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How to use social media statistics to grow your business’s impact

Updated: Mar 17

When running a small business you don’t have a limitless budget or resources to promote your product or services. Luckily, thanks to the opportunities offered by digital marketing, you don’t have to. With a few easy steps, you can establish an online presence that helps you to reach your customers and communicate with them - without spending huge amounts of your budget on marketing.

Why establishing an online presence is essential

Nowadays when we are looking for a retailer or service provider, a shoemaker or barbershop, we most likely look for recommendations online. Besides your company website, you have two other options to make it easier for your customers and potential customers to find you online - social media and Google My Business profile.

A strong social media presence will help you to grow your customer base, communicate directly with your customers, remain relevant and gain organic traffic to your website. If your business does not have social media networks set up already, read more on how to choose the right channels for your business here.

Many consumers also make their buying decisions based on local searches. This means searching for a service or retailer near you locally through Google's services. To make your business easy to find for the customers in need and give it legitimacy, a Google My Business profile is a must. Read more on how to set up your free profile here.

Actions - What you put out to the world

Being online is the first step, but merely creating social profiles is not enough. Your potential customers want to learn more about your business and see timely information. Active social profiles are also an important sign for the customer - a social media profile with no activity or with outdated information is not a good look.

The Hookle App is created to help you to stay active online. The more you publish and share posts on social media and Google My Business, the higher are your actions and Social Splash score. Your actions are what you put out to the world, so make it count. With Hookle’s Social Splash dashboard, you can instantly see how your online activity can be compared to the past 30 days. If one of your channels has been inactive for a while, is probably a good time to let your followers to hear from you again.

Don’t know what to post next to your business’s social media profiles? Get 5 fresh content ideas here.

Reactions - How your customers communicate with you

Besides staying active online, you want to provide your followers' information and content they are happy to see. A good indicator of how well your content is received is your followers' reactions. Reactions are your followers' actions - the engagement of your posts. This means likes, comments, and shares of your posts. 

Higher reactions naturally tell you that the content you are posting is something your followers want to see. But there’s something you can learn event tough all of your posts would not do that great. Hookle makes learning from your reactions easy, by bringing all of your reactions to the same dashboard as your actions.

On your Social Splash dashboard, you can see the current status of your followers' reactions. The overall trend tells you how your content is received at the moment. You can also view your reactions per channel. This gives you important insights into your online presence. The channels with most reactions are most used amongst your followers. These are the channels you should definitely focus on. If you have channels with lesser reactions or a downward trend of engagement, it’s possible these channels do not work for your type of business. But instead of abandoning these channels straightaway, you should first try to do something different. Try a different type of content, text length, pictures and call to action. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what your audience is drawn to.

Want to see how your business is doing online? Connect your social networks to the Hookle App, and see instantly the status of your business’s online presence. Download Hookle now free here.