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8 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Accounting & Bookkeeping Firms




A Fortunely article showed that about 57 million individuals in the US are employed through the gig or freelancing economy. This means more people will need accountants and bookkeeping firms to manage their finances and pay income taxes.

How can you best reach these people with only good social media marketing? Let’s find eight essential social media marketing tips to help small accounting and book keeping firms reach their target audience.

Essentials of Social Media marketing for Small Accounting Firms

In the evolving digital marketplace, small accounting and bookkeeping firms must strategically embrace social media to enhance their visibility and connect with clients.

LinkedIn serves as a vital hub for professional networking, while platforms like Twitter and Facebook facilitate real-time engagement and community building. Instagram and YouTube allow for creative visual storytelling and in-depth content sharing, simplifying complex financial concepts. Moreover, the rise of TikTok presents great opportunity for business owners to distinguish themselves with inventive short videos, reaching a younger audience.

AI has become indispensable in streamlining social media marketing

AI has become indispensable in streamlining social media marketing, offering easier, more cost-effective, and quicker planning and implementation. Nowadays, automating content creation and post-publishing to multiple social networks with AI-Powered Social Media Assistants is straightforward, a topic we'll delve into later in this blog article.

Carefully selecting and utilizing these platforms and tools enables firms to showcase their expertise and cultivate meaningful client relationships in a competitive landscape.

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1. Share educational contents


Sharing informative and educational posts about common accounting practices and concepts is an important social media marketing tip. You could write an in-depth post on LinkedIn or create a YouTube video to explain various accounting standards.

Sharing educational content on your social media accounts helps your audience understand you and what you know. Some topics you can share include avoiding accounting mistakes, how small businesses can plan for taxation, introducing cloud-based accounting, etc.

SHM Financial Services does this on Facebook, as they regularly share advice on saving money for small businesses on their page.