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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Pharmacy Businesses


Photo by MJ_prototype via Canva



It’s exciting to launch a business, grow a customer base by providing exceptional service, and create relationships with the people who come in the door. That is not enough today to survive the competition, though. Rather, small businesses, including pharmacies, must be able to use social media marketing to make those relationships possible.

If you are a small pharmacy or an entrepreneur in a related field, check out these 10 strategies for using social media marketing to become a well-known, sought-after resource for your clients.

1. Use Google Business Profile


Google Business Profile is a listing service that places your business in front of local customers searching for your services. For example, if someone searches for 'pharmacist in Annapolis' - your business location - and you're nearby, your business could appear on the first page, often in the coveted 'map pack' or 3-listing area. From here, customers can directly call you or visit your website.

Additionally, you can keep your customers updated by posting business updates directly on your Google Business Profile, much like social media updates. This keeps your profile fresh and inviting, full of useful information, similar to how CVS Pharmacy utilizes their profile above.

Signing up is fast and easy. Simply visit the Google Business Profile website, fill in your details, and you’re done. This small step can make a big difference. For tips on getting the most from your Google Business Profile, check out our blog, Getting the Most Out of Google Business Profile.

2. Provide Valuable Information


As a pharmacist, you know a thing or two about medication and health. Share that knowledge with your following.

Check out Philsmypharmacist for some great examples above. It’s simple content he creates with a passion for providing things like cold hacks for kids or help with skincare. This helps with brand recognition and creates a reason for people to share your page.

3. Provide Information People Need