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How Healty Synergy builds trust on social media – with some help from Hookle


Founded in 2015, Healthy Synergy, LLC was established as a therapy practice to offer safe, judgement-free counseling services to those in need. Today, in addition to counselling, Healthy Synergy offers Coaching and ELOS (Evaluation and letter of Support for Gender-Affirming Medical Treatment) services. The business is well respected and trusted within the industry.

Company founder, Dr. Sophia Murphy, had always an idea and a goal to work for herself and provide care in a way that aligned with her values. Trained in Psychodynamic and Family Systems Theories, Dr. Murphy works with patients to better understand how their past and current relationships impact their motivation, decision-making, and self-image. Not only she is Doctor of Behavioral Health but also Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, Owner of her own practice and much more. 

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Dr. Sophia Murphy, Healthy Synergy LLC

As a busy entrepreneur she knows she cannot do everything by herself. Along the years she has grown the business, and today Healthy Synergy employs five other professional, each having their own specialties. In her regular day she does a combination of administrative tasks (billing, documentation) and clinical work (sessions, supervision). Pretty hectic, when you need to do your social media marketing too!

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Social media marketing helps us to build trust

“There are many therapists to choose from so I think it's important for the community to learn about you as a provider and practice to ensure your values and style will meet their specific needs”, says Sophia. She knows how important social media is to build trust and credibility. By letting people know openly and honestly what you do and how you operate creates a lot of trust - especially what is needed in business like hers. Awareness comes naturally as an added value in top of all that.

There are many therapists to choose from so I think it's important for the community to learn about you as a provider and practice. Social media does that. 

Healthy Synergy uses Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn as platforms to spread their word for the community.

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Healthy Synergy's Instagram Update of World Mental Health Day

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Healthy Synergy's Facebook Update

Hookle makes easy to post across social media platforms

For making social media more efficient and manageable, the company decided to start using social media management tool. They selected Hookle which is particularly handy for busy businesses like Healthy Synergy. Sophia makes different kind of content updates, a combination of what she hopes are inspirational and informational for the current and future community members.

Hookle is particularly handy for busy entrepreneurs and businesses like Healthy Synergy.

Planning and scheduling makes her able to keep community updated even when she is busy with counseling. Scheduling and being able to post across platforms is definitely the most useful feature in Hookle. Now Sophia can schedule posts to support herself in developing thoughtful content and disseminating consistently.

Sophia’s tip to encourage and motivate other entrepreneurs is simply: “Be yourself!”

For therapy practice and getting judgement-free counseling services in Tempe Arizona, US, visit

How Healty Synergy builds trust on social media – with some help from Hookle.jpg
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