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Keeping Up on Socials as an Airbnb Host – With Some Help from Hookle


Karen Castranova shines in entrepreneurship, showcasing creativity, resilience, and social media savvy. Managing a diverse range of businesses since the 1990s, her journey is a testament to innovation and adaptability.

Karen's entrepreneurial journey soared with Sugar the Clown, a venture that entertained children alongside her daughter Spice, gaining local fame and securing their own cable TV show. Karen also taught horseback riding to around 300 children and ventured into digital marketing to elevate local business visibility.

In 2015, Karen inaugurated an art gallery. She curated numerous art shows, serving as a platform to promote local artists at various venues. Alongside these endeavors, Karen also spearheads a Farmer's market, showcasing her own products such as pepper jellies, apple butter, and tallow skin cream. Additionally, she excels as an Airbnb superhost, renting out a cabin, which we will focus on here.


Karen Castranova

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Social Media

Karen identifies time management, especially for effective social media marketing while managing multiple businesses, as her most significant challenge. Yet, she has masterfully navigated this hurdle through her creative mindset and by seizing every opportunity that comes her way.


AirBnB Cabin and Karen's homemade products

Social media marketing is pivotal to Karen's business strategy. She emphasizes the importance of crafting relevant hashtags and maintains an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, posting updates twice a week for her businesses.


Colorado Cabin Escape Website

Harnessing the Power of Hookle

With 13 accounts connected to Hookle, Karen skillfully manages her multiple businesses, including the Colorado Cabin Escape, by advertising them across her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She praises Hookle's AI input and hashtags feature as particularly beneficial for her social media strategy.

Karen explains her daily routine, "Normally, I work on production in the morning, handle social media in the afternoon unless I have a farmers market, which occurs 5 days a week in the summer. The rest of the year, there are indoor markets on weekends, usually Saturdays. I have to check texts, Facebook messages, emails, and AirBNB bookings all day and into the night."

We schedule nature-themed content on our cabin's social media, and Hookle makes it easy for us!

Karen adds, "Since we reside on a ranch in Colorado, our concept for cabin rentals revolves around providing guests with a genuine Colorado cabin escape. Here, they can detach from the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the serene sounds of nature, such as the howls of coyotes. That's why we primarily schedule nature and environment-related posts and videos on our social media feeds. And Hookle makes it easy for us!"


Post by coloradocabinescape on Instagram


Post by coloradocabinescape on Instagram

Hookle AI Assistant: User-Friendly and Effective!

As mentioned, Hookle's AI assistant is a marvel of simplicity and effectiveness. With just a click, we can access ready-made posts tailored to our needs. No more struggling for words or starting from scratch. Hookle does it all in seconds.

No more struggling for words or starting from scratch. Hookle does it all in seconds

Karen adds with a touch of humor, "In today's fast-paced digital world, time is truly invaluable, even for our cabin marketing, which ironically aims to help people detach themselves from the online world almost completely 😁. Thanks to Hookle, keeping our social channels vibrant has never been simpler. With Hookle's AI writer, content creation has become a breeze."

Advice on Social Media for Small Businesses

Karen discovered Hookle through a recommendation from her artist friend, and has since harnessed its capabilities to streamline her social media efforts. She advises fellow entrepreneurs to post regularly, ideally once a week, and to schedule posts strategically to maximize visibility without overwhelming their audience.

Karen Castranova's story is a vibrant illustration of how diverse interests, when pursued with passion and strategic use of digital tools, can lead to a fulfilling and successful entrepreneurial journey. Her advice to fellow entrepreneurs to embrace social media and strategically plan their content highlights the importance of adaptability and engagement in today's digital age.

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