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8 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Construction & Renovation Businesses

Updated: Mar 5

Social-Media-Marketing-Strategies- for-Small-Construction -and-Renovation-Businesses



Many small construction and renovation businesses shy away from social media marketing. There is a misconception in the open that people don't care about seeing things like renovation or construction projects on Facebook or social media.

However, for every entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, social media marketing can be a helpful tool to add to your marketing arsenal. If used correctly, you can use social media marketing strategies to grow your business and get qualified leads. Let’s find eight social media marketing strategies for small business construction and renovation.

1. Show Before and After Transformation


Many people are fans of HGTV as it offers a glimpse into how others live through home transformations.

Share before-and-after transformations on your social media platforms

As part of your social media strategy, consider showcasing before-and-after photos of projects you've completed on your website, and then share these transformations on your social media platforms. This type of content is not only engaging but also serves as excellent evergreen material that can be periodically reshared across your social networks.

This also offers your potential clients your capability. You can check out the bird's eye construction website to see how they showed inspiration before and after. Additionally, consider using pictures to show progress along the way. This keeps viewers engaged but shows their hard work in every job.

2. Provide Customer Testimonials and Reviews


Testimonials and reviews work wonders! So, you should showcase them on your social media. Balance your message with brilliant reviews from individuals who have patronized your business and love your work.

Further solidify your relationship with your audience by soliciting reviews on platforms like Facebook and Google Business Profile, boosting your credibility and online visibility. Embrace feedback, using positive reviews to bolster your business's reputation and learning from negative ones to improve.

Like what Renovation by Design does above, ensure that you go beyond a quote. Let them express themselves. You could even ask for short video testimonials to make it more engaging and authentic. And remember to share these on your socials!