increases your chances of appearing in search results when users look up particular terms associated with your brand, product, or service offerings. Cesocialco has created an excellent tutorial for you to find popular hashtags for your small business. She recommends using tools like copy.ai and Facebook Business Tools to research trending keywords for your particular niche and streamline the process.

6. Engage and Reply to Comments


Video by @unicuteco on TikTok

This entrepreneur is an excellent example of what to do when engaging with her followers. She responds to every single comment and answers questions about her product, which helps boost engagement and gain more views.

By responding to feedback from viewers, your small business can show appreciation to your loyal customers while also better understanding what type of content resonates best with your target demographic. Engaging with followers also helps build trust between your brand and consumers — creating strong relationships that lead to higher engagement levels.

Focus on meaningful conversations that help further the conversation around topics covered in campaigns or relevant trends within the industry.

7. Explore Different Content Types


Video by @jakepolino on TikTok

Behind-the-scenes video like the above is great for getting more TikTok views. They provide an inside look at your company’s operations, giving viewers a better understanding of how things work while also allowing them to get a glimpse of unique aspects that make it stand out from competitors. You may even want to consider creating a “Day in the Life” video as this small business owner did (it went viral!). This can show the day-to-day activities that are happening within your organization and help build trust.

Exploring different content types is a great way to engage with followers on TikTok and increase viewership rates.

8. Use Popular Music and Jump on Viral Trending Audio


Photo by @thathotaudio on TikTok

Be sure to follow creators who post trending audios so you can take the guesswork out of what songs to use.

Using popular music and jumping on viral trending audios can be a great way to increase your TikTok views. Leveraging current musical trends helps businesses capture the attention of viewers as they’re already familiar with the song playing in the background. This not only makes it easier to connect with desired audiences but also increases your chance of content being shared amongst friends or family members — leading to higher engagement levels.

9. Leverage Automated Social Media Planners

Leverage Automated Social Media Planners

Photo by Hookle

Leverage social media planners such as Hookle which is a user-friendly app designed for streamlined TikTok marketing, offering a convenient hub to oversee your business's various social networks efficiently.

Hookle's Planner module allows you to effortlessly strategize, share, and automate content

Catering to the needs of busy entrepreneurs and small business proprietors, Hookle's Planner module allows you to effortlessly strategize, share, and automate content across all your social media platforms using a single, seamless interface.

10. Create a Lot of Content and Use AI


Hookle AI Smart Content Suggestion

Creating a substantial amount of content is key. TikTok suggests posting 1-4 times per day, and to maintain growth and momentum, it's beneficial to share content frequently.

One effective strategy is to batch-create content, ensuring you have a surplus to post for a week or two before requiring more. At a minimum, aim to post daily, and if possible, increase your posting frequency to maximize your TikTok account's views. Consider utilizing a social media content calendar to plan your TikTok content in advance for added organization.

Generating ideas can be challenging, but AI tools like ChatGPT and Hookle can assist. ChatGPT helps you create content across various topics and offers ideas for your next posts. Hookle, on the other hand, not only automates your posts but also generates compelling social content and captions with a single click. These tools are a huge time-saver.

Ready to Get More Views on TikTok?

Ready to Get More Views on TikTok?

Photo by Hookle

Ready to increase your TikTok views? Implement the tips and examples mentioned above, covering everything from setting up your content strategy to being authentic and posting frequently.

Remember to explore AI-powered tools, such as Hookle, to effortlessly enhance your business visibility. Simplify content creation, schedule posts efficiently, and connect with your audience. Download Hookle now and boost your TikTok presence today!

<![CDATA[December Social Media Calendar 2023]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/december-social-media-calendar-20236507fa8a2033bf1f85100790Thu, 09 Nov 2023 17:57:57 GMTHookleDecember-Social-Media-Calendar-2023

Photo by Yevgen Busuk via Canva


  1. December 1st: World AIDS Day
  2. December 3rd: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  3. December 4th: National Cookie Day
  4. December 10th: Human Rights Day
  5. December 11th: International Mountain Day
  6. December 14th: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day
  7. December 15th: National Ugly Sweater Day
  8. December 21st: Winter Solstice
  9. December 23rd: Festivus
  10. December 24-25th: Christmas
  11. December 26th: Boxing Day
  12. December 26th: National Thank You Note Day
  13. December 27th: World Tourism Day
  14. December 28th: National Good Neighbor Day
  15. December 31st: New Year's Eve

Bonus tip : Schedule Your December Posts in Advance

December is a festive and reflective month, heralding the year's end with celebration and cheer. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, it's a pivotal time to maintain a strong connection with their audience through captivating and pertinent content.

December is a pivotal time to maintain a strong connection with their audience through captivating content

Amidst the prominent individual holidays, December offers opportunities to engage in weekly events such as Hanukkah (December 10-18) and Kwanzaa (December 26 to January 1).

Hanukkah, known as the Festival of Lights, marks a significant Jewish celebration—embracing the miracle of the menorah and the symbolic triumph of light over darkness. Don't forget to utilize #Hanukkah #FestivalOfLights to enhance your content's visibility.

On the other hand, Kwanzaa reveres African heritage, unity, and culture. It's a time to share the fundamental principles of Kwanzaa and advocate for unity and purpose within the community. Make your content stand out with hashtags like #Kwanzaa #AfricanHeritage to amplify its reach.

In this article, we've meticulously curated a comprehensive list of holidays and events to aid you in crafting a compelling social media strategy for December 2023. Let's make the most of this joyful and festive month!

December 1st: World AIDS Day


Photo by Chinnapong via Canva

World AIDS Day is a day to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, show support for those living with the disease, and remember those who have passed away. Let's spread awareness and encourage regular testing for a healthier world. And remember to use #WorldAIDSDay #HIVAwareness to spread the word.

December 3rd: International Day of Persons with Disabilities


Photo by FatCamera via Canva

This day aims to promote the rights and well-being of people with disabilities. Let's celebrate their contributions to society and advocate for an inclusive world. Don't forget hashtags #IDPD #InclusionMatters in your posts.

December 4th: National Cookie Day


Photo by Michael Kim via Canva

Who doesn't love cookies? Share your favorite cookie recipes, and baking tips, or simply enjoy some tasty treats. Let's celebrate this sweet day along with #CookieDay #SweetTreats hashtags!

December 10th: Human Rights Day


Photo by Jacob Lund via Canva

Advocate for equality, justice, and dignity for all on this day. Let's stand up for human rights and promote a world where every person is treated with respect with the hashtags #HumanRightsDay #EqualityForAll.

December 11th: International Mountain Day


Photo by John Callery via Canva

A day to appreciate the beauty of mountains and advocate for sustainable development and conservation. Share stunning mountain views and eco-friendly tips. Use the following hashtags #MountainDay #NatureLovers to get some more attention.

December 14th: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day


Photo by cacaroot via Canva

Join us in celebrating Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day - a day to highlight and promote sustainable business practices. Let's inspire a future where entrepreneurship thrives while respecting and preserving our planet along with hashtags #SustainableEntrepreneurshipDay #SustainableBusiness.

December 15th: National Ugly Sweater Day


Photo by Syda Productions via Canva

Get into the holiday spirit by donning your most festive, quirky sweaters. Share photos and engage your audience with a fun-filled day of fashion. Don't forget the hashtags #UglySweaterDay #HolidaySpirit.

December 21st: Winter Solstice


Photo by Arne Martin Guettler via Canva

The shortest day of the year and a time to embrace the longer nights. Share cozy moments, traditions, and welcome the return of light with these hashtags #WinterSolstice #EmbraceTheDarkness.

December 23rd: Festivus


Photo by Manuel Chincilla via Canva

A lighthearted and humorous holiday. Share the "Airing of Grievances" or engage in the "Feats of Strength." Let's have some fun and share a good laugh! Find more information about Festivus and remember to use these hashtags on your social posts #Festivus #SeinfeldTradition.

December 24 - 25th: Christmas


Photo by Sarsmis via Canva

Spread the joy and magic of Christmas by sharing festive content, holiday traditions, and warm wishes with your audience. May your day be merry and bright! Use the following hashtags #Christmas #JoyToTheWorld to get more eyeballs to your content.

December 26th: Boxing Day


Photo by Rimmabondarenko via Canva

In many countries, Boxing Day is a time for giving back and helping those in need. Encourage acts of kindness and generosity in the spirit of the season along with these hashtags #BoxingDay #GiveBack.

December 26th: National Thank You Note Day


Photo by Makhbubakhon via Canva

Encourage gratitude and appreciation by sending thank-you notes and expressing gratitude to those who have made a difference in your life. To get more attention to your post, use the following hashtags #ThankYouNoteDay #GratitudeJourney.

December 27th: World Tourism Day


Photo by Studioroman via Canva

On World Tourism Day, let's embrace the beauty of our world. Travel not only for leisure but also for learning and understanding diverse cultures.

Respect the places you visit, support local businesses, and leave a positive footprint

Respect the places you visit, support local businesses, and leave a positive footprint. Together, we can ensure the beauty of travel lasts for generations. Remember to spread the word using hashtags #WorldTourismDay #ResponsibleTravel #LoveTraveling.

December 28th: National Good Neighbor Day


Photo by vladans via Canva

Today, let's celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and community. National Good Neighbor Day reminds us of the importance of being good neighbors, fostering kindness, and building strong bonds with those who live nearby. Reach out, lend a helping hand, or simply share a friendly smile. Small gestures can make a big difference. Hashtags such as #GoodNeighborDay #CommunityMatters will bring more attention for sure.

December 31st: New Year's Eve


Photo by AlexRaths via Canva

As the year comes to a close, share your reflections, goals, and hopes for the upcoming year. Celebrate the end of a chapter and the start of a new one! Use these hashtags #NewYearsEve #Goodbye2023 to reach more audiences.

Schedule Your December Posts in Advance


Photo by Hookle

Incorporating these holidays and events into your December social media calendar can add variety and engagement to your content. Remember to tailor your posts to resonate with your audience and align with your brand's message.

If you're struggling with brainstorming, let AI assist you. Tools like ChatGPT generate a variety of content, while apps like Hookle craft compelling social media posts.

With Hookle, you can seamlessly schedule posts across all your social channels in advance

With Hookle, a single click can generate an AI-curated social media post, which can then be seamlessly scheduled across all your social channels in advance. You can also customize the post for each channel, if necessary. This efficiency will save you valuable time, enabling you to focus on your business's core priorities.

But don't just take our word for it - experience it firsthand! Download Hookle today and transform your social media marketing like never before. Happy posting!

<![CDATA[11 Strategies for Small Businesses to Find Paying Clients on LinkedIn]]>https://www.hookle.net/post/linkedin-marketing-for-small-businesses-10-client-acquisition-tactics6536ab935f9957ac706e57c2Sun, 29 Oct 2023 09:49:31 GMTHookleLinkedIn-Marketing-for-Small-Businesses-10-Client-Acquisition-Tactics

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  1. Work on Your Profile
  2. Grow Your Network
  3. Join LinkedIn Groups
  4. Share Valuable Content
  5. Spotlight Your Products and Services
  6. Use Hashtags
  7. Go to Job Listings
  8. Send InMail Messages
  9. Show Your Accomplishments
  10. Ask for Referrals
  11. Harness AI to Skyrocket Your Productivity

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LinkedIn stands out as the most powerful platform for professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to connect and grow. It's home to small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and industry decision-makers. Unlike traditional social media, LinkedIn is all about business, making it easier to find customers. But how can you connect and find clients on LinkedIn? This article presents tested and proven strategies.

LinkedIn stands out for professional networking and growth

In the realm of B2B interactions on social media, LinkedIn leads the way. With its professional appeal, it's the go-to platform for corporations, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Remarkably, about 61 million users turn to LinkedIn for job hunting each week, and the platform boasts over 922 million users.

If you aim to secure paying clients for your business on LinkedIn, you need the right marketing tactics. Here, we explore 11 tactics to help small businesses establish their presence and profit on LinkedIn.

1. Work on Your Profile


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Your profile is the first thing your potential LinkedIn client will see before even seeing your work. If you have a mediocre profile, they’ll just view it and walk away. So, if you’re wondering why you get so many profile views but no one contacts you, you have your answer.

Make your LinkedIn profile more professional and completing it 100%

You should start by making your LinkedIn profile more professional and completing it 100%. Make sure you have a professional headshot, a killer headline, and a clear description of what you do.

2. Grow Your Network


Photo by LinkedIn on LinkedIn

LinkedIn connections are a powerful way to meet new people and connect on LinkedIn as well as other social media channels. Through your connections, you might be lucky enough to land a few customers. However, don’t send connection requests to anyone you come across, and accept all connections that come your way.

Try to be more specific and connect with people in your industry

Try to be more specific and connect with people in your industry. If you’re in the digital marketing industry, try looking for connections related to that. Another way to grow your LinkedIn connections is to find companies you’re interested in working with and connect with key players in the company.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups


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Joining groups is another effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for entrepreneurs and small businesses. LinkedIn groups are target-based, and you have a high chance of finding many people in your industry using specific groups. Find those groups that align with your profession and field of expertise. In the groups, you will get insights on how to grow your business and stand a chance of getting noticed by clients.

Don’t be dormant in these LinkedIn groups if you want to get noticed. Share valuable content, comment on other people’s posts, and socialize.

4. Share Valuable Content


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Creating and sharing content on LinkedIn is a wonderful way to prove that you’re an expert in the industry and have something to offer. Share your knowledge with potential clients and business owners in the industry.

LinkedIn gives you three different ways to share content. You can do that through posts, articles, and LinkedIn likes. Make sure you share valuable and quality content if you want to attract prospects.

5. Spotlight Your Products and Services

Spotlighting Your Products and Services

Product page of Hookle on LinkedIn

As part of your LinkedIn Marketing strategy, you should highlight the distinct products or services that your small business provides. Regular updates on both your profile and your business-focused pages can help improve your brand recognition and promote your offerings on LinkedIn.

6. Use Hashtags


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Using LinkedIn hashtags is a wonderful way to get noticed on LinkedIn. Use hashtags in your posts, profile, or comments. With appropriate hashtags, LinkedIn algorithms to classify your content and make it easy for people to find you.

Popular hashtags elevates your LinkedIn marketing campaigns and extends the reach

Popular hashtags can elevate your LinkedIn marketing campaigns and extend your reach. They make it easy for your content and profile to appear in searches. Be careful not to use hashtags that are too general, as that will make it hard for you to appear on searches.

Tip: discover more about using hashtags across social media platforms in our blog post How to Use Hashtags on Social Media.

7. Go to Job Listings


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Job listings might be competitive, but they are still the quickest and most effective way of finding clients. There are many jobs listed every day that you can apply for. So, instead of waiting for clients to come to you, you can proactively search for them.

To make this even easier, you can allow LinkedIn to email you whenever there are new job posts in your profession. You can also use various tools to filter through the jobs posted on LinkedIn, so you don’t waste too much time searching for suitable opportunities.

8. Send InMail Messages


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It’s unfortunate that LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to send messages to clients you’re not connected with. But with LinkedIn Premium, that’s possible. Depending on your plan, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to send a certain number of InMail messages.

Take advantage of this to reach the customers you’re not connected to and pitch your business. Learn some tips to win clients through LinkedIn InMail messages before you start, so you don’t waste your efforts.

9. Show Your Accomplishments


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Accomplishments are the biggest calling cards for entrepreneurs. You will find clients on LinkedIn easily if you can show them what you’ve done and what you’ve achieved.

Accomplishments are the biggest calling cards for entrepreneurs

Yes, show clients your achievements to inspire them to work with you. If you recently completed a course that you’re proud of, show your certificates. If you’ve won a big client, tell your connections about it.

10. Ask for Referrals


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Do you see those clients you’ve worked with? They have connections that also need the services you provide. They might not talk about you if you don’t ask them to.

So, don’t feel shy about asking your previous clients for LinkedIn referrals. If you did a good job, they’d be more than ready to send more business your way. You can also ask them to leave you a review on LinkedIn.

11. Harness AI to Skyrocket Your Productivity


Hookle AI Smart content suggestion

AI's significance is on the rise. By utilizing platforms like ChatGPT or Hookle, you can easily leverage AI for creating engaging social posts.

With Hookle, you can additionally schedule these posts across various social platforms, including LinkedIn and even Google Business Profile, ensuring your profiles remain consistently active and engaging.

Let LinkedIn + Hookle Work for Your Business

Let LinkedIn + Hookle Work for Your Business

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LinkedIn is the best thing that can happen to your business if you use it well. With the LinkedIn marketing strategies in this post, you can grow your network, find clients, and double your revenue with this powerful platform. But doing this is not as simple as 123, especially if you’re juggling other aspects of running your business.

With Hookle, your LinkedIn strategies will be simple and easy

You need an app that can help you leverage the power of LinkedIn without straining. Hookle is here to help you schedule LinkedIn posts and utilize AI for engaging LinkedIn content. With Hookle, your LinkedIn strategies will be simple and easy.

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