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Tune Into Success: Top 11 Social Media Tips for Music and Record Shops


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As entrepreneurs, running a music store isn't easy, especially in today's digital age. But no worries - we've got your back. We are all about helping small business music shops like yours thrive in the online world.

Get ready to rock with our top 11 social media marketing tips designed specifically for music and vinyl stores.

Whether you're a vinyl virtuoso or a CD connoisseur, we've got the strategies you need to turn those digital clicks into real-world sales. Let's dive in and make some noise!

1. Get Groovy with Your Audience


Alright, first things first – you gotta know who’s rocking out to your beat. And no, it’s not just about their age or where they’re at. Dive deep into the nitty-gritty of your audience’s vibe.

What tunes make their hearts sing? When are they most likely to be scrolling through their feeds, double-tapping on all things music-related? Understanding your audience helps you tailor your content like a finely tuned guitar solo – hitting all the right chords.

Grimey’s New & Preloved Music Nashville knows what their audience wants, this is why their Facebook page is all about interesting music they love.

2. Use Google Business Profile


Google Business Profile boosts your record shop's visibility to local vinyl enthusiasts searching for new tunes. If someone in Dallas looks up 'record shop in Dallas' your shop could land in the prime 'map pack' spot, making it simple for customers to call or visit your website. Just like Black Cat Records 'N' Comics above located in Dallas.

Keep your customers in the loop with regular updates on your Google Business Profile, similar to how you manage social media posts. This strategy keeps your profile engaging, showcasing your latest vinyl arrivals and events, just like renowned record stores do.

Getting started is a breeze, and free of charge. Head to the Google Business Profile website, input your details, and you're set. This effortless action can significantly enhance your shop's discoverability. Dive deeper into optimizing your profile with our guide, Maximizing Your Google Business Profile for Record Shops.

3. Choose Your Jam: Social Media Platforms


Water Loo Records Chicago have decided to use Facebook to build their audience. But not all platforms are created equal, my friend.

You gotta pick the ones that resonate with your audience like a classic vinyl spinning on a turntable. If you’re all about vintage vinyl, Instagram and Pinterest are your jam.

But if you’re more into promoting emerging indie artists, Twitter and TikTok are where it’s at. Remember, it’s not just about selling – it’s about building relationships, too. So, choose wisely and start jamming!

4. Rock Out with Engaging Content


Nobody wants their social media feed to feel like a snooze fest. It's time to inject some serious excitement into your content strategy. Ditch the boring album covers and opt for engaging content that tells a story like that of Stranded Records above.

With content that resonates, you'll keep your audience coming back for more

Whether you're giving followers a glimpse behind the scenes or sharing user-generated content that showcases their love for music, make sure your posts are as catchy as your favorite chorus.

With content that resonates, you'll keep your audience coming back for more, craving the next chapter in your musical journey.

5. Tag It Right with Hashtags and Keywords

Tag-Right- with-Hashtags-and-Keywords

Hashtags aren’t just for decoration, my friend – they’re your ticket to reaching a wider audience. Use relevant hashtags and keywords to amplify your reach and get your content in front of the right ears.

On its TikTok page, electricfetusmpls uses several hashtags to books the reach of its content. 

6. Jam with Your Community


Don’t be a lone wolf in the music world. Engage with your local community like you’re headlining a gig like Ameobahollywood does. Host in-store events, collaborate with other businesses, support local causes – the possibilities are endless.

Building a solid community not only boosts your store’s visibility but also adds some serious street cred to your brand.

7. Rock Your Social Media Campaigns


It's time to amp up the volume with killer social media campaigns. Set aside a budget, ride the wave of current music trends, and don’t forget to collaborate with those who resonate with your brand like Sam Ash Music Records.

And hey, don’t just sell - start a conversation! Engage with your followers and keep the rhythm going.

8. Promote Special Offers and Events


Use social media to promote special offers, discounts, and exclusive events at your music shop. Create buzz around new arrivals, limited edition releases, or themed sales. Leverage Facebook events like Goner Records, Instagram Stories, and Twitter polls to drive excitement and encourage participation.

9. Showcase Customer Testimonials


Share positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on your social media channels just like Jackpot records. User-generated content builds trust and credibility, showing potential customers the positive experiences others have had with your shop.

10. Be Consistent


Consistency is key to maintaining an active presence on social media. Develop a content calendar and posting schedule to ensure regular updates.

Consistency helps in building trust with your audience and keeps your brand top-of-mind. To achieve even greater consistency, consider using a social media scheduling app, which allows you to schedule posts to all your channels in one go.

A look at the Instagram page of easystreet records shows their consistency in posting contents to regularly keep their audience engaged. Experiment with different posting frequencies and analyze engagement metrics to optimize your posting schedule.

11. Throw Some Parties


In-store events are the heart and soul of your music shop. From live performances that set the stage on fire to collaborating with fellow local businesses and supporting community causes, these events are where the magic truly happens.

Not only will you draw in foot traffic and potential customers, but you'll also build invaluable goodwill and street cred within your community.

So crank up the volume, host those events just as MetroChicago does and let your store become the ultimate destination for music lovers near and far.

Save Time by Using AI-Powered Social Media Assistant


By tuning into these top social media tips, music and record shops can hit all the right notes in the digital realm. It's clear that managing a dynamic online presence demands significant time and effort. To easy your workload, consider using AI-powered social media assistants such as Hookle.

Hookle is designed particularly for small businesses and to streamline your social media marketing. By automating tasks like posting schedules and content recommendations, Hookle empowers you to focus on what really matters - your music and customers.

Download Hookle today and amplify your music shop's digital footprint effortlessly. Your audience is listening, make every post count.

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Social media marketing in your pocket.

For small businesses. Download Hookle and get started for free.

Social media marketing in your pocket.

Download Hookle and get started for free.

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