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20 Engaging Ideas for What to Post on Twitter

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

20 Engaging Ideas for What to Post on Twitter with help of Hookle

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Most small business owners understand the importance of being present on social media. After all, no matter what you sell or do, the chances are that it’s where your ideal audience hangs out.

Of course, knowing that you need to post and understanding what to post are two completely different things. So, if you’re in search of inspiration and want to take your tweet game to a whole new level, try some of the highly engaging ideas outlined below.

Why It’s Important to Be on Twitter

As touched on already, one of the most vital elements of any small business, at least in terms of marketing, is ensuring you’re where your audience is. Twitter boasts 206 million monetizable users every single day. That means that one person in 38 is on the platform each day, taking the entire world into account.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to any business. Twitter is social media, after all, and most users are under 29 years of age and reside in urban areas. If that demographic fits your business model, it’s a no-brainer.

The audience is clearly there, so it’s all about grabbing their attention, making them fans of your brand, and turning them into paying customers.

How Often Should You Post on Twitter?

Twitter is unique among its social media contemporaries. On platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, one post a day, or even just a couple each week, can be sufficient to reach people. However, the nature of the feeds on each platform means they’re highly likely to stumble across it eventually.

Twitter is different. Feeds move faster than on any other social network, and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle with a daily post.

If you want to take the platform seriously and stand the best chance of reaching your audience, it’s best to push your tweet volume comfortably into double figures. If you’ve got enough to say, thirty tweets a day aren’t unheard of – and the tips below can help you fill that quota.

How to Easily Create and Schedule Tweets

Tweeting thirty times a day sounds like a full-time job. Between coming up with ideas, breaking concentration, and whatever else you’re doing at the time, it’s an unenviable and likely impossible task.

Fortunately, much of corporate Twitter is smoke and mirrors. You don’t need a social media intern, nor do you have to put off the accounts to tell everyone what you had for breakfast. Instead, you can use a tool to do it for you.

Social media management tools like Hookle taps directly into your Twitter account and makes it almost impossibly easy to check weeks or even months of social media activity off your to-do list in no time at all. Create, schedule, and post not only to Twitter but all your accounts with just a few taps.

Why You Should Utilize Twitter Search

Before going into what you should post on Twitter let's find out why you should take advantage of using Twitter search.

There are many ways to use search on Twitter, for the basic stuff or then using the advanced search. You can find Tweets from yourself, friends, and businesses, and basically everyone. By searching for topic keywords or hashtags, you can follow conversations, breaking news, interests related to your business.

So, Twitter search is powerful tool for small businesses to get ideas from other's examples and tweets.

Then again Advanced Search is a greatly efficient because you can easily find in more detail new customers and search someone's tweets. Here is more how to use Twitter Advanced Search.

Here’s What You Should Be Posting on Twitter

So, we move swiftly on to what you should post. You might be tempted by the idea of posting thirty times each day but might not have considered that this adds up to around 900 posts each month! You could be forgiven for running out of ideas before you’ve even had one, but we’re on hand to help get those creative juices flowing.

Most importantly of all, with these strategies, you’ll grow and influence your audience rather than posting in an attempt to stay relevant. The proof is in the pudding, and you’ll see the impact of your efforts in real-time and easily example with Hookle’s statistics.

1. Customer Testimonials

You could use all your daily posts to tell people how great your company is. However, it won’t take long before your braggadocious claims start to fall on deaf ears. It’s your company – of course, you think it’s great!

Far better is impartial feedback from someone wholly unrelated. Use Twitter to invite feedback. If someone tags your brand in a positive tweet, retweet it. If it’s particularly exciting feedback, tweet the poster and ask if you can build a tweet around it. Bingo! You’ve created a stronger connection with a passionate follower, and your next post is ready to go.

2. Product Teasers

People love being in the know early. They’re also more inclined to buy something in the future if they’ve seen it before, particularly on Twitter.

When you’ve got something exciting coming up, build suspense with a teaser tweet. Don’t give everything away either. Most people will look forward to finding out more, and that’s always a boost to your follower count.

3. Multi-Image Posts

Tweet multi-images on twitter

It’s no coincidence that many of the successful social networks that launched after Twitter have focused on visuals. The likes of Snapchat – even if it claims not to be a social network – and TikTok really take the idea that a picture paints a thousand words seriously.

While more closely associated with character limits than images, there are plenty of ways to deploy multiple images in a single tweet, and they’re great for engagement. Why paint a thousand words when you can paint 5,000?

4. Humor

Example of a humor tweet for social media content with Hookle

The days of faceless companies are, thankfully, somewhat behind us. Modern brands need personality, and the good news is that the internet loves jokes and memes. The crucial piece of advice here is to read the room. Always ask yourself if something’s funny. If it is, great, post away! If it’s not, well, Twitter users can be savage, and there’s always a risk your brand becomes the joke – at least for a few minutes until everyone moves on to something else.

If in doubt, borrow from elsewhere. They say there’s an app for everything. We can assure you there’s a meme for every situation. Years ago, they might have been viewed as unprofessional. Nowadays, they’re all part of the fun.

5. Twitter Polls

There’s not all that much customization built into Twitter’s posting interface, so polls can be a great break from the norm. They’re also really flexible. Sometimes, you just want to hit your post quota for the week and have some fun. Other times, you really want to know what your audience thinks about a particular subject.

In those cases, boom, you’ve managed an engaging tweet and a dash of market research in one fell swoop.

6. Industry News

Small businesses can’t get away with acting like the rest of the world doesn’t exist anymore. By logging into Twitter, you’ve already accepted you’re not in a bubble, and the competition is only ever a couple of clicks away.

When things happen in your industry, show people you’re interested and on top of things! Retweet, comment and provide an opinion. If it’s something bad, show how your business puts a positive spin on it. If it’s good, grab some of the attention!

7. New Content from Other Channels

Sure, you’re on Twitter. The chances are you’re on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn too. Did you know you can post to all of them at the same time?

@Wordfence example of a blog post tweet

@wordfence tweet example of a blog post on Twitter

Sorry, we got distracted for a moment. The point is, when you post in one place, don’t be afraid to tweet about it. Have you posted a new article to your blog? You want people to read it, right? Well, they need to know it’s there, and telling your Twitter audience all about it is a great place to start.

8. Big Events

Events can be a tricky subject in a post-pandemic world, although virtual ones are every bit as tweet-worthy as in-person ones. So if you’re holding an event and you want people to attend, Twitter is the perfect place to start.

Even if you or your team is attending someone else’s event, that’s interesting and engaging. Even a couple of replies saying, ‘see you there!’ can work wonders on the algorithm.

9. Your Take on Twitter Trends

One aspect of Twitter that sets it apart from other networks is its reliance on trending topics. In seconds, you know what people are talking about. So your brand shouldn’t be afraid to get involved in the conversation.

People are sat there watching dedicated feeds of these hashtags. Get your tone and message right, and you never know how many followers you might gain.

10. Educational Content Featuring Your Products

Twitter isn’t all about selling. Some brands don’t sell at all. So, where possible, you should try to sell… without selling. Educational content always performs well because when people learn something new, they want to educate others. In this case, that means a retweet at the very least.

If you sell food, tweet a recipe. If you sell car spares, tweet a guide to changing a tire. You get the idea.

11. Cliffhangers

When you have the power of tweet scheduling at your disposal, you won’t forget to finish the story. Leave people in suspense. Ask a question but wait with the answer. Tell a story but pause before you drop the plot twist. People are bound to follow, even if only because they want to see how the story ends!

12. Service Updates

If something goes wrong – or really well – it always pays to manage the narrative. Bad news is always better coming from you than from someone else. If deliveries will be late or your website is down head to Twitter immediately to keep people in the loop. They’ll thank you for it when everything’s back to normal, and you’ll build trust in the process.

Service Update tweet example by Roblox

@Roblox example of a service update tweet

13. Compelling Questions

If you want to know something about your audience, just ask! Many Twitter users are highly opinionated, and they don’t need a second invitation to make that opinion known. Answers come in the form of replies, and even if you don’t find out something to benefit your business, the sheer number of responses will do wonders on that all-important algorithm.

14. Opinions

Let’s return to personality for a moment. Many business owners aren’t brave enough to give their brand opinions. That’s not a criticism – sometimes sitting on the fence is the right decision. However, if your views alienate one person but build an unbreakable bond with another, we’d call that a net positive!

15. Retweets of Connected Accounts and Employees

And we’re back to the faceless business approach, or lack thereof. People don’t want to only visually identify with your brand through the logo. It might have worked in the old days, but think of the big, modern brands out there. Everyone knows what Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk look like. CEOs are the celebrities of the 21st century.

Retweet your personal account and your employees if it’s relevant to the business. If your business is big enough to operate sub-accounts under the main one, make sure to bring their best posts to the broader audience of the primary account.

16. Promos and Discounts

What’s a great way to gain a follower for life? Exclusive Twitter discounts! People love to get a deal, and if the only way they can do that is through Twitter, you bet they’ll keep checking back. So naturally, if you can discount your products and services and still make a tidy profit, you’ll probably appreciate the boost in sales too.

17. Memories

Have you noticed that most social media platforms and even photo storage apps have an “on this day” feature? People love a dash of nostalgia. You probably can’t get away with posting the identical thirty posts today as you did on the same day in 2020, but there’s no harm in reusing some of the hits.

18. Industry Interactions

We covered talking about industry news – don’t forget to spread the gospel in a B2B sense too. Sure, you don’t want to promote the competition, but nobody’s ever complained that their network was too big.

If someone in your industry tweets, go ahead and reply. Make the interaction whatever you want it to be – it could be a joke or an earnest opinion. Either way, you might strike a chord with their followers and acquire some for yourself.

19. Relevant Content on Notable Days

There are a lot of special days now, and we’re not talking birthdays. For example, did you know that the first Saturday of every February is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day? You probably know all about May 4 and the Star Wars reference, but how about International No Diet Day just two days later?

Most people don’t know about these days. Many probably don’t even care! However, if they’re funny, topical, and at least somewhat relevant, they’re good content!

20. Behind the Scenes Info

We’ve covered retweeting employees and adding personality. How about pulling back the curtain entirely? It doesn’t have to be frequent, but you can bet some of your audience wonders what goes on when the cameras are off. Do you have a unique supply chain or an unusual team-building strategy? Show off your assets in a Twitter-friendly way. When you’re short on inspiration, look for parts of your day that are standard practice for you but might cause a bit of a stir in a tweeted image or video.

💡 Bonus Tip - Scheduling Apps Make Your Social (Media) Life Easier

You don’t need to run before you can walk. Don’t make the magic “thirty posts a day” number your main takeaway from this. Instead, think about how often you tweet now.

Then, consider how quickly you can up that number. If it’s once a month, make it once a week. If it’s once a day, double it and go from there. You’ll have plenty of motivation once you see the increase in followers and engagements.

Most importantly of all, don’t feel like you have to do it alone. Scheduling apps, such as Hookle, are handy social media assistants. They make your life easier. Oh, and did we mention that most of them you can get started for free.

Download and get started with your Hookle App today to see how it works.

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For small businesses. Download Hookle and get started for free.

Social media marketing in your pocket.

Download Hookle and get started for free.

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