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The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer



What are the best social media networks for a photographer and photography marketing?

We’re exploring how independent photographers use social media marketing. Learn what the 10 best social media networks are for photographers who want to promote photos and to grow their biz.

Why Is Social Media Important for Photographers?

Why Is Social Media Important for Photographers?

As an independent photographer, you know that entrepreneurs like you are flocking to social media marketing. To promote a photography business you must get your work in front of others. Bringing your photography online helps to grow your business and showcase your work.

The value of a photo, like art, is up to the eye of the beholder. But, what if nobody sees it? Social media marketing for photographers is more important now than ever. The photography industry in general is seeing an upturn. This also means you’ve got a lot of competition.

How Photographers Use Social Media

How Photographers Use Social Media

Photo by Hookle

So how to market photography business efficiently?

Social media changes the way that photographers like you deliver and share work. Now you’re able to reach the masses with a few clicks of a button.

Photogs even do social media marketing by scheduling and accessing multiple social media networks at once, they know it’s a powerful sales tool. Photographers are building large followings online.

If you’re reading this, you want to do the same. You see other photographers who are doing it well are also building their revenue. Read also these 8 powerful social media marketing tips for photographers.

Interacting with people online is easy for photographers who show up on social media. Connecting to your audience is important for your photography business.

Especially when you want to grow your business online. By showing up for your social media networks and sharing consistently, your business grows. It’s a lot of work for entrepreneurs.

Tapping into modern tools, like Hookle, makes sharing on social media easier. What are some other things you can do to promote your photography business using social media?

Promote Your Photography Business Using Social Media

Promote Your Photography Business Using Social Media

Photo by Pixabay

How to promote photography business quickly? The answer is through social media.

There are many ways that entrepreneurs promote their photography business using social media. As a starting point there are a few important things to consider, they are:

  • Photography is a customer-facing business. Know your audience.

  • Use social media to attract new customers and engage with your network.

  • Be consistent, and schedule content so you never miss an opportunity.

  • Share across many social media networks to reach a wide audience.

  • Post thoughtful and authentic content.

No matter whether you are photographer or coffee shop owner, you both can do scheduling. See how Mudsharks Coffee Bar masters its social media using the scheduling app Hookle.

What Do Photographers Post on Social Media?

What Do Photographers Post on Social Media?

Photo by Jeremy Levin

Keeping the audience engaged and entertained is part of social media marketing. There are a lot of different ways you can connect with your followers (besides showcasing your work), they are:

  • Share about how you’re different from others in your industry

  • Connect with your audience through inspiration

  • Answer questions or talk about fears customers may have

  • Teach your audience something

  • Show behind the scenes

How Do Photographers Leverage Social Media?

How Do Photographers Leverage Social Media?

Photo by Luis Quintero

You can leverage posting to social media. Being an independent photographer means having your work seen.

There are ways you can expand the value of a single post, they are:

  • Use your content to help build your brand. Develop a vibe and stick with i

  • Cross-promote and be sure to add a call to action on your posts

  • Posting photos regularly to social media helps to keep a portfolio of work

  • Post often

  • Post engaging content

Being an independent photographer means having your work seen. It doesn’t matter if you get hundreds of likes on a photo. Consider the value of leveraging your posts. When you show your work consistently your efforts compound over time.

How Many Times Should a Photographer Post on Social Media?

How Many Times Should a Photographer Post on Social Media?

Photo by Hookle

If you're wondering how many times you should post on social media we've got you. It's recommended that photographers post on social media daily. If not daily, it should be several times per week.

The big question here is where should you be posting and where you should be present. Let's take a look at different networks (in no particular order) here:

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer -Instagram-Hookle

Photo by thiswildidea

Independent photographers continue to use the photo-sharing social media network. It continues to develop ways photographers can promote their work. On Instagram you can:

  • Promote your work

  • Build your brand

  • Grow your audience

  • Share your photos

  • Gain new customers

  • Share behind the scenes through Instagram Stories

  • Showcase an experience or specific work on Reels

Theron Humphrey @thiswildidea includes a dropdown link in the bio that will direct you to photography and prints.

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer - Facebook-Hookle

Facebook continues to be an important social media network for photographers. It's an essential tool to help you build your presence online.

By creating a page for your photography you get more eyes on your work, and there is the opportunity for your photo to go viral. Facebook is great for photographers because:

  • People can share your photo with a click of a button

  • You can invite friends to your photography page and grow your audience

  • It allows you to advertise on the platform

  • You can sell products

  • You can run a competition, create an interest group, create and share events, and more.

Photography Mikko Lagerstedt sets a great example of how photographers are using Facebook. With 1.5 Million followers the self-taught photographer continues to use the platform to share photography work.

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer - Behance-Hookle

Photo by Joanna Kustra

Adobe owns the platform and it's one of the best photography networking sites you'll find. Build your online portfolio and showcase your amazing work. On Behance you can:

  • Find new work

  • Share portfolios and important contact links

  • Showcase work

  • Get inspired

  • Learn new skills

Joanna Kustra is a Photographer who uses Behance to showcase her work. It all looks highly professional and it should be noted that Joanna’s career started as a hobby and is self-taught. She uses Behance to promote her photography and photography workshops.

4. Tumblr

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer - Tumblr-Hookle

Photos by Gerardo

Sure, it's a microblogging site. The way it allows photographers to share in a way others can reblog with a click of a button is appealing. The benefits of using Tumblr include:

  • Freedom of layout and customization

  • Exposure

  • Building an audience

  • Sharing a story

It’s a lovely way to house photos in a place where others may view and reblog. Photos by Gerardo is an example of how the mini-blogging site may be used to share a consistent theme.

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer - Steller-Hookle

Photo by adspedia

This social media network focuses on mobile users. The platform is excellent for showing your work and finding inspiration.

Users can be real on the app and share stories that inspire and also build their reputation. Here @adspedia says he’s not a professional photographer and shares a clever “day in the life” style post.

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer - Mochi-Hookle

Photo by Mochi Among Us

Share photos and text to tell a story. Exposure attracts photographers because they can:

  • Upload unlimited photos

  • Easily resize images

  • Embed media such as Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram, and more

  • Include rich text formatting and links

  • Grow an audience

  • Showcase beautifully on the web or mobile with responsive design

  • Host your exposure site on your own domain name and remove their branding

  • Embed your stories is all about storytelling. They even curate on topics, here’s a fitting one on Photography. When you dive into the curated posts you find incredible photo micro-blogs like Mochi Among Us By TED NGHIEM

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer - Pinterest-Hookle

Photo by erinmphotos

Photographers who set their brand up on Pinterest may grow their following and definitely their reach. Independent photographers utilize the favorable seek-and-find method Pinterest uses to show their users what they’re looking for.

Erin Morrison Photography, a Knoxville area wedding photographer, has grown a decent following, but it’s the 1.5 million monthly views that tell us just how many eyes are getting on her work.

8. Flickr

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer - Flickr-Hookle

Photo by Justine Shachar

The original photo-sharing site. You're probably already on here, if not you want to be. Flickr gives you an ad-free space to store, share, and enjoy photography.

Independent photographers gravitate to Flickr for a number of features, such as:

  • upload photos and share

  • edit, organize, and geotag photos

  • create your own galleries

  • develop image-based projects

9. Youpic

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer - Youpic-Hookle

Socialize and share your high-quality content. Youpic is designed to help you socialize, manage and share high-quality photos. It’s a popular choice for photogs who are up-and-coming and advanced.

It’s a friendly space that embraces photographers like these Running Friends, By Marina Jaakkola.

10. TikTok

The 10 Best Social Media Networks for a Photographer - TikTok-Hookle

Photo by Statista

Recently, TikTok announced PhotoMode so now social media marketers have another option! In PhotoMode users can post a carousel for still photos. Add music and post similar to a typical TikTok video. With 30.8 million daily active TikTok users, it’s a smart move.

Use social media management tools

Remember, there are tools that make your social media marketing easier. Don't forget to set up an image gallery on Unsplash and Pexels to help more people see your photography.

Master your time management and social media content across your social media networks. Use social media management tools like Hookle to help you plan, schedule, and publish all your social posts with one app.

Hookle is also absolutely incredible how it can create relevant social media posts for your photography business with just the click of a button. Hookle is powered by ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI technology that ensures your posts are always on point and tailored to your audience's preferences. With Hookle, you'll never have to worry about coming up with fresh content ideas again - it does all the heavy lifting for you!

Download and get started with your now!

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