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Rapid growth and record high ratings - thank you

Wed Dec 07 2022 10:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Hookle is the easiest-to-use, fully mobile social media marketing tool for small businesses, used by entrepreneurs in a variety of fields from real estate agents to coffee shops, from musicians to photographers, and more - you name it!

Hookle is growing rapidly and is already trusted by users from over 130+ countries around the world. We recently reached the milestone of half a million posts sent through the Hookle App - and we are just getting started!

Simplicity and listening to our users are the keys

The Hookle platform is transforming complex social media marketing to be more approachable to the masses of small businesses. These people are working hard, and they are overwhelmingly busy, so they deserve a tool that fulfils their needs and does not a waste their time.

The key for the superior user experience and high rating is simplicity. By offering only the essential features, with helpful in-app user guidance and superior reliability, we provide the simplest user experience in the market. We always have an ear for our active user community, whose invaluable feedback has helped us lift Hookle’s rating on App Store to its record high 4,8/5.

Thank you, Customers

We want to thank all our customers, and the feedback that they have given us. Without them this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you!


Perfect app for social media sharing. Simple to setup and easy to use. No need to be a super Geek.” – BeaunTeK review on App Store.

Hookle's mission is to help entrepreneurs

"Hookle's vision is to make our tool the most used mobile app for social media marketing. And whenever small businesses are in need or thinking about social media marketing, Hookle is the first thing in their minds", summarizes Tero Seppälä, the Co-founder and CEO of Hookle.

In these times, the importance of social media in the lives of entrepreneurs is greater than ever. Hookle's mission is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed in the social media jungle.

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Hookle for

busy entrepreneurs and small businesses




Countries around the world


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"Hookle is just a big time saver for me" - Anton Sutinen, Ice Cream kiosk owner


"With Hookle I can reach customers more efficiently, every day!" - Louise Murchie


Hookle is super convenient for posting to multiple channels at once!"  - Mikko and Anne Silmala

Social media marketing all in one

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Android: Download Hookle Social Media App
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