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February 2022 Social Media Content Calendar

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

February 2022 Social Media Content Calendar For Small Businesses

If you are looking for quick ideas to plan your content calendar for February 2022, you are at the right place. In this era of online networking, the importance of social media in business is evident to every entrepreneur and small business owner.

However, the market is already crowded, and to make the right impact, good content is what you need. A well-planned social media content calendar can keep you ahead.

A well-planned social media content calendar can keep you ahead.

February 2022 is full of special days and events that you can use to create fun or informative content to keep your audience glued. Add your business-specific spin to these themes to make them even more interesting.

Here is the list of February 2022 social media calendar content with all the important hashtags to help you plan.

February is celebrated as black history month in the USA and Canada. You can run a social media campaign for the whole month celebrating the prominent black personalities and their achievements.

February 1: Chinese New Year #ChineseNewYear

Social Media Content Ideas For Chinese New Year

A relatively new entry to the social media calendar but a good one if you are trying to be more regular with your posts. The post theme can be gifting, or anything related to celebrations and welcoming a New Year.

February 2: Groundhog Day #GroundhogDay

Create a fun, playful post to celebrate Groundhog Day. You can also create follow-up posts depending on Mr. Groundhog's prediction on how long the winter will last this year.

February 2: World Wetlands Day #WorldWetlandsDay

A nature or wetland conservation-themed post is ideal for the day. Keep it simple. Make sure that the post carries the message across.

February 4: World Cancer Day #WorldCancerDay

The objective of the day is to celebrate the cancer survivors and to encourage the ones still fighting it. Your social media post should do the same. It should not sound salesy or pitch a product. Sharing real stories of cancer survivors is a good option.

February 7: National Send a Card to a Friend Day #SendACardToAFriendDay

The day is all about appreciating the people in our lives. You can create content appreciating your customers or employees. You may also urge your audience to value and be thankful for the people who make their lives better and easier.

It's all about appreciating the people in our lives. Create content appreciating your customers or employees.

February 8: National Boy Scout Day #BoyScoutDay

This day is celebrated to honor all the helpful, brave, and friendly people around us. Doing good deeds that make the day better for someone is the theme of the day. Your content should encourage people to be more helpful or celebrate the people who have been helping others silently.

February 8: Safer Internet Day #SID2022

The Safer Internet Day is observed for better awareness about the responsible and safe use of the internet. You may create a post or a series of posts across the week with tips on safe internet use.

February 9: National Pizza Day #NationalPizzaDay

Social Media Content Ideas For National Pizza Day 2022

Create a fun post to celebrate one of the most favorite foods in the world. A fun pizza photo contest or pizza home-recipe contest will work well if they relate to your brand.

February 11: National Inventors' Day #InventorsDay

The birthday of Thomas Alva Edison is celebrated as National Inventors' Day in the USA. The day is observed to salute the great inventors and to encourage ingenuity and inventiveness. Your post can cover the story of an important invention or some interesting information on a great inventor.

February 13: World Radio Day #WorldRadioDay

UNESCO has proclaimed this date to celebrate the glorious past of the traditional yet still significant medium – radio. A social media post with an intriguing story on radio inventions or important radio broadcasts will make the best post for the day.

February 14: Valentine's Day #ValentinesDay

You can create a fun or romantic post to celebrate this special day of love. Focus on creative ideas that relate to your brand and try to be unique. A month or week-long 'special offer' campaign or posts suggesting the best gifts for the occasion from your product range will work great.

Focus on creative ideas that relate to your brand and try to be unique.

February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day #RandomActsOfKindnessDay

Encourage and thank your audience for being kind. Simple acts of kindness, sharing a smile, extending a hand of help, bringing joy to someone's life – pick any theme that fits with your brand image.

February 18: National Battery Day #NationalBatteryDay

Have you ever considered how many household items run on the humble battery? If your business does not directly relate to batteries, use the occasion for a social media post appreciating the small things that make a huge difference in life.

February 20: World Day of Social Justice #SocialJusticeDay

This day is observed for promoting the need for social justice and equality. Your post for the day can cover themes like gender equality and human rights.

February 20: Love Your Pet Day #LoveYourPetDay

Social Media Content Ideas For Love Your Pet Day 2022

Photo by Andrew S on Unsplash

A day dedicated to celebrating your pet. Create a touchy social media post with a pet story for this occasion. You can also run a pet picture contest for better engagement. Sharing image collages of your employees with their pets will add a personal touch.

February 21: International Mother Language Day #IMLD

Our linguistic and cultural diversity is what makes us special. Use this day to celebrate the many languages spoken around the world. A creative post that will encourage your audience to comment in their mother tongue will promote better engagement.

February 21: Presidents Day #PresidentsDay

It is a federal holiday to celebrate and honor the presidents of the United States. A childhood story or a memorable step taken by the first president of the country will make an apt social media content for the occasion.

February 22: Digital Learning Day #DLDay2022

A day dedicated for better awareness on digital learning. A creative post illustrating how digital learning is changing education is ideal for the day.

February 28: Rare Disease Day #RareDiseaseDay

Over 300 million people worldwide live with rare diseases. This day is to celebrate the fighters and increase awareness.

Now that you have the complete social media content calendar for February 2022, along with great post ideas, it's time to start creating and scheduling the posts.

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