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8 Social Media Post Ideas for International Day of Friendship


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As we gear up for the International Day of Friendship, the buzz has already begun with people sharing cherished moments with their friends on social media. Not to be left out, business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers are also joining the wave.

With July 30th looming, it's crucial to strategize on the perfect social media posts that will demonstrate your appreciation of this special day. In this article, we will explore several ingenious social media post ideas.

1. The Power of Simplicity


The power of the Nestle brand resonates globally, with a wide array of delightful goodies under its belt. One particular brand that stands out is KitKat, known for its delicious wafer-filled chocolate bars.

KitKat operates an official Instagram account where they frequently share posts featuring new flavors and consumers savoring their favorite treats. Recently, KitKat unveiled a new flavor—Salted Caramel Cookies—on their Instagram channel. But it's their 2020 International Friendship Day post that caught our eye.

True to their brand, KitKat kept things uncomplicated. Sticking with their classic tagline—"Have a break, have a KitKat"—they blended in visuals that truly encapsulated the essence of friendship for their followers.

2. Friendship Day Challenge


YMI, an international Christian community, introduced a unique approach by launching a Friendship Day Art Challenge. Spanning across four weeks, the event unveiled a new theme each week.

To promote the challenge, the community ingeniously used a branded hashtag. This stands as a brilliant example of how to drive engagement through a challenge or competition, simultaneously boosting brand visibility. Harnessing the power of hashtags can be a game changer in amplifying your brand’s exposure and reach on social media platforms.

Consider innovative ways to engage your audience

So, as the International Day of Friendship approaches, consider innovative ways to engage your audience, like YMI's art challenge. Remember, the heart of the day is about deepening connections, so let your posts embody the spirit of unity and friendship.

3. Capturing Friendship Moments


GoPro, the renowned action camera brand, celebrated International Friendship Day with a clever twist on a classic photographic moment—the "photobomb."

GoPro's post conveyed the playful spirit of friendship with the tagline that good friends will pose for a photo, but great friends will photobomb selfies. This creative post not only encapsulates the essence of Friendship Day but also seamlessly weaves in a touch of brand promotion.

As you approach this International Day of Friendship, consider inventive ways to express the day's sentiment while also promoting your brand, much like GoPro's photobomb moment. The aim is to create posts that both engage your audience and highlight the camaraderie that lies at the heart of the day. Happy planning!

4. Celebrating Friendship in Style


Next up is an engaging campaign from Levi's, one of the world's leading fashion brands celebrated for its exceptional range of denim products. In honor of International Friendship Day, Levi's utilized social media to share a creative GIF featuring two friends standing shoulder to shoulder, their jean pockets playfully swapping places.

Levi's accompanies this post with a message promoting their official Tailor Shops' capacity to help friends display their bonds in style. This campaign serves as another fantastic example of a social media strategy that expertly combines brand promotion with the heartfelt theme of friendship.

As you plan your own social media content for the International Day of Friendship, consider how you might merge your brand's unique offerings with the universal sentiment of camaraderie, just as Levi's has done. Remember, authenticity and connection are at the heart of this special day.

5. Embracing the Power of Video


LEGO, the iconic toy company, serves as another stellar example of how businesses can leverage International Friendship Day to demonstrate their support while also incorporating promotional elements. Instead of relying on a photo or image, LEGO turned to the compelling medium of video content, a strategy known for its high engagement rates.

The captivating post, which garnered over 19,000 likes, showcases two beloved characters from Star Wars, rendered in LEGO's distinctive style. To top it off, LEGO smartly tagged @StarWars in their post, enhancing their marketing reach. This campaign is a testament to the power of video content and strategic tagging in maximizing engagement and visibility.

As you strategize for the International Day of Friendship, consider experimenting with different content forms like video, and smart tagging strategies. Just like LEGO, you might find these tools effectively capture the spirit of friendship while promoting your brand.

6. Engaging Through Gaming


Photo by Xbox on Twitter

Xbox, one of the world's leading gaming brands, joined the International Friendship Day social media wave with an ingenious strategy. Their smart campaign encouraged gamers to "tag a friend," an excellent approach to boost audience engagement.

Interactive strategies prompt your audience to actively participate

Interactive strategies like these not only prompt your audience to actively participate but also foster a sense of community among your followers. The resulting conversations can improve your brand's reach and enhance the social media algorithm's perception of your content.

As the International Day of Friendship approaches, consider integrating interactive elements, like Xbox's "tag a friend" initiative, into your social media strategy. After all, at its core, this day is all about connection and interaction.

7. Engaging Through Creativity


Video content is a potent tool for brand promotion and engagement, leading us to our next inventive social media post idea. On Suvomam Creative’s channel, they share a captivating video tutorial on crafting a unique "Best Friends Forever" papercraft, complete with a hidden chocolate surprise.

This concept can be effortlessly adapted to suit business contexts, offering a fun and interactive way to engage audiences.

8. Creating Engaging Experiences


Coca-Cola's innovative approach to celebrating International Friendship Day provides a unique perspective on creatively engaging with your audience. The beverage giant installed a 3.5-foot tall vending machine, capturing friends working in unison to reach the device on camera. This playful interaction was then posted as a video on YouTube and gained enough attention to be featured by several marketing agencies.

The campaign successfully depicted the essence of friendship - working together towards a shared goal, all while promoting the Coca-Cola brand in a non-intrusive, enjoyable way.

In preparation for the International Day of Friendship, even small business owners should consider brainstorming creative, engaging experiences like Coca-Cola's "Friendship Machine". By connecting your brand to a shared experience, you can create a memorable impression and foster deeper connections with your audience.

Schedule Your Friendship Celebration Posts in Advance


Photo by Hookle

This International Day of Friendship, harness your creativity and draw inspiration from past successful campaigns of individuals and companies. Engage your audience with exciting competitions, interactive "tag a friend" posts, and clever referral programs to extend your brand's visibility and reach.

Utilize Hookle to easily schedule your posts and generate fresh, engaging posts with the help of AI

Utilize a tool like Hookle to easily schedule your posts and generate fresh, engaging posts with the help of AI. Remember, the day is all about fostering connection and celebrating the spirit of friendship, so let your content radiate these values.

Download Hookle and start scheduling today. Happy posting!