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10 Viral Small Business Videos and What We Can Learn From Them

Updated: Dec 29, 2023


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In the fast-paced world of social media, small business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for strategies to elevate their online presence affordably. Video Marketing is one of the most effective ways to do that and viral videos are a powerful tool in achieving this goal, capturing attention and sparking engagement.

This article will explore ten viral small business videos and reels and extract actionable insights entrepreneurs can quickly integrate into their social media game plan. Let's dive into the dynamic world of social media video marketing, focusing on simplicity and effectiveness.

So What Is a Viral Video?

A viral video is a videoclip, often shared across social media platforms, that rapidly gains popularity and widespread attention. These videos captivate audiences through their unique, engaging, or humorous content, encouraging viewers to share them with their networks.

A viral video is a videoclip, that rapidly gains popularity and widespread attention

From inspiring stories to ingenious marketing, viral videos create a buzz, reaching a vast audience in a short time, often leading to significant online and offline impact. Understanding what makes a video go viral is crucial for businesses seeking to leverage this phenomenon for brand exposure and engagement.

1. Creative Product Showcases (Popflex)


Cassey Ho, the founder of Popflex, utilized TikTok to skyrocket her fitness apparel brand. By aligning with trends, creatively presenting products through dance and music, and maintaining consistency, Popflex gained 207.3k followers and 5.3 million likes. Interaction with the audience, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and showcasing the team contributed to Popflex's success.

2. Simplicity Sells (Bobbie Goods)


Bobbie Goods transformed from a drawing account to a successful business on TikTok. The brand's strategy revolves around simplicity. Bobbie Goods captivated viewers through calm and visually pleasing drawing videos paired with music.

Maintaining a straightforward approach proved that simplicity can be a powerful tool

Responding to comments and maintaining a straightforward approach proved that simplicity when expressed effectively, can be a powerful tool for success.

3. Creative Process Showcase (Brand Pierre)


Pierce Woodward, the creator of Brand Pierre, turned a quarantine hobby into a thriving business by making rings from old spoons.

Leveraging TikTok's trends, he showcased his creative process, engaged with the audience through challenges, and ensured responsiveness to comments. With 35.6k followers and 1.1 million likes, Brand Pierre's success demonstrates the impact of dynamic content and practical engagement.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Peek (Lala Hijabs)


Amid the pandemic, Sana and Will Saleh launched Lala Hijabs on TikTok after their tie-dyed hijab designs gained immense popularity. With a viral video, they amassed 50k followers and one million views, prompting them to use their life savings to launch the business officially.

With over 146.7K followers and 4.3 million likes, Lala Hijabs attributes 60% of its sales to TikTok. The family business prioritizes behind-the-scenes content, tutorials, and product launches, leveraging TikTok as a primary marketing tool for continuous growth.

5. Engaging Product Stories (Cafe Emporos)


Cafe Emporos, a hand-drip coffee business, went viral on TikTok by adhering to simplicity and consistency. Founder Ruben focused on engaging content, responding to comments, and sharing stories behind special orders.

Cafe Emporos demonstrated that TikTok success stories extend beyond clothing and jewelry brands by building consumer connections and prioritizing engagement.

6. Authenticity and Experimentation (PerfectDD)


Alice Kim, the Gen X founder of PerfectDD, shares valuable insights. Initially skeptical, she debunked misconceptions and leveraged TikTok to generate $25,000 in sales from one viral video.

Her lessons include strategic trend engagement, embracing authenticity, and experimenting fearlessly. She emphasizes the importance of community interaction, utilizing customer stories, and staying informed on platform changes.

Kim advocates consistency in messaging over frequent posting and encourages entrepreneurs to join TikTok for free self-promotion, brand discovery, and cultivating a lasting connection with a younger audience. Her journey highlights the power of authenticity and experimentation.

7. The Snackable How-Tos (Ya Boy Chamoy)


Discovering fame on TikTok, California-based candy business Ya Boy Chamoy, founded by Matthew Crostwaite, went from a hobby to a million followers. Utilizing the platform, they showcase their unique Mexican chamoy sauce-soaked candies, a secret recipe from Crostwaite's grandmother.

TikTok proves instrumental in introducing users to diverse foods and cultures, exemplifying the app's power to propel small businesses to viral success.

8. End-to-End Production Overview (Noble Leather Co)


CEO Kyle Hinds, boasting 1.5 million followers on TikTok, transformed his Ontario-based studio, Noble Leather Co., into a thriving brand. Starting in 2018, Hinds handcrafts leather wallets and belts, leveraging TikTok to showcase his creations.

Embracing trends like ASMR and #OddlySatisfying, his viral videos, including the iconic belt-making clip with nearly 30 million views, demonstrate the power of craftsmanship and strategic trend alignment in small business success on TikTok.

9. The Unique Food Art (Peachy BBs)


Attracting 6.2 million followers and 197.7M likes on their account, Peachy BBs has mastered the TikTok slime scene. Regularly sharing videos of the slime-making process, engaging with followers, and experimenting with scents and textures, the small team led by Andrea has turned their slime drops into highly sought-after commodities, often selling out within minutes.

Notably, even Kim and North Kardashian's endorsement on Instagram propelled Peachy BBs into a realm of publicity most small businesses aspire to achieve.

10. Captivating Backstage Marketing (Enchanted Scrunch)


Founded in 2021 by Dasha Derkach, Enchanted Scrunch found explosive growth on TikTok, with 90% of sales driven by the platform. Initially garnering attention after a video hit 15k views, the brand now boasts a six-figure valuation and over 490.8k followers.

TikTok, serving as the primary marketing tool, transformed the business from two orders a week to almost 500, with daily TikTok Lives contributing to the remarkable success story of this oversized scrunchie brand.

Save Time by Scheduling Your Videos

Save Time by Scheduling Your Videos

Photo by Hookle

In today's ever-evolving landscape of social media and video marketing, small businesses have much to gain by embracing strategies from viral videos. Key to success are authenticity and connection, achieved through methods like revealing behind-the-scenes processes, encouraging user-generated content, or tapping into current trends.

Tools like Hookle, an AI-powered social media marketing app, streamline publishing process

An essential step in this journey is planning your content publishing. One of the most efficient methods is to schedule your posts in advance for automatic publication. Tools like Hookle, an AI-powered social media marketing app, streamline this process. Hookle enables effortless post creation and simultaneous publishing of videos and other content across multiple social channels with just a click.

The best way to understand its benefits is through direct experience. Download Hookle and discover its capabilities for yourself!

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Social media marketing in your pocket.

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