Social media teamwork using Hookle - tips and tools for effective collaboration

Updated: Sep 20

Social media teamwork using Hookle app - tips and tools for effective collaboration - with Hookle

Taking care of all of your business's social media may be too much for one person, and managing and providing content for your firms' social channels is often a team effort. Hookle can make this social media teamwork much easier and more efficient for you! If you want to

or otherwise team up in keeping your social media buzzing, Hookle's teamwork functionality is the solution.

Hookle can make this social media teamwork much easier and more efficient for you!

Hookle allows several people to be connected to your social channels, providing for a flexible approach to social media teamwork. How you like to work with your team is up to you, but in this article we will show you some possible approaches that we have found efficient in managing multiple social channels with a team.

Setting up Teamwork

There are two main approaches that you can use for linking team members to social channels:

  1. Teammates connect to your firm's channels through their individual Hookle accounts, or

  2. Teammates all use the same joint Hookle account to connect to your firm's channels.

1. Teamwork through individual Hookle accounts

In the first approach, every team member has their own Hookle account. Team members can then connect these to the company's social media accounts and see and manage all the connected accounts' activity on their own Hookle accounts.

Teamwork through individual Hookle accounts

In the example above, three team members are managing three social accounts - in this case, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The benefit of this approach is that the different members don't have to have the same set of accounts connected to Hookle. In this example, team members 1 and 2 are managing all of the firm's accounts, while team member 3 only participates in managing Instagram. The team members can see and edit everyone's drafted and scheduled posts on all of their connected channels, regardless of who originally made them, allowing for a flexible management of the workflow.

The downside to this approach is that every member needs to connect to each social media account separately from their Hookle account. This also means that you need to give every team member the login rights (or assign them as admin) on every account you want them to manage.

2. Teamwork through joint Hookle account

In the second approach, the firm has one Hookle account that is connected to all of the firm's social media channels. Team members can then simultaneously log in (using the Hookle app) to this joint account, allowing them to manage all connected accounts with just this one login.

Teamwork through joint Hookle account

The benefit of this approach, depicted in the example above, is that you don't need to have your team members log in to each of your social accounts separately. This also means that if you add a new team member, you only need to have them log in to your firm's Hookle account and they can immediately manage all your social media! Similarly, if you add or change a social media channel, this change is immediately live to all your team members.

The downside of this approach is that all members see the same set of accounts in the joint Hookle account. This means that members that you don't need to work on a particular social channel will still have it in their list of channels.

Of course, you can always combine the two approaches to suit your unique needs. For example, you can have several company-wide Hookle accounts, each with a different set of connected channels, where you give each team member the access to the Hookle account most suitable for their role. You can use Hookle in the way that works for you!

Tips for Effective Teamwork

  • When multiple users edit a drafted or scheduled post at the same time, your teammates may accidentally overwrite any changes that you are simultaneously making. Avoid this by taking turns and not editing over each other.

  • Notifications pertaining to a particular post, such as the reminder to send a scheduled post to Instagram, go to the last person to save the post, so have this person finalize the post for scheduling.

  • Make sure that the whole team is using the latest version of the Hookle app to avoid confusion due to different functionality. We recommend to enable auto-update in the app store, so that you always have the latest version of Hookle on your phone!

  • If you are using Hookle Premium, all team members have to be Premium subscribers to use full premium functionality, unless they are using a joint Hookle account. However, free and premium accounts can connect to the same social channels, so team members who do not need access to premium functionality can keep collaborating with Hookle Premium users using their Hookle Free accounts.

  • Update your brand logo on the Profile (tap the profile picture pen icon) to get the unified brand experience in teamwork while using a joint Hookle account.

  • Use filter functionality to plan and search your content easier and more efficiently, especially when you have multiple accounts to manage.

Hookle is a completely mobile and free tool, designed especially for small business use. Download and try it out here or book a free demo.