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Why you should consider switching to dark mode

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Why you should consider switching to dark mode - try dark mode with Hookle


How to enable the dark mode in your Android and iOS.


As more of us continue to spend time indoors on mobile devices, dark mode is one emerging trend that is easy on the eyes in more ways than one. Major tech companies like Apple and Google have made it available on their platforms and devices, and in October 2020, Facebook (finally!) included a dark mode option almost a year after Instagram did.

Google has successfully launched dark mode in several apps like YouTube and Calendar to the delight of many, and cell phone manufacturers have realized that this trend is here to stay.

Dark mode is one emerging trend that is easy on the eyes in more ways than one.

Having a dark mode option gives apps a cool, sleek, and modern aesthetic, to be sure. But there are a few other, less obvious benefits that come with utilizing dark mode.

As more people come to understand the ways that dark mode can benefit their health and well-being, extend battery life, and improve the overall user experience of their favorite applications, this feature will continue to become more widely available.

This post will show you some of the main reasons why you should consider switching your mobile experience to dark mode now.

What is dark mode?

When apps enter dark mode, the interface darkens, and the colors are inverted to make consuming digital content easier on the eyes. Instead of reading black text on a bright white screen as you usually would, the text in dark mode shows up as white in a sea of black.

Dark mode works on most newer Android and Apple phones and Mac computers, in apps that support this feature. For some apps, dark mode automatically comes on according to the display settings you set for your device. Other apps let you toggle back and forth between dark and light modes as you please.

What are the benefits of using dark mode?

1. Trendy look

Dark mode just looks cool, and it makes apps look new, sophisticated, and even a little mysterious. Dark mode really makes images pop on apps like Instagram, so photographers especially love it. It can also make an app feel more personalized if you have the option to choose.

2. Eye health

With virtual work-from-home setups, people are spending more time staring at their screens than ever, and dark mode is an easy way to reduce eye strain. Between time spent watching TV, browsing on mobile devices, or working on a computer, dark mode offers a welcome reprieve for tired eyes. Dark mode is especially helpful in low light conditions, like right before bed, and it's great for reducing glare, too.

3. Better focus

Because dark mode reduces eye strain, you can spend more time using your favorite apps effectively without having to take a break. Apple says that having your content stand out in dark mode also "makes it easier to stay focused on your work."

4. Blue light suppression

Another health benefit that comes with dark mode is blue light suppression. Using dark mode helps you get to sleep faster by allowing the body to produce the melatonin needed to regulate sleep patterns. Down the line, proper melatonin production can help prevent obesity and certain types of cancer, so dark mode is quite literally good for your health.

5. Saves energy

When dark mode is on, the screen's individual pixels don't need to emit as much light as they normally do, so using dark mode can save quite a bit of energy and extend the life of your battery in mobile devices. Google reports that dark mode can save 15% of the battery over a typical white screen, and a whopping 60% of screen energy on full brightness. Newer iPhones and most Android devices in particular benefit from this extension to battery life.

Should you consider dark mode?

There are a few situations where dark mode isn't the best choice.

Dark mode makes very small text and longer blocks of text harder to read, so it may not be optimal for reading longer posts or text-heavy content. Especially in bright light conditions, text in dark mode can appear washed out and becomes challenging to read.

If you mostly use your device during daylight hours, switching to dark mode might not be necessary. For most users, however, the benefits of dark mode outweigh its drawbacks, and you should at least try and see how you like it.


As entrepreneurs, we like to stay ahead of the curve, which is why Hookle moved swiftly to integrate a dark mode option in our app. Customers and potential customers asked us for the choice, and we've learned a lot about its benefits while making it work for our own platform.

There are plenty of benefits of utilizing dark mode, and it can also help our small business customers to make their social media management more pleasant.

Dark mode isn't going anywhere, and its popularity and availability will continue to increase. There are plenty of benefits of utilizing dark mode, and it can also help our small business customers to make their social media management more pleasant. If you haven't experienced dark mode yet, do yourself a favor and give it a try.