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Publishing Product Posts of Your Online Shop Through Social Media

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Publishing Product Posts of Your Online Shop Through Social Media



1. Introduction

Do you want to be able to share product posts of your online store on social media? Social media marketing is important when it comes to building up your online store brand. This is why it’s so vital to be able to share quality content that helps your followers get to know your products on social media.

Social media marketing is important when it comes to building up your online store brand.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or small business owner with a small online store, keep reading to learn how to best promote your products and brand on social media.

And if you are new to online shopping platforms, no worries, this article will cover to choose the best e-commerce platforms for starting an online business as a small business owner.

2. Set up a blog to promote products

First thing is to set up a blog for you online store and start blogging. If you are not fluent with writing blog posts, there are many services to help you with, like Contentfly.

Why should you have a blog for promoting your products? Blogging is the key to engage your readers and prompt them to purchase products from your online store. Blog article is not an advertisement, and that is why it converts better. Sure, you can also start with product selling posts, but often people need nurturing before they are ready to buy. That's why you need a blog to engage your followers first and then make the selling for you. You just need to get blog posts out on social media.

Many different shopping website platforms offer a blogging function that is incredibly valuable for promoting your products. Here are some online store platforms to name a few: Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, Weebly, Amazon, Bigcommerce, ECWID, JUMPSELLER, SQUARESPACE and Wix.

Setting up a blog on your chosen platform’s blog functions is fairly straightforward.

These instructions are generalized and applicable for many platforms mentioned above. If you have your online store and a blog section already created, you can skip these steps.

  1. Choose a website theme that comes with social media buttons. You can do it by searching for “social media” in the Theme store. Across all the platforms, there are at least a few great free options.

  2. Add a blog to your website store. Each account comes with a built-in blogging platform.

  3. Create creative content for your online store blog that naturally promotes your products.

  4. Visit Online Store > Blog Posts > Set up a blog.

  5. In the Blog title field, give your blog a relevant name. Write your blog post.

  6. All good, now you are ready to promote your blog article through social media!

3. Promote products on social media through your online store blog

Publishing social media product posts through your e-commerce site is fairly straightforward.

Once you have set up your blog and social media share buttons, you can navigate to your site and share your blog post to every social media platform separately. In the picture Gymshark has Twitter and Facebook sharing handles in their blog post.

If you want to simplify the sharing of your content to all the different social media channels at the same time, read on...

4. Promote products more efficiently using social media management tools

A social media management tool is a type of software platform that helps store owners publish to their multiple social media channels of choice, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Business Profile, and more.

These platforms are perfect for small businesses because they automate many of the processes involved in top-notch social media marketing. Individuals can queue posts, schedule posts, find the best hashtags, and more with this type of software.

Social media management tools are perfect for small businesses because they automate many of the processes

We recommend using a platform like Hookle that is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The tool is excellent for entrepreneurs that don’t want to deal with a hefty learning curve, and it’s a mobile app so you can easily use it anywhere and anytime suitable for you. This application makes it possible to plan out, publish, and schedule a variety of different social media channel posts with one easy-to-use application.

To use Hookle to publish your product posts follow these easy steps:

A. Download and set up Hookle

How to set up Hookle social media assistant
  1. Download the Hookle app for Android or iPhone

  2. Log in to all your social media channels through Hookle

  3. Hookle shows all your social posts on one dashboard

B. Find your product blog or article to share

Share product post through Hookle on social media
  1. Find the product page you would like to share with your mobile browser, the example is Fitversal page powered by Shopify. You can simply navigate to your “pages” section to find the product in question and find the share option in your browser menu.

  2. Click "Share link", and navigate to your social media management app.

  3. Click Hookle to open the app with shareable link. If Hookle is not visible, you can click "More" to find it among the apps.

C. Publish and schedule on all social channels

Schedule your online store product post through Hookle on social media
  1. Write your message copy for the post. Verify also that the thumbnail has the correct image and page title you’d like to display to your users. Discover the right hashtags to include after you’ve completed your post copy. Select the “by account” function if you want to customize your content for each social media channel that you have connected to Hookle. You can easily make your post identical across all platforms, but keep in mind that channels like Twitter have character limits.

  2. Select “next” and decide whether you’d like to publish the product post now, later, or save it as a draft. When you select “schedule”, you can choose the exact date and time that the post will be published. Select “OK” to schedule your product post.

  3. Navigate to the planner section to see all of your scheduled posts in calendar form.

And you’re done! The days of copying and pasting URLs in real-time to all your social media channels separately are over. By using a scheduling function, you can target your audience when you are busy with something else. That way, you can get your product to the eyes of potential customers with more efficiency.

Bonus tips 💡

  • You can easily repurpose any one blog post into multiple different social media content easily. Read on more of how to turn your blog posts into social media content.

  • Or another super-easy way to increase engagement is to set up a recurring posts system, which is a massive time saver. You can set certain static posts, such as events or product posts, to be automatically repeated so that you don't need to think about scheduling or posting them separately for months or even the rest of the year.


Ready to start taking your social media scheduling and posting for your online shop to the next level? Hookle is here to help! Our service is a social media management application that is designed to help online shop owners and entrepreneurs Learn more about how Hookle can help your business today!

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Social media marketing in your pocket.

For small businesses. Download Hookle and get started for free.

Social media marketing in your pocket.

Download Hookle and get started for free.

Download Hookle Google Play
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