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8 Proven tips to get more social media followers

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

7 Proven Tips to Get More Social Media Followers - with Hookle



Nowadays, small businesses need to be online with a website and on social media with several accounts.


Because that’s where your audience is and therefore where your customers and clients are.

Why do you need to increase social media followers?

The more followers you have, the more people see your incredible business.

If people follow you, it’s because they like what you do or what you offer. Converting sales is so much easier when your audience is already eager to find out more.

So let’s go through 8 proven small business tips to get more social media followers:

1. Make your brand worth following

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people think just being ‘out there’ is enough to attract followers.

Tease your audience with content that makes them want to click through

Think of the brands you follow and why. Your brand account has to have content that catches a potential follower’s eye and have a lot of things to like and share.

  • Make sure your profile is filled out to give you substance and legitimacy.

  • Give your brand a story and make it personal. Put your photo in a prominent position.

  • Tease your audience with content that makes them want to click through.

2. Seek out other brands and influencers that align with yours and follow them

Don’t do it hoping to get follows back from them. Do it because their followers might follow you as well. You want your brand to be authentic so engage positively with the people and brands that reflect yours.

Like posts that resonate with you, share content that you think your followers will value, and comment where you can. People will be curious about you and go on to follow you.

3. Make it easy for people to find your content

Some people are Instagram addicts, others live on Facebook, some scroll Twitter on their breaks, and some focus on LinkedIn during the week.

So cross-post your content.

Someone may catch you on Facebook and then find you on Instagram because they liked your photos, or they’ll see your business profile on LinkedIn and decide to follow your Twitter handle.

Cast your net wide and post across all platforms, making sure you’ve placed your social media profiles on each platform. It will give you the best chance to get in front of new followers.

4. Post consistently but don’t resort to spam

If you only post once in a while, you quickly become irrelevant and followers don’t need much of a reason to unfollow you when there’s so much choice.

There is no hard-and-fast rule but follow the natural flow of each platform, so for instance Twitter and Instagram turn over content quickly, whereas Facebook and LinkedIn are a little slower and posts can hang around for a while.

Scheduling is a great way to keep your social channels active, so you should definitely try it out!

Some social media management tools have automatic reminders that help you to post consistently. Read more about how to stay active on social media when you are short on time.

In addition to scheduling, you can set up a recurring posts system, which is a massive time saver. You can set certain static posts, such as events or happy hours, to be automatically repeated so that you don't need to think about scheduling or posting them separately for months or even the rest of the year.

Post consistently but don’t resort to spam.

But don’t post poor content, just to try and stay in feeds. It will turn your followers off and tarnish your brand.