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Boost Your Small Business on Social Media with These 5 AI Tips


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Whether you’re a frequent ChatGPT user or are asking Alexa to play the new Miley Cyrus single (again) chances are, you have encountered AI. AI is taking the world by storm with its revolutionary promises. One of those promises: better social media marketing.

Businesses can achieve higher levels of success with an AI sidekick

AI can help small businesses and entrepreneurs become more competitive stakeholders in their respective fields. Businesses can improve efficiency, reduce costs, maximize ROI, and achieve higher levels of success with an AI sidekick.

In this article, we’ll talk about 5 ways you need to be utilizing AI to build better social media marketing strategies.

What is AI?


Photo by PeopleImages via Canva

AI tech mimics human intelligence to see, speak, hear, learn, and write. Given enough data, AI can make relevant and accurate predictions for just about anything. Its potential is nearly limitless and its prevalence is growing.

Machine learning, a subset of AI, is a powerful tool that helps AI programs compile large amounts of data to make accurate predictions about human behavior. This is an integral part of creating a more impactful social media marketing strategy.

How does AI help with social media marketing?

Marketers are using AI to erase menial tasks from their to-do lists and build more effective marketing campaigns. Programs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT have a lot of potential when it comes to improving social media marketing strategies. Some of the tasks that fall within AI’s capabilities are:

  • Content optimization

  • Automation

  • Content publishing

  • Audience targeting

From this list alone it’s obvious that AI is a game-changer for small business owners. By leveraging AI technology, small businesses can create more effective social media marketing campaigns in half the time, at a fraction of the cost.

5 Tips for Using AI to boost your small business on Social Media

1. Let the AI Generate Your Social Posts


Spread joy in seconds with Hookle. Just type anything like "Merry Christmas" and the AI generates an engaging social media post, like the example above.

AI-powered tools like ChatGPT or Hookle can help small businesses create higher-quality and higher-quantity content. AI’s ability to learn and mimic human text allows it to build several social media posts about nearly any topic you could think of.

What’s more is that AI can even generate content based on your brand voice, target audience, and SEO guidelines. The AI can then analyze the performance of those same posts and suggest changes to improve things like engagement or conversion rates.

2. Use AI Image Generator