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October Social Media Calendar 2023: 15 Must-Have Holidays and Hashtags

Updated: Oct 9, 2023


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As we step into the vibrant and cozy month of October, it's time to spruce up your social media strategy with a plethora of exciting holidays and events. From spooky celebrations to heartwarming observances, this month has it all.

To help you plan engaging and share-worthy content, we've compiled a list of 15 must-have holidays along with their relevant hashtags and a few month-long events for your October social media calendar. Let's dive in!

What's special about October

Whats-special-about -October

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October is a treasure trove for social media calendars due to its diverse holidays. From the warm hues of Diwali to the spookiness of Halloween, this month offers an array of content opportunities. It's a chance to connect, celebrate, and raise awareness, making October a uniquely engaging and vibrant month for social media strategies.

Celebrations Throughout October


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Here's a lineup of several occasions you can celebrate throughout the entire month of October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Time for Empowerment


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October marks the global campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer. It's a month dedicated to educating, supporting, and advocating for early detection and treatment. By sporting pink ribbons and sharing stories, we stand together to empower those affected and work towards a world without this disease. Use #BreastCancerAwareness to support the cause.

National Pizza Month: A Slice of Delight


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October isn't just about falling leaves—it's also a celebration of pizza perfection! National Pizza Month pays homage to this cheesy, saucy delight loved by all. From classic margaritas to inventive gourmet pies, indulge in slices that bring joy and flavor to every bite. Share your favorite pizza combinations and tag them with #PizzaMonth.

15 Must-Have Holidays and Hashtags


October 1st: International Coffee Day


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Embrace the aroma and camaraderie of International Coffee Day. Whether you savor it black, laced with cream, or frothed into art, coffee connects us globally. Let's raise our cups to the beverage that jumpstarts conversations and fuels creativity. Don't forget to include #InternationalCoffeeDay in your posts.

October 1st: World Vegetarian Day


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Celebrate a planet-friendly plate on World Vegetarian Day. From savory curries to vibrant salads, explore the richness of plant-based cuisine. It's a day to savor flavors while embracing sustainability, one delectable bite at a time. Share your favorite meatless recipes and tag them with #WorldVegetarianDay.

October 3rd: National Techies Day


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Celebrate National Techies Day on October 3rd! Recognize the pivotal role technology plays in shaping our world. Showcase how businesses thrive with techies at their helm, turning innovation into success. Let's tip our digital hats to the tech-savvy minds driving progress! #TechiesDay

October 4th: National Taco Day


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On October 4th, let's taco 'bout something incredible – National Taco Day! From soft shells to crispy delights, celebrate the art of crafting these tasty bundles. Spice up your feeds with mouthwatering creations and join the fiesta of flavors. Spice it up with #NationalTacoDay.

October 6th: World Smile Day


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October 6th is World Smile Day – a reminder to share grins and joy. With a simple smile, we bridge distances and uplift spirits. Capture and share heartwarming moments, creating ripples of positivity across social media. Capture your happiest moments and share them using #WorldSmileDay.

October 9th: Indigenous Peoples' Day


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Respect and honor indigenous cultures by sharing their stories and contributions. On October 9th, we honor the rich cultures and contributions of Indigenous peoples.

Respect and honor indigenous cultures by sharing their stories and contributions

Let's embrace their wisdom, traditions, and resilience. It's a day to amplify their voices and stand united in fostering understanding and respect for their heritage. Use #IndigenousPeoplesDay to raise awareness.

October 10th: World Mental Health Day


Photo by Sewcream via Canva

World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10th, is a global call to prioritize well-being. Share resources, stories, and self-care tips. Let's break stigma, nurture support, and promote mental wellness together.

Promote mental well-being by sharing self-care tips and resources - use #WorldMentalHealthDay to join the global conversation.

October 11th: International Day of the Girl


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Empowering Futures. On this day, we celebrate the potential and rights of girls worldwide. Let's amplify their voices, champion education, and promote equality. Together, we create a brighter, more inclusive world for every girl's dreams to flourish. 🌍👧 #DayOfTheGirl

October 11th: National Coming Out Day


Celebrate courage and authenticity on National Coming Out Day. Support LGBTQ+ individuals sharing their truths and stories. Let's foster an environment of acceptance and love, embracing everyone's right to be their authentic selves. Use #NationalComingOutDay to show your support.

October 15th: Global Handwashing Day


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Join the global effort on October 15th to promote hand hygiene. Spread awareness about the importance of clean hands in preventing diseases.

Spread awareness about the importance of clean hands in preventing diseases.

Let's encourage proper handwashing techniques and help ensure healthier lives for all. Spread the word with #GlobalHandwashingDay.

October 16th: Boss's Day


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Show appreciation to your mentors and leaders on this day. Celebrate their guidance and support that fuel your professional growth. Acknowledge their efforts that shape the workplace with gratitude and respect. Share your appreciation using #BossDay.

October 21st: Sweetest Day


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Celebrate small gestures of love on Sweetest Day. It's a reminder to spread sweetness and kindness. Share heartwarming moments and thoughtful deeds that illuminate the lives of those around you. Use #SweetestDay to share your stories.

October 24th: United Nations Day


Photo by blurAZ via Canva

On this day, we commemorate the invaluable efforts of the United Nations in fostering global peace and stability. Use your social media platform to shine a light on the UN's mission and its strides toward positive change worldwide.

Craft posts that guide your audience in engaging with the UN's initiatives or extending support

Craft posts that guide your audience in engaging with the UN's initiatives or extending support for its impactful work. It's a prime opportunity to deepen understanding of the UN's pivotal role in addressing critical concerns like poverty and climate change.

Let's unite our voices to amplify the UN's message of hope and collaboration, contributing to a brighter future for all. And remember use this hashtag #UNDay.

October 30th: Checklist Day #ChecklistDay


Photo by kchungtw via Canva

Mark your calendars for Checklist Day! It's the perfect opportunity to embrace the power of checklists in boosting organization and efficiency.

Share valuable insights on creating effective checklists and tailor them to various tasks

Share valuable insights on creating effective checklists and tailor them to various tasks. Highlight tools and solutions that streamline to-do lists, making everyday life simpler.

October 31st: Halloween


Photo by Yuliya Kashirina via Canva

Get ready for a bewitching Halloween on October 31st. Celebrate with your spookiest costumes, eerie decorations, and hauntingly creative treats. Join the fun by transforming your feed into a ghostly gallery of tricks and treats, capturing the playful spirit of this ghoulish holiday.

Plus, check out 7 ideas for Halloween from this article to spark your spooky inspiration.

Get ready for a spook-tacular time!

Get ready for a spook-tacular time! Share your creative costumes, decorations, and pumpkin carvings using #Halloween.

Schedule Halloween Month Posts in Advance


Photo by Hookle

As you plan your October social media content, remember that utilizing these holidays and hashtags can significantly boost engagement and reach. Whether you're sharing delicious recipes, heartwarming stories, or festive decorations, each day presents a unique opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

For a seamless approach to managing your Halloween month posts, consider leveraging a tool like Hookle. Hookle is an AI-powered social media marketing app that enables you to schedule all your social posts in advance.

For a seamless approach to managing your posts, consider leveraging a tool like Hookle

By using Hookle, you can effortlessly plan and schedule your entire month of Halloween-themed content, ensuring it reaches your audience at the optimal times for maximum engagement. This way, you can focus on crafting compelling content while Hookle takes care of the posting logistics, helping your posts shine throughout October.

So, let the October festivities begin. Download Hookle today and watch your social media presence light up with creativity and connection.

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