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May 2022 Social Media Content Calendar

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

May 2022 Social Media Content Calendar



Most small business owners know that keeping social media channels active and engaging by posting regularly is important to their business. What they don’t always know is the best way to access the three resources required to make that happen, namely, where to find:

  • Photos, graphics, music, and design tools with which to create posts

  • Creative ideas and topics about which to post

  • The time or tools to publish posts across multiple social channels, several times a week

In may 2022 social media content calendar, we provide answers to all three. We’ve handpicked some of the best resources for business owners to create professional, affordable social media content. It’s an embarrassment of riches, really!

1. Free Graphics and Design Resources

Gone are the days when you had to hire a graphic designer, invest in expensive software, and purchase expensive copyrighted images or music to create a compelling design. With the explosion of social media and digital marketing over the last decade, dozens of cloud-based content providers have cropped up.

Gone are the days when you had to hire a graphic designer, invest in expensive software, and purchase expensive copyrighted images

Many of them offer free resources or “light” subscriptions that you can upgrade over time as your business grows. Here are some of our favorites.

Design: Canva is a comprehensive design platform that offers thousands of eye-catching templates for social media headers, Facebook ads, blog posts, videos and so much more. The free version comes with an abundance of photos, illustrations, fonts, and designs, but you can also start from scratch and create your own.

Photos: For free photos and videos clips, two popular sites are Unsplash and Pexels. Artists from across the world contribute their work to these sites, and generally only ask for an attribution in return.

Music: Of all the creative assets, using music is the most challenging, at least as it relates to licensing. If you’re ever unsure whether you can use a particular piece of music in your post, it’s better to err on the side of caution. This article provides more context.

That said, two places you can go for free music are Free Music Archive and the YouTube Audio Library. The latter is a great way to add music to videos you’re adding t1o YouTube, and in some cases, you may be able to download it for use elsewhere.

2. Social Media Content Ideas for May 2022

You probably already have a few industry-related events, upcoming promotions, or seasonal activities included in your social media content calendar. Chances are you also have a few gaps in it. We’ve pulled together these “national days” and suggested accompanying themes that will help round out your May content calendar.

List of Days in May 2022 Social Media Content Calendar


May 1: May Day #MayDay

May Day celebrates the return of Spring. Traditions include making flower crowns and baskets, planting flowers, decorating their homes in bright colors, or enjoying nature. Ask followers to tag you with photos of their flower crowns or newly planted gardens.

Labor Day is dedicated to celebrating workers across all industries. One of the best ways you can celebrate Labor Day through social media is by highlighting some of your own employees’ achievements in their field. See also these 10 Quick Labor Day Social Media Posts Ideas for Small Businesses.

You don't actually need to remember Labor Day if you are using scheduling tools, such as Hookle

Bonus tip

You don't actually need to remember Labor Day if you are using scheduling tools, such as Hookle. These tools are great to help for publishing posts automatically on your behalf on the set date and time. Clicking the button below you can use the template with all its texts, hashtags and picture in Hookle right away.



"Today, let’s celebrate those who make our team a team. Each one of you deserves to be praised for your special talents. You are what makes our success. Thank you, and Happy Labor Day! 👨‍🌾🛠 #laborday #happylaborday #holiday #labourday #mayday #smallbusiness #workers"

Happy Worker Man With a Drill for Labor Day Shareable Image

May 2: National Brothers and Sisters Day #nationalsiblingsday #happynationalsiblingsday

May 2022 Social Media Content Calendar - National Brothers and Sisters Day

This day honors the unconditional bond between brothers and sisters. For a good laugh, ask your staff to re-enact outfits and poses from memorable childhood photos with their siblings, and post the side-by-side images of the two photos.

May 4: National Teacher Day #TeacherAppreciationDay

This day honors the teachers and mentors who have inspired us. Your content should encourage people to express gratitude to the teachers in their lives. You can suggest they take the time to write a personal note describing the impact the person has had on them.

May 5: Cinco de Mayo #CincodeMayo

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. (It is not Mexican Independence Day, as commonly thought.) A social media post about the historic significance of the day might provide a nice touch.

May 7: National Fitness Day #NationalFitnessDay

Use today’s post to challenge people to step out of their normal routine and do something that will improve their health and fitness. Maybe it’s eating a salad for lunch, taking a 3-mile walk, or getting the entire family to the park for a game of frisbee.

May 8: Mother’s Day #MothersDay

Mother’s Day

Photo by Ijaz Rafi on Unsplash

This is a day to pay tribute to the mothers or mother figures in our lives. Consider a month- or two-week-long “special offer” campaign leading up to the day and tie it into your brand. For example, suggest the best gifts for the occasion from your product line.

May 10 – 16: Mental Health Awareness Week #MentalHealthAwareness

This week is focused on having conversations about mental health and the issues in our daily lives that can affect our sanity. Social content can focus on resources for helping us and others achieve better mental health.

May 18: National Visit Your Relatives Day #NationalVisitYourRelativesDay

Although the Internet has made it easier to connect with relatives, it has also meant spending less time in their physical presence. This day is dedicated to spending time with family. Your post can encourage people to pay a visit to an aunt or uncle or to pick up the phone and call a relative they haven’t spoken to in years and plan a get-together.

May 20: Bike to Work Day #BikeToWorkDay

The name pretty much says it all. Ask your followers to tag photos of themselves biking to work.

May 21: National Waitstaff Day #NationalWaitstaffDay

With many restaurants only now getting back up to full staffing, use this opportunity to post about supporting local restaurants and waitstaff. Suggest they give an extra-generous tip today and consider including the kitchen staff while they’re at it!

May 24: Scavenger Hunt Day #ScavengerHuntDay

Scavenger Hunt Day

This day was created to send people off to find random items, all in the name of good fun. If your small business has a physical location, use your social media posts to create an event that draws people to your store to find hidden items. Use clues in the posts leading up to the day and offer rewards for winners.

May 30: Memorial Day #MemorialDay

A federal holiday, Memorial Day honors all men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces as well as all loved ones who have passed away. Posts remembering service or family members are fitting for this day.

3. Time-saving Social Scheduling Tools

Schedule May 2022 posts with social media scheduling tool

Armed with dozens of ideas for your social posts and with the graphic assets to create the actual designs, your last hurdle is finding an efficient way to get them all published across your channels.

Scheduling posts to multiple social media channels, shaves hours off your workload each week

That’s where scheduling tools, such as Hookle, come in. Hookle makes social media scheduling simple and hassle-free for a small business owner. It allows you to plan and build your social media posting schedule easily. Scheduling posts to multiple social media channels, shaves hours off your workload each week.

We have evaluated and picked 10 different scheduling apps, especially those that might fit for small business purposes. Check it out and enjoy scheduling your May 2022 posts!


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