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Hookle Partners with AppSumo to Take on the US Market

Mon Jul 31 2023 13:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The innovative social media management platform Hookle launches on AppSumo Select, a prestigious software marketing program that selects only the top 1% of applicants. This exclusive collaboration marks a significant milestone for Hookle, granting increased visibility in the US and paving the way for successful market penetration in the region.

AppSumo, the #1 deal site of business software for entrepreneurs, carefully curates its AppSumo Select program to feature only the most outstanding business apps. Hookle's inclusion into this elite group of business tools is a testament to its position as a pioneer in social media management for small businesses.

Customer Growth and Enhanced Visibility in the US

Through this strategic partnership focusing on the US market, Hookle will offer exclusive deals on its premium plans, granting users access to advanced features and premium support at an unparalleled value. This unique opportunity will empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to elevate their social media strategies and engage with their audiences more effectively.

"We are thrilled to join AppSumo's Select program," says Tero Seppala, CEO and one of the visionaries behind Hookle. "The US is our biggest and most important market, and teaming up with AppSumo provides us with immense brand visibility among our target customers and also attracts potential investors from the region."

About Hookle: Empowering entrepreneurs with AI-powered social media marketing

Hookle, the #1 all-in-one social media marketing app for small businesses, is on a clear mission: to help entrepreneurs succeed. With seamless management and OpenAI integration, Hookle leads the way in AI-powered social media marketing, maximizing businesses' online presence and growth.

About AppSumo

AppSumo is a leading online marketplace that carefully curates and connects businesses with exclusive software deals. The AppSumo Select program features a handpicked selection of top-tier software solutions, empowering users to discover premium tools that drive productivity and growth.

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