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Social Media Marketing Tips for Independent Distributors and Consultants

Social Media Marketing Tips for Independent Distributors and Consultants

Marketing is a central component of any business that wants to survive in the competitive market.



You can only have the kind of attention and presence you deserve if more and more people know about your business. To boost your traffic, it’s advisable to drive traffic to your website so that many can discover what you’ve for them.

One strategy to use in marketing is social media. Many businesses are harnessing the power of social media to bring their offerings to the attention of buyers. As an Independent distributor or consultant, you must carefully plan your content on social media platforms like Instagram and FB.

Who Are Independent Distributors and Consultants?

Mary Kay Beauty products can be distributed by Independent consultants

In most cases, these individuals or independent consultants apply to become partners to distribute the Brand's products. They choose to become Brand partners distribute the partner products in their own time and from their location.

You can distribute products like Mary Kay beauty products. Oriflame is another brand with beauty products that you can apply to distribute as an independent distributor. You can quickly gather your customer base for these products.

Yet another example is Herbalife, which products you can also distribute in the same way and establish a business of your own in no time.

Why is Social Media Important to Independent Distributors and Consultants?

The Covid 19 pandemic changed the way businesses relate to their customers. The numerous lockdowns and travel restrictions threw out the one-on-one mode of marketing.

So, the need for reaching consumers through social media quickly translated from being a luxury venture to a business survival tactic.

In essence, social media will drive traffic towards your site and make your business visible to would-be customers

Different social media platforms will put your business products where your customers and consumers can see them. The platforms will also help you engage with your clientele and prospective customers for more business. Read more here how to set up different social media platforms for your business.

In essence, social media will drive traffic towards your site and make your business visible to would-be customers.

Leveraging on Social Media to Promote Your Small Business

Are you new on social media? If you have recently launched your new business and are trying to figure a way to bring your story to your customers, don't worry—harness this vitality by;

  • Create business social media accounts in addition to personal accounts.

  • Use the business accounts to reach out to your target audience better.

  • Advertise your business through your business social media.

Most Distributor Brands also offer you training, guides, and different tools to make it easier for you to speed on social marketing and reach new customers.

Here are twelve tips on using social media to market your products as an independent consultant and distributor.


1. Create a Profile

Your first step towards social media product marketing is to create your profile.

Your first step towards social media product marketing is to create your profile

Many Distributor Brands, such as Oriflame, offer you a ready-made website or an online store. It is basically a copy of their own professional online store - except it's linked under your name.

That helps a lot as you don't have to set up everything by yourself. Additionally, the branding and part of marketing have been taken care of by the Brand. Thus, you can share your personal online store link and earn your customer orders straight away.

Add all this information if the Brand doesn't offer you a ready-made site or profile;

  • A link to your web address

  • Correct address

  • A short description of what you are providing and who you are. A good story about you works usually well.

  • Opening and closing hours, especially for Google Business Profile

  • Don't forget to make your profile attractive, as people usually judge a book by the cover. Brand it, make it easy to read and recognize.

2. Make Your Voice Consistent

You must have consistent imagery and message for your products. People do not want something inconsistent. They will lose interest in your post and move on if your content is flighty.

3. Make Your Content Relevant

Share only relevant content. Don't just focus on advertisements. Give relevant information about the products you are marketing and how they are used. Offer something deeper and more productive about them.

4. Use Video and Multi-images

Use Video and Multi-images - woman taking selfie

Photo by Good Faces on Unsplash

Using Video will generate 1200% more shares than both images and texts combined. Therefore, it is only logical that you make a video a part of your marketing strategy. The use of Video will allow you to show 'Behind the Scenes' and feature your fellow marketers.

Another handy way is to use multiple images to create a story/theme of your product, event, or your small business. Learn more about how to utilize multi-images in such cases.

5. Use Emojis and Hashtags

Use Emojis and Hashtags as independent distributor

Emojis serve as a fun way to improve on the levels of how you engage with your customers. The emojis make them feel the human behind the account. That is positive on the account.

Hashtags are short words with a giant impact. Research reveals that posts with relevant hashtags get 10x more engagement than posts without hashtags. Learn how to use hashtags on social media.

6. Create a Contest

Create a social media contest as independent consultant

Photo by Ariel on Unsplash

Creating a contest will ensure that you build a rapport with your customers and customers-to-be. It will improve your customers' and followers' engagement and increase their loyalty to your product.

Followers, as well as customers, will share contests widely and enjoy the post.

7. Respond Quickly to Reviews and Comments

If one of your customers or followers leaves a comment or review on your page, respond soonest.

Your response will tell your customers and followers that their thoughts matter to you. When they leave a less than positive comment or review about your products, you must respond and try to remain positive nevertheless.

8. Make Use of Reels and Stories

While short-form videos have taken center stage in the digital space, reels and stories are favorites, especially on Instagram. The algorithm favors them, and they get a lot more exposure as a result. You can positively engage with your target audience and stay in touch using short stories along with your feed posts.

Furthermore, reels will direct even people who are not following you to find you easily. If they like what you have shared, they will find your page and possibly become your customers. Let your reels center around the product you are distributing.

9. Harness Social Media Planning tools

Harnessing Social Media Planning tools

Photo by Hookle

While creating beautiful reels and stories to maximize engagement, you also need to keep your social feeds alive.

Countless social media tools, like Hookle, can help you organize and strategize your social media marketing. They simplify your marketing and program your posts on social media for maximum effect.

Putting your profile and sharing it online will give you access to your product's local and global businesses. Don't limit your social media contact to friends and family. Expand it to encompass your small business.

Create a social media account in forums and get groups, e.g. Facebook groups, and communities for the product you distribute.

10. Make Use of Social Media Monitoring

Make Use of Social Media Monitoring to see your performance and improve

Photo by Hookle

You must monitor your efforts to determine whether or not they are effective. Invest in monitoring to know how effective you are and when to make changes.

Don't worry, there is no need to be a pro or understand all complex analytics to monitor and improve performance.

There is no need to be a pro or understand all complex analytics to monitor and improve performance

Some social media management tools, like Hookle above, simplify monitoring into one simple metric (Social Score). Such a feature is handy, especially for busy entrepreneurs. Not only does it make it super easy to stay on track but it also suggests how to improve for better performance on social.

11. Make Use of Location-Based Advertising

Location-based advertising gives you control of your ads. You can control when people see your ads and adjust the radius as needed when you want to target just the people around you.

For example, someone passing by your location on Facebook will receive the ad and choose to walk in.

12. Consider Influencer Marketing

You can collaborate with someone who influences social media. These influencers can post your products and encourage your followers to buy from you. Your influencer's views on your products will matter to their followers. Thus it will boost your business tremendously.

Many Brands also have programs, where you can recruit other Brand partners to come along. Thus you are eligible to get a commission from all those you recruited. Additionally, they act as your influencers in a long run.

Along the way, you can try also influencer marketing tools that you can utilize to recruit influencers for your small business.

Way Forward

Leveraging Social media can quickly turn your small business into a booming business. However, you could have challenges organizing and planning your posts and how to prepare the timing for their posting. Don't fret.

Leveraging Social media can quickly turn your small business into a booming business

A social media management app could help you plan and organize your social media posts. In addition, it will save you tons of hours in time. We have listed the 10 best mobile apps for social media management for you to choose from - check it out!

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Social media marketing in your pocket.

For small businesses. Download Hookle and get started for free.

Social media marketing in your pocket.

Download Hookle and get started for free.

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