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How to use multi-image posting effectively

Updated: Feb 5

Social media is more visual than ever, and no firm can use it to its full potential without including images in their posts. Nowadays, most social media platforms allow you to include multiple images in a single post, letting you communicate more visual information in one go. But should you post multiple photos, and if so, when and how?

Social media is more visual than ever, and no firm can use it to its full potential without including images in their posts.

First, if you don’t have a good reason to post multiple images at once, sticking with one per post should be your go-to play.

Only the first image is typically shown to your followers when they are browsing the social platform, which means that the rest are only seen by those who actively go look for them. Many people are passive browsers and won’t be bothered going through the image carousel – and many people may not even notice that there is more than the first photo to see.

However, when used correctly, multi-image posting can give you new, effective ways to engage with your followers. A good rule of thumb is that the images should in some way work together to provide more engaging content than they would in isolation. Below are five great ways to use multi-image posting to increase your engagement.

1. Show multiple facets of an event, product, or person

This is the most common and easiest way to use the multi-image functionality. Simply take several photos of whatever it is you want to show your audience – an event your company attended, a new product or product line that you want to highlight, or a person you wish to introduce – and add them to the carousel.

This gives the interested followers more visual information than a single photo and increases their engagement, while keeping your feed from getting crammed by overly similar content.

2. Use the first image to get the attention, and the subsequent images to provide further information

Perhaps you want to communicate something a bit more complex, such as a new product or service, that is not easily communicated in one photo and may even need some explanation to be fully appreciated by your audience.

Instead of presenting your followers with a wall of text, you can start by showing them a “teaser” photo first – something that tells them that they should check out what you have to say. Then, add images containing text and photos that let them know the full story, with all the detail that you want them to know.

3. Show the progression of an exciting process

Many firms have loyal customers that would love to see how their favorite product is made, so make use of the multi-image to show them! The first image can let them know what you’re going to show them, with the subsequent images showing the process from the start to the finished product. You can also showcase other processes, like before and after photos of your service, or how your store looks through the changing of the seasons – the only limit is your imagination!

4. Guide your followers, step by step

Sometimes, the process that you want to show is a process that you want your customers to learn. Perhaps your website has a new exciting booking feature that you want showcase to your customers, or maybe your audience needs to see how easy-to-use your product really is to fully appreciate it. Whenever you want to post a step-by-step guide in your social channels, multi-image is the way to go!

5. Engage your followers’ brains with quizzes

A great way to promote active engagement with your content is to make your followers think. Ask an intriguing or thought-provoking question related to your business in one image, and provide an answer in the next. This gives your audience a reason to flip through your content and engage. Try to keep the quiz relevant to your business, and end it on a high note – maybe a call to action.

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