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Best time for small businesses to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn [Infographic]

Updated: Feb 9


  • Facebook: Mon to Fri at 8am and 3pm

  • Instagram: Mon to Fri at 10 and 11am

  • LinkedIn: Tue to Fri at 8am

  • Twitter: Wed to Fri between 8 and 10am

We all adhere to routines in our day-to-day lives, and these routines can help you understand when and how your audience uses social media. Today, we’re going to show you the best time to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to make sure that your posts get seen by as many people as possible.

Why Does Posting Time Matter for Your Social Media Success?

When you’re a small business owner, you want to make sure that you maximize the impact of the content that you create on your social media. So instead of settling for just a few views, why not get as many shares as possible?

This is why posting time matters.

If you’re a small business owner and you don’t have a huge audience already, you might want to avoid the most popular posting times. This is why our research and our data suggests scheduling your social media posts at medium-intensity times to steadily build your audience. Otherwise, your audience’s feeds could be “drowned” in the sea of influencers’ content, and they might not even see your posts.

Keep in mind that the best posting times vary, depending on your audience and their habits. While we’ve sourced our data from major posting times studies, you should keep an eye on your own data that’s relevant to your audience.

So let’s see what the best times for each network are!

What’s the Best Time to Post on Facebook for Small Businesses?

Source: Sprout Social

  • Best time to post on Facebook in general: Mon to Fri - 9am to 2pm

  • Best time to post on Facebook for SMBs: Mon to Fri - 8am and 3pm

If you want to cut through the social media buzz, we recommend posting to Facebook from Monday to Friday around 8am and 3pm.

If you post at 8am, the peak crowd (9am - 2pm) will still see and engage with your posts. Similarly, plenty of people are still using Facebook at 3pm.

Don’t post much later than that, as people return home from work and have plenty of things to manage at home. There’s not much time left for scrolling.

Best posting times for Facebook haven’t changed significantly because of COVID-19. If anything, the engagement has become more consistent.

What’s the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Source: Sprout Social

  • Best time to post on Instagram in general: Mon, Tue, and Fri - 11am

  • Best time to post on Instagram for SMBs: Mon to Fri - 10 and 11am

Similarly to Facebook, you should aim to post on Instagram during the work week - not during the weekends. This is when you’ll get the highest engagement, especially if you post in the morning.

COVID-19 changed things for Instagram in terms of engagement. Previously, Wednesdays were the absolute winners, but the engagement window expanded to include pretty much the whole week.

If you’re still growing your audience, it might be good not to post at peak times, when bigger accounts are posting as well.

Instead, keep it consistent with a Monday to Friday schedule, and post between 10 and 11am.

What’s the Best Time to Post on Twitter?

Source: Sprout Social

  • Best time to post on Twitter in general: Wed-Fri at 9am

  • Best time to post on Twitter for SMBs: Wed-Fri from 8 to 10am

Twitter definitely sees the highest engagement from morning crowds. However, this wildly varies depending on your audience and your industry.

Still, Twitter has good organic reach even for accounts with few subscribers, so you can post during the peak (9am) for low-volume hashtags. If you’re targeting major hashtags that a lot of big accounts use, go for the 8-10am window.

What’s the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn?

Source: Sprout Social

  • Best time to post on LinkedIn in general: Wed to Fri - 9am; Wed at 12pm; Thu: 1-2pm

  • Best time to post on LinkedIn for SMBs: Wed to Fri - 8am

Not much has changed with COVID-19, either. The main difference is expanding the window of opportunity, so you’ll get a lot of engagement even if you post around 8am and 3pm during the high-frequency days.

This is great news for small business owners who are still growing their audience!

Additionally, be mindful of WFH-ing (working from home). With more and more companies switching to remote work, people are signing in and checking out later.

We recommend aiming for steady work days like Tuesday and Wednesday to avoid the Monday morning static (everyone’s getting ready to get back in action), or the Friday crickets.

Source: Unsplash

When Should You Post on Social Media?

Start by posting at the recommended times. Then, refine your strategy as you learn more about your audience and their habits.

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