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8 Tips for How to Choose Your Small Business Brand’s Instagram Handle




In the digital age, a brand's identity on social media can make or break its success. Instagram, with over 2 billion active users, stands as a colossal platform for brands aiming to reach a wide audience.

Brand's identity on social media can make or break its success

However, before you start crafting those eye-catching posts and engaging stories, there's a fundamental step you need to nail: choosing the perfect Instagram handle for your small business brand.

This article will guide you through the essential considerations and creative strategies to select a handle that not only represents your brand effectively but also enhances its visibility and accessibility on the platform.

Why Your Social Handle Matters

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In the realm of social media, your brand's essence is paramount. A robust brand identity forms the cornerstone of your audience's perception and recognition across digital landscapes. This journey of brand recognition starts with your name, demanding a thoughtful and strategic approach to naming.

A robust brand identity forms the cornerstone of your audience's perception and recognition

As a business, your social handle isn't just a tag - it's a mission statement. It should:

  • Introduce clearly your identity and area of expertise to the public.

  • Distinguish your brand's unique value in a competitive space.

  • Engage and expand your audience, tapping into both loyal followers and new market segments.

  • Build and strengthen a compelling brand story that engages and remains memorable.

Once established and embraced by a growing community, your username becomes synonymous with your brand's story. Consequently, selecting the right handle is not a trivial task - it's a strategic endeavor. It requires foresight, creativity, and a keen understanding of your brand's core values to secure a name that truly embodies your digital identity.

Instagram Handle Essentials

Instagram Handle Essentials

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Consider these essential tips and guidelines when crafting your Instagram username.

Username Essentials:

  • Keep it short: Limit your username to 30 characters, using only letters, numbers, periods, or underscores. While usernames are restricted in this way, your Instagram profile name can include special characters, emojis, and various fonts.

  • Case-sensitivity: Remember, usernames are not case-sensitive. For instance, @HOOKLEINC and @hookleinc point to the same profile.

  • Enrichment: If your brand name is widespread or unique, enhance it by adding an actionable or descriptive word before or after, like @Eat[Brand] or @Visit[Brand].

  • Mindful Usage: Avoid using multiple, consecutive underscores or numbers, unless they are integral to your brand (e.g., @7eleven or @23andme).

  • Consistency: Prioritize a username that's available across all your desired social platforms, maintaining consistent spelling and formatting across all channels.

  • Simplicity: Aim for brevity and easy recall. While @YourNumber1BestSocialMarketingApp is descriptive, something succinct like @HookleInc is far easier to remember and tag.

  • Relevance: When choosing a username, let your industry, niche, or expertise guide you towards a memorable and relevant handle.

Some extra spark of inspiration:

  • Travel: @[Brand]Travel, @Visit[Brand], @Book[Travel], @Stay[Brand]

  • Beauty/Wellness: @[Brand]Beauty, @Live[Brand], @[Brand]Salon

  • Apparel: @Shop[Brand], @[Brand]Style, @Wear[Brand]

  • Food/Beverage: @Eat[Brand], @DineAt[Brand], @Drink[Brand]

  • General: @[Brand]Official, @Real[Brand], @Just[Brand]

  • Art/Entertainment: @ListenTo[Brand], @By[Brand], @Play[Brand]

  • News/Media: @[Brand]Live, @[Brand]Media, @Watch[Brand]

By integrating these practices, you're set to create an Instagram username that encapsulates your brand's essence, ensures ease of access, and fosters brand consistency across the digital landscape.

1. Reflect Your Brand Identity


Photo by everydayplus via Canva

Your Instagram handle is more than just a username; it's a direct reflection of your brand's identity. It should resonate with your brand's ethos, products, or services.

Your Instagram handle is more than just a username

For example, if you're a bakery specializing in organic ingredients, a handle like @OrganicDelightBakery not only tells your audience what you do but also emphasizes your unique selling point. Ensure that your handle is aligned with your brand's name, mission, and values to create a consistent brand image across all platforms.

2. Keep It Simple and Memorable


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Complexity is the enemy of memorability. An Instagram handle should be easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. Avoid using numbers, underscores, or special characters, as they can complicate your handle and make it less memorable.

For instance, instead of @Bakery_123, opt for @BakersBite. A straightforward, catchy handle is more likely to stick in your audience's minds, making it easier for them to find and recommend you.

3. Consider SEO and Keywords


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While Instagram is a visual platform, text still plays a crucial role, especially in discoverability. Including relevant keywords in your handle can improve your visibility in search results.

If you're a florist in New York, a handle like @BloomsOfNY can make your profile more discoverable to those searching for florists in New York. However, balance is key. Ensure that your handle is still catchy and reflective of your brand without being overly stuffed with keywords.

4. Check Availability and Consistency Across Platforms


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Before you settle on a handle, check its availability not only on Instagram but also across other social media platforms and domains. Consistency in your handle across platforms enhances your brand's recognizability and makes it easier for your audience to find you everywhere.

Use online tools to check the availability of your desired handle on various platforms and consider securing it across the board to maintain a cohesive online presence.

5. Be Creative and Stand Out

Be Creative

Photo by Franck-Boston via Canva

With millions of users, standing out on Instagram can be challenging. Your handle offers an opportunity to be creative and make a lasting impression. Don't shy away from playing with words, using puns, or incorporating elements that make your brand unique.

For example, a plant shop might use @PlantasticVibes, instantly conveying their niche and personality. A memorable, unique handle can be a conversation starter and help in word-of-mouth marketing.

6. Plan for the Future


Photo by Oliver Le Moal via Canva

While it's important to be specific and relevant, also consider the long-term vision of your brand. Avoid overly narrow or niche handles that might not represent your brand adequately as it evolves.

For instance, if you're a photographer named John specializing in weddings, instead of @JohnWeddingPhotos, you might choose @JohnsCameraWorks, leaving room to encompass other photography genres in the future.

7. Avoid Copying or Infringing on Other Brands

Avoid Copying

Photo by fult5000 via Canva

Ensure that your chosen handle is not only original but also does not infringe on any trademarks or copyrights. Imitating another brand's handle is not just unethical; it can lead to legal issues and damage your brand's reputation.

Conduct thorough research to ensure your handle is unique

Conduct thorough research to ensure your handle is unique and not misleadingly similar to established brands.

8. Seek Feedback and Test It Out

Seek Feedback

Photo by Canan turan via Canva

Before finalizing your handle, seek feedback from friends, family, or your target audience. They might offer perspectives you hadn't considered. Additionally, test your handle for ease of pronunciation, memorability, and overall appeal.

A handle that looks good on paper might not resonate as well when spoken or shared.

Handle Ready? Automate Posting With a Scheduling App

Automate posting with a scheduling tool

Photo by Hookle

Your Instagram handle is more than a username; it's the essence of your brand's identity in the digital world. Reflecting your story, values, and uniqueness, the right handle becomes a vital component of your social media strategy. Invest time, unleash creativity, and select with care!

To streamline your publishing and enhance efficiency, consider apps such as Hookle

After perfecting your handle and setting up your profile, step up your Instagram game by posting captivating content. To streamline this process and enhance efficiency, consider scheduler apps such as Hookle. This AI-powered tool doesn't just schedule posts; it provides personalized, ready-made post ideas and enables auto-creation and auto-publishing across various platforms, all from a single app.

But don't just take our word for it. Experience the revolution in social media marketing. Download Hookle now and infuse your social media presence with the power of AI!

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