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7 Tips on How to Craft Relatable Social Media Content for Your Small Business


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Bonus tip 💡: Use AI


"Relatable content" is one of those buzzy phrases that has been used so much, that it’s almost lost all meaning. What makes something relatable and what are quick strategies entrepreneurs can use to relate better to their business’s followers?


That’s exactly what we’ll answer in this article with 7 practical tips on how to craft relatable content for your small business as well as real-life examples to inspire your next social media moves. Let’s dive in.


1. Put Your Audience First


What makes something a piece of “relatable content” is entirely relative to the audience you’re targeting. For example, GoPro’s audience will relate to a very different type of content than Dior’s.

What makes something relatable is entirely relative to the audience you’re targeting

The advantage that small business entrepreneurs have is that their audiences tend to be quite niche and thus, easier to research and understand. The post above, from the NYC-based store Madame Matovu Vintage is a perfect example of this.


It’s a very simple post sharing a customer who came in and the way she styled a newly purchased piece. However, the likes and comments the post garnered prove just how much it resonated with the fashion-forward audience of this small business. Sometimes the simplest way to craft relatable content is by putting your audience’s interests and curiosities first.


2. Write the Way Your Audience Talks


Here’s a fantastic example of this from The Local Branch, a small leather goods company. One of the fastest ways to make your content more relatable is by writing captions that sound the way your audience speaks.


To create conversational, easy-to-read captions like this, give yourself time to read them aloud before posting. That way you can hear whether it sounds natural or not and even play with using colloquialisms here and there for added effect.


If this sounds time-consuming, don’t worry. Our AI content tools at Hookle can be used to suggest content ideas and save you time on scheduling posts. Let's delve deeper into AI later in this article.


3. Speak Directly to Your Customers


A challenge for any online-based small business is cutting down the barriers of social media and connecting with customers on a human level. A simple way for entrepreneurs to do this and relate to audiences better is to simply speak directly to them.

Connect with your audience more effectively by speaking directly to them

In the example above, the CEO and founder of a small toy business gives a special shoutout to a supportive customer. She speaks directly to the camera, without any fluff, and in doing so, relates to her audience in a very personal and effective way.


4. Share a Behind-The-Scenes Look



Great example above. Again, relatable content is all about showing the human or “real” side of things. An easy way for small businesses to put this into action is by sharing behind-the-scenes looks at how their products are made and the people who make it all possible.

Behind-the-scene can be as simple as a quick office tour, or an order being packaged up

We do want to note though that small business behind-the-scenes can be as simple as a quick office tour, or a video of an order being packaged up. Any glimpse behind the polish of a final product gives your audience the feeling that they’re getting a special look behind the curtains and as a result, allows them to relate to your business more.


5. Get Specific When Addressing Pain Points


Look at how this jewelry business connects to their audience through a problem that their community has specifically asked for help with.

Ask followers what their pain points are and give insight on how to solve them

A great way to leverage the niche audience that small businesses usually have is by asking followers what their pain points are and giving insight on how to solve them.

6. Share User Generated Content



Sometimes the fastest route to relating to your audience is by showing them back to themselves. Consider this post from Levain Bakery.


A formal video showing off their new product would have been one thing. But it’s so much more believable and relatable coming from a real live customer.


7. Include Heart and Humor


Memes, GIFs, and silly spoofs like the post below from Surreal, are all surefire ways to get a laugh from your audience and in doing so, come across as more relatable.


On the flip side, you can go all in on showing the heart of your brand. Check out this moving  video from DGK below.


Whether you tug on heartstrings or get your audience giggling, it helps show off your brand’s softer side. What’s more relatable than that?

Bonus Tip: Use AI



To enhance the efficiency of your social media content creation and publishing, leverage AI tools like ChatGPT or Hookle. ChatGPT can generate any content or diverse ideas, while Hookle automates the creation and publishing of engaging social posts with a single click.

Hookle employs AI for content creation to scheduling, enabling small businesses to craft relatable content more efficiently with improved engagement.

Download Hookle today for free!

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Social media marketing in your pocket.

For small businesses. Download Hookle and get started for free.

Social media marketing in your pocket.

Download Hookle and get started for free.

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