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7 Top Social Media Tips for Celebrating World Oceans Day 2024


Photo by Kate Smith via Canva



As World Oceans Day approaches on June 8, 2024, small businesses have a unique opportunity to raise awareness about ocean conservation through their social media platforms.

Oceans are crucial to our ecosystem, yet they face unprecedented challenges due to pollution. Recent studies by OECD Global Plastic Outlook show that around 0.5% of plastic waste ends up in the ocean annually, which affects marine life and human health.

Engaging in this global event can significantly enhance your brand's visibility

Whether you’re directly involved in marine-related industries or simply passionate about the environment, engaging in this global event can significantly enhance your brand's visibility and demonstrate your commitment to a vital cause.

This blog offers seven actionable tips to help you craft impactful campaigns with ease.

1. Use Hashtags Wisely


Oceanbiggest's post captures an orca in shallow waters, utilizing a variety of related hashtags, including #protectocean and #worldoceansday, to advocate for ocean cleanup. The caption encourages followers to "Link in Bio" for merchandise that supports the cause.

Hashtags are essential for attracting new followers who care about ocean conservation. It's important to research and use other popular, relevant hashtags to extend your reach further.

Incorporate trending hashtags such as #WorldOceansDay2024 and #ProtectOurOceans to enhance the visibility of your posts.

2. Share Educational Content


Great example from Diving With Gracie, sharing three simple ways you can protect the ocean and reefs while diving.

Educate your audience with fascinating ocean facts, pollution statistics, and the importance of sustainable marine practices. Using infographics and short, informative videos can be very effective. Collaborate with marine biologists or environmental organizations to provide credible content that educates and engages your audience.

3. Show Behind-the-Scenes Content


AggielandScuba posted a video showing divers working to protect coral reefs from the Crown of Thorns starfish, which devastate coral ecosystems by consuming coral polyps.

Showcasing efforts like these not only educates your audience about the challenges facing our oceans but also highlights the direct actions being taken to address them. This type of content can inspire trust and foster a deeper commitment to environmental causes.

Behind-the-scenes content can build trust and deepen commitment to environmental causes

Boost your social media engagement by sharing behind-the-scenes content. This approach humanizes your brand, builds transparency, and connects with your audience on a personal level.

4. Promote Sustainable Practices


Highlight any sustainable practices your business employs to protect the ocean, from reducing plastic use to supporting local beach clean-ups. Encouraging others to adopt similar habits can have a significant impact.

Just like Ocean Recovery Group has demonstrated, they actively promote environmental education among children to enhance ocean protection.

5. Collaborate With Organizations


Dior partnered with Parley, a platform uniting creators and leaders to protect our oceans, integrating this collaboration into their product lines to highlight sustainable practices.

Similarly, small businesses can partner with local ocean conservation groups. By linking such collaborations to your social media marketing, you can enhance your brand's visibility and share crucial awareness about ocean preservation. This strategy not only boosts your social responsibility profile but also engages your community on important environmental issues.

6. Run a Photo Contest


Encourage your followers to share photos related to the ocean or their own conservation efforts. Enhance engagement by offering prizes for the best photos. Such campaigns can rapidly boost interaction and generate user-contributed content, giving you additional material to share.

This strategy is exemplified by the United Nations' annual photo competition for World Oceans Day 2024 - an excellent example of effective engagement that small businesses can replicate on a local level.

7. Boost Your Engagement with Creative Strategies


Leverage creativity in your social media campaigns to boost engagement. Employ visually stunning imagery and thought-provoking content that highlights the beauty and fragility of our oceans. Use interactive elements like polls and quizzes to educate your audience about ocean conservation, inspiring them to act.

This approach not only raises awareness but also fosters a deeper connection between your audience and this vital cause. Just like Kenny Dyal above has done on his short video above.

Use AI-powered Scheduling Tools to Ease Workload

This World Oceans Day, make a splash on social media and showcase your business’s commitment to the oceans. Remember, maintaining an active social media presence doesn't have to be overwhelming.

AI-powered tools schedule posts, automate publishing, and even help in creating content

Consider using AI-powered tools to streamline your social media management. Tools like Hookle allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, automate publishing, and even help in creating content. By leveraging AI, you can maintain consistent social media activity without it consuming all your time. This helps you stay focused on running your business while still engaging effectively with your audience.

Don’t just make waves - create a lasting current! Download Hookle today and discover how easy managing your social media can be, letting you save time while still making a significant impact.


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Social media marketing in your pocket.

Download Hookle and get started for free.

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