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5 Gym Social Media Post Ideas For Getting More Customers

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Gym and Fitness Social Media Post Ideas For Getting More Customers



Social media gives any company an opportunity to put business in front of your target audience. If you’re a gym, a fitness business or a health club owner, social media marketing can be your step to leveling up.

What Are the Benefits of Using Social Media for Fitness Businesses?

Benefits of Using Social Media for Fitness Businesses

Priority number one when operating a gym, health club, or fitness studio is getting more customers and keeping them coming back. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, including traditional advertising and sponsorship campaign.

But how to promote your fitness business for free? Well, social networks are a particularly effective channel that has a number of benefits over "traditional" marketing, first and most, it is inexpensive and easy to measure. You can create a business page on any of the social sites for free. Running pages and publishing organic social media campaigns is also free.

Social media can easily make or break a business. For example, when a product goes viral and receives positive reviews, it increases positive word-of-mouth and increases sales.

How Can Fitness Businesses Market on Social Media?

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Design a content calendar

The first step is making and designing a content calendar. This will save hours of pain and time filling your Instagram with awesome, click-worthy fitness content.

As a fitness brand owner, you don't have to rack brains every day to find new content, or worse - not post because you were too busy or forgot.

Create a schedule

Fitness businesses should plan a week or a full month in advance, whichever plan suits your schedule. This get's even more efficient if you use a social media scheduler tool for content planning.

By brainstorming beforehand, you ensure that you always have content on the way to be published and that you don't need to interrupt your daily activities for it.

The best part is that when you create a repeatable schedule, the initial build is a one-time affair. In the future, all you must do is, just plug in your new ideas each month (or how many times you've done your reset schedule). One handy way to do this is using recurring posts provided by some of the modern scheduler tools.

Get content ideas

Social media marketing and content creation is not as complicated as you might think. If you are reading this article with a smartphone, you already have a content creating tool in your hand. There’s just one problem: many times ideas do not come easy.

So, let’s dive next into gym social media post ideas you can start using right away.

5 Ideas What to Post on Social Media