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10 Ideas for Great Social Media Call to Action

Updated: May 29, 2023


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Over half of the world’s population uses social media, with the average user spending over 140 minutes a day browsing their favorite platforms.

Social media marketing is not optional for businesses looking to make their mark in today’s highly digitized world.

Crafting an effective call to action has become a real art to stand out

However, standing out from the noise has become tricky, and crafting an effective call to action has become a real art.

Here are 10 social media CTA ideas that will help your brand break free from the norm.

1: Challenge-Based CTA


Encourage your audience to participate in a challenge or competition.

We’ve all likely seen photo contests where users submit their own photos related to your brand or product, often in receipt of a prize, discount, or other benefits. Brands are pushing the boundaries of challenge-based CTAs.

Here, Corsair plays on this theme with an original challenge to win one of their new monitors. Cable management, the art (or lack of) of tidying cables, is a fun topic and pushes organic traffic to social channels via likes and retweets, which are often required to enter the prize draw.

2: Giving-Based CTA


Inspire your audience to make a purchase that benefits others.

For example, a company could donate a portion of its sales to a charity and use a CTA like "Buy today and help support [cause]!"

Bear in mind – it’s essential to collaborate directly with a charity when utilizing this type of CTA to ensure transparency. Many social media platforms offer features for charitable giving, such as Facebook’s For Charities tools.

3: Interaction-Driven CTA


Interaction-driven CTAs request followers and customers to interact with brands and products to choose their next action.

For example, Taco Bell calls users to log on to their app to decide what flavor taco they should bring back to their line-up.

Of course, this means downloading and/or signing onto the app, which confers marketing benefits down the line. This is a simple and effective way to increase app downloads and bring organic traffic and interest to products without pressuring sales.

4: Community-Based CTA


Create a sense of community by encouraging your audience to share something about themselves or their experiences. For instance, a travel agency could use a CTA such as "Share your favorite travel memory with us!"

This non-intrusive CTA is excellent for building connections and trusts with followers without directly advertising products. While it might not boost your sales in the short term, fostering genuine connections with followers is critical for growing channels and reaching new audiences.

5: Pop Culture CTA


Brands must navigate and harness pop culture to incorporate trends, memes, and other topical themes into their social media game.

Here’s an example from the pizza brand Domino’s. Notice how they don’t bother complying with grammar conventions and keep it minimalist and low-key. CTAs of this style that ask followers to tag their friends are popular – add a pop culture reference like Domino’s has for the best effect.

6: Social Activism CTA


Highlight your brand's mission or a cause you support with your CTA.

For instance, a sustainable fashion brand could encourage customers to "Shop now and support ethical fashion!" This has to be backed up with facts, or followers will quickly find you out.

Ensure your brand delivers on its promises and document that with evidence

Ensure your brand delivers on its promises and document that with evidence, e.g., information about your suppliers/materials and how you offer genuinely ethical or sustainable products

7: Urgency-Driven CTA


There are many ways to drive urgency, such as running flash sales or providing limited edition products available for first-comers only.

This has been a highly successful strategy for apparel and sneaker retailers who often stock limited edition products, requiring customers to sign up for a draw on their site/app. This helps brands build email and marketing lists while driving sales.

8: Value-Aligned CTA


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Encourage your audience to take action that aligns with their values or beliefs. This is another example of dynamic, non-intrusive marketing that encourages followers to share experiences without being pushed into buying decisions – perfect for capturing top-of-the-funnel interest and awareness.

Encourage your audience to take action that aligns with their values or beliefs

For example, an organic food brand could use a CTA like "Join us in promoting healthy eating! Sign up for our newsletter for more tips and recipes."

9: “Learn More” CTA


CTAs don’t have to be complex. Nike illustrates the effectiveness of a simple CTA that gives away just enough information to tempt people into finding out more. It’s straightforward but eye-catching and looks great in the social media feed.

10: Question/Poll-Based CTA


Photo by Uber on Twitter

Brands frequently use polls or questions to encourage interaction and traffic to their site and/or app.

Here’s an example from Uber calling for followers to check out their “Lost & Found Index” – a database of items left inside their taxis and transport.

Notice the astronomy pop culture reference too, which turns something potentially mundane into an exciting post that people want to interact with.

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