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Social Media Marketing for Small Fashion Brands

Updated: Nov 26, 2023


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Social media marketing is essential to any small fashion brand’s overall marketing strategy. Social media networks provide an effective and affordable way to grow your audience, build brand awareness and create lucrative e-commerce opportunities for your small business.

Why is social media important for fashion brands?

Social media marketing is among the most powerful tools for any small brand owner. It allows you to access a global customer base, engage directly with potential customers, build brand loyalty, and ultimately drive sales for your business.

How do fashion brands use social media?

Fashion brands use social media to promote products, showcase new collections, collaborate with influencers, expand their reach, and generate sales.

How do I promote a fashion brand using social media?

Post high-quality photos and videos of your apparel, engage with your audience, and use analytics to keep track of your fashion brand’s performance. Use AI-powered tools like Hookle to coordinate your social media content and schedule your postings on multiple social networks simultaneously.

What Do Fashion Brands Post on Social Media?

Social media is the perfect place for fashion brands to announce new promotions, launch product lines, highlight special offers, and update their followers about the latest news and upcoming events.

How Do Fashion Brands Leverage Social Media?

Social media can be effectively leveraged to promote sales and generate consistent revenues for your small business.

Social media can be effectively leveraged to promote sales

Fashion brands can use social networks for marketing their products to new audiences at a very low cost in an unintrusive and engaging way.

How Many Times Should a Fashion Brand Post on Social Media?

There is no fixed amount that a fashion brand should post on social media, but generally, you should aim to post at least once a day or a few times a week at the minimum. Maintaining a consistent social media presence, especially when launching your small business, is essential to growing brand awareness and generating sales.

11 Top Tips - Social Media Marketing for Small Fashion Brands

If you’re not sure where to start, keep reading. You’ll find eleven powerful social media tips for your small fashion brand below.

1. Choose the Right Platforms


The best social media networks to promote your fashion brands and generate sales are undoubtedly Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and, for a younger audience, TikTok.

Pinterest has merits, but when you launch your brand, you’re better off focusing on the biggest networks and later branching out to more niche platforms.

You might find this blog post helpful while choosing the platforms for your brand.

2. Create Aspirational Content With AI


Posting aspirational content will inspire people to wear your clothes. Aspirational content gives your brand a positive and glamorous appeal and boosts sales. Stylish cars, beautiful scenery, and elegant interior design can all be used to promote an appealing brand image.

Creating aspirational content has become easier than ever with the help of AI

Creating aspirational content has become easier than ever with the help of AI technology. Tools like ChatGPT and Hookle have advanced language models that can generate high-quality content that resonates with your audience, without investing too much time or effort.

In addition to content creation, Hookle takes it a step further by allowing users to publish their AI-generated posts simultaneously to multiple social networks with a click. With AI technology, businesses can now efficiently create and share aspirational content that inspires and motivates their audience.

3. Consistent Scheduling is the Key to Success


Photo by Hookle

One of the pitfalls that small brands often fall into is a need for more consistency on social media. Consistent content is crucial to building brand loyalty and growing your customer base.

Brands that post daily generate much higher engagement rates than brands that only post infrequently.

If you're looking to enhance your social media presence, scheduling apps such as Hookle can be a valuable tool to help you maintain consistency.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Use a Little Well-Placed Humor


Photo by yuriz via Canva

Cute and funny memes are a great way to capture your audience's attention. With their highly shareable nature, funny memes can quickly spread across social media platforms and boost your brand's visibility.

Cute and funny memes are a great way to capture your audience's attention

Whether you're promoting a new product or simply looking to entertain your audience, incorporating humorous memes into your social media strategy can be an effective and fun way to engage with your followers.

5. Use Fashion-Related Hashtags


Photo by ALES MUNT via Canva

You can use popular fashion-related hashtags to increase your reach on Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtags are an easy way to get your content in front of people who aren’t following you yet or might not have heard of your brand. This strategy is especially effective for small fashion brands.

6. Pay Influencers to Promote Your Brand


Photo by tamara velazquez via Canva

Whether you pay a micro-influencer with a following of a few thousand people or reach out to a celebrity with over a million, co-marketing with influencers is an extremely effective way of promoting your small business in the world of fashion.

Co-marketing with influencers is an extremely effective way of promoting your small business in the world of fashion

Content that incorporates popular or authentic influencers is highly shareable.

7. Show Your Audience How to Style Your Collections


A great way to increase engagement with your audience while demonstrating the versatility of the items in your fashion collections is to post carousels of photos on social media. These images not only inform your audience but can inspire them to make a purchase.

8. Become a Champion of Important Causes


Eileen Fisher NY promotes ways that the audience can reduce their environmental impact. The values and ethics of your brand can have a huge influence on your brand identity. When they align with your audience, they can foster long-term brand loyalty.

Promoting environmental, social, and cultural causes in your social media marketing posts allows you to set yourself apart from other less ethical businesses instantly.

9. Keep Your Audience Up-To-Date

Lisa Says Gah announces a ‘Restock Alert’ to let followers know that the ‘Lauda Cardi’ is back in stock while showcasing the item.

Use social media to announce important information to help make sales

You can use your social media platforms to announce important information to help make sales. For instance, you can post content that promotes the launch of a new collection or let your followers know that a popular item is back in stock.

When you make your announcements, don’t forget to include an eye-catching photo and a link to your store to generate quick sales.

10. Run Contests and Giveaways


You can post contests and giveaways on your social media platforms to grow your following, increase audience engagement, and attract publicity to your fashion brand.

Research has shown that Instagram contest posts gain more than 64x more comments than a standard post and increase your followers 70% faster in the following three months.

For example, to enter the competition, you can ask the audience to follow you, tag three (or more!) of their friends, and post your contest to their timeline. As a prize for the winner, you can offer an item of clothing from your collection, a makeover, or anything else you want to promote. If you run a contest or giveaway, specify the rules and include a closing date.

11. Use Trending Topics to Rapidly Grow Your Followers


Photo by Ildo Frazao via Canva

The calendar in the fashion industry is full of huge global events which you can leverage to get your content in front of new audiences.

For instance, you can launch a new collection inspired by previous Paris Fashion Week shows to coincide with the event's latest edition. This topic will already be trending on social media, so you can be part of it and attract new followers to your small brand.

Key Takeaways


Photo by designer491 via Canva

The popularity and influence of social media continue to grow. Fashion brands must focus on what and when to post content, the best platforms to use, how to leverage their social media marketing best, bringing in influencers, and what social media management tools will help them succeed.

Tools such as Buzzsumo can analyze what social media audiences are discussing. This data can give you invaluable insights to help you create marketing content that aligns with currently trending topics.

The Hookle app is the #1 AI-powered social media marketing app designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need something easy to use to manage their social media marketing. Hookle can help users generate posts and schedule them to be perfectly timed to coincide with upcoming fashion industry events.

You can focus on growing your business while Hookle keeps you in front of your target social media audience.

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Social media marketing in your pocket.

Download Hookle and get started for free.

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